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The Stanley Cup Returns to Chicago After Long Wait

Tallon2Congratulations are in order to the Chicago Blackhawks.

And somewhere in Florida, Dale Tallon has to be smiling.

Sure, Tallon's name will not be engraved on the Stanley Cup after Chicago won it for the first time since 1961. And that's a shame.

But he knows -- and many around hockey do too -- that these are his guys. A dynasty in the making?

Also, need to congratulate defenseman Nick Boynton, who spent just one season with the Panthers but ended up with Chicago and was part of the Hawks magical run to the championship.

Been one heck of a season, one that started in Helsinki, Finland, with the Blackhawks losing to the Panthers.

Who would have figured it would end like this, right?

Enjoy the party Chicago.

Well deserved.


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Absolutely!! It is in fact well deserved for Chicago!! And now the Panthers have the architect, it up to ownership to give Dale Tallon everything necessary to do it down here. It can be done!!!

It's brutal that Dale won't get his name on the cup. He was with the organization for decades and he got the boot at the very last minute. What a disappointment.

congrats to the hawks, I hope the panther front office will learn the lessons that the hawks did and start to build an organization with class and the want to win.

It may have started with a loss to the Panthers on Day One, but on Day Two, Antii Niemi got his first start and pitched a 4-0 shutout. Who knew how much a statement THAT would turn out to be?

Very exciting end-to-end action... Maybe not the smartest hockey by the Flyers, but the Hawks had more weapons and it showed...

The Flyers live and die by the sword, and I believe all those penalties finally caught up. They looked so tired, had a few chances of their own in OT, but you knew it wasn't going to last long... Leighton also looked like he was trying to save energy. Most players would've carried behind the net. Leighton was slow to react, and got beaten badly...

Too bad because as a hockey fan, I would've liked to see Game 7... Either way, great action from both teams.. I don't mind the Flyers sneaking into the playoffs by a shoot-out in the last game of the season, but the playoffs should never end in shoot-outs.. With the World Cup coming up, I think they should take note and eventually make the necessary rule changes so their game no longer gets decided that way... Congrats Hawks fans!!

What a great game! Nice to see Nick Boynton out there adding some grit. I was a little worried he was going to take a stupid penalty but he played real well. Great job by the Hawks and of course Dale Tallon. Now he gets to build the Panthers into a winning team, the year before last this team was on the verge and took a step back, for whatever reason, injuires, lack of depth. Now it is up to Tallon to get the team back on track. Who he takes with the number three over-all pick is a big question. Red Line Report has Mikael Granlund at third and says that none of the top defensemen are as good as Kulikov and if he was in this draft he would be the top defenseman. It will be interesting to see what Tallon does on draft day.

Red Line Report Defense

Red Line Report Forwards

I was in 8th Grade when the Blackhawks lost that championship. I was devastated. Roenick stayed late and skated around the ring refusing to believe it was over. Roenick was promised a long term contract only to be backstabbed and traded away. Then Chelios followed and completed the dismantling of the Blackhawks. I came to tears also when Roenick spoke about 92' I don't think any REAL Blackhawks fan's eyes were dry after seeing that.

Congrats to The Hawks, and they're fans. It was a long time coming, and it's well deserved.

Now, lets get down to the business of making this Panthers team something to be proud of.

Congrats to the hawks!! for me the "good guys " won. And personally i love that Boynton got to skate the cup around. I hope JM was watching....

GR can you comment after your vac on Seidenberg signing with Boston?

working UM baseball right now, but yes, can comment on Dennis:

Obviously a great move for him, getting nice bucks for a nice term (four years). This is probably his last major contract and it sets him up nicely. This is what he was looking for all along -- and had Carolina not shortchanged him lats summer, he wouldn't have ended up with the Panthers at all.

Obviously Boston really wanted him by not only giving up a second round pick at the deadline but knowing they had to pony up for his roster bonus at the end of the year. Sure, they have the cash, but that was a statement that they really wanted him. And he played great for them before getting hurt at the end of the year. Shame he couldn't play in the postseason.

He's a character guy who is strong defensively and willing to sacrifice his body to block those shots. Doesn't offer much on offense, but he can handle the puck and does those little things teams love.

These are the days in which it takes two salaries for each home,but divorces increase; these are times of finer houses,but more broken homes; why?

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