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Heat Trio Get Royal Treatment ... In Sunrise? Panthers Offer Wade, James, Bosh VIP Package at Billboard

HeatThe Florida Panthers and Florida Marlins have done some cross-promotional work in the past, and why not?

Not only do the two organizations share DNA, but they don't really compete with each other save for a few weeks here and there.

The Panthers haven't done much business with the Heat since their ugly arena battle back in the day. Plus, the two go head-to-head many nights and are fighting for the same slice of the media pie. So why would the two franchises work together?

With the Heat signing LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and others, it appears the Panthers are breaking down that wall and trying to grab a small spot under the bright light currently focused on the Heat and its SuperTeam.

The Cats aren't going to beat the Heat in this fight anytime soon. So why not join them?

Last week, on the eve of James announcement that he was taking his talents to South Beach, the Panthers introduced a season ticket plan based on LeBronmania.

'Seats Fit for a King' is a promotion in which fans can buy season tickets for $23 per game in the lower level, $6 in the upper. The 23 represents James' number in Cleveland; the 6 is for his new number in Miami.

In radio spots, the Panthers make sure everyone knows that while the Heat may not have tickets available for next season, they do.

In today's Miami Herald, the Panthers -- err, BankAtlantic Center -- welcomed the Heat's trio with a full page ad. The ad ran in the special Miami Heat section, and the Panthers were the only South Florida sports team (aside from the Heat, natch) to order up a spot. The Dolphins previously welcomed the trio with an ad in the local papers.

"Dwyane, LeBron & Chris,'' the Panthers ad reads, "congratulations on becoming kings of the hardwood.''

It goes on.

"Welcome to your playground. Here is your gift from the BankAtlantic Center.''

And here are the gifts the Heat trio will presumptively receive from the Panthers (who run the BAC):

-- Four 'Royalty' floor seats for all events

-- Four seats in the ADT Club for all events

-- VIP parking in the Lexus Garage.

That's a pretty nice haul, especially with Justin Bieber coming to town next month.

As they say, the rich get richer.


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gators suck

Another pathetic move by a pathetic organization led down the toilet by a pathetic, mean and weak little man named Yormark.

who the F cares. basketball sucks and could careless about it. I bet you they dont even know what hockey is!

It's not like the Panthers have anyone they can welcome in the papers or put on a billboard that will put people in the seats. Sad...so very sad.

Why not save the money on the ad and pay for the usher they do not put in my section for the season!

I can't help now thinking about Chris Rock in his HBO standup, and how LeBron would take over hockey if they could warm the arena down...


Whatever. Yormark has to sell tickets and if this does it, so be it. I'm sure if he could actually get the trio to attend a game and could announce it ahead of time, he'd sell some seats.

So long as there's a hockey guy making the player decisions I'll have some hope. Thank God the org went out and got Dale Tallon.

I think the Heat are pretty much unbeatable right now. D Wayde and Lebron is going to be crazy, if they mesh they have the NBA title secured I think..

Yormark, worry about building a first class organization instead of trying to follow your brother's lead in NJ,

This organization has been run into the ground, we finally have a hockey person with some power, which will last about a year or two when Yormark pulls back and takes away their budget.

Heat are a joke, James is a joke, Panthers are a joke, Marlins are a joke, South Florida is one big joke!!!!

Higgins is the answer!! hahaha and getting rid of Horton was the answer hahahaha. Looks like Gagne is going to Tampa hahahaha wow, looks like we will have another top 3 pick again. Hopefully we dont waste it on a oversized dman who will probably fail in the NHL (Gudbranson).

Busy day with Kovalchuk finally staying in NJ & Gagne being traded to Tampa for a bag of pucks basically. We are now officially the worst team on paper in the SE division! Lottery pick, here we come!

I, personally, have NO problem taking it on the chin this year if it means staying the course in re-laying the foundation of this hockey franchise.

The OBVIOUS downfall of this franchise over the last 10+ years has been it's inability to properly draft and develop young talent. Now that there is a real hockey man in charge of this club he needs AT LEAST 3 years to lay a foundation for the future, a future that is a combination of good young speed & skill, augmented with the discipline, grit, and leadership of select veteran players, as well as, solid goaltending. IMO, the good young goaltending is already there, now the defense and forward positions must be re-stocked. Tallon knows what he's doing, the results from his last "rebuild" is evidence of that fact, but knee-jerk reactions from what others in The Southeast Division do in terms of personel won't change the fact that this current Panthers roster is FAR from being competent(they have NO legit 1st line, period), and signing Gagne wouldn't change that. After seeing what Tallon was able to do with only a couple of weeks prep-time, in terms of the draft, I'm confident players like Stillman(if he doesn't hurt himself lacing up his skates) and/or McCabe and Allen will be gone, and the club will be better off for it.

Chances are now that Kovalchuk has his money his selfishness will make him an eyesore in The Devils dressing room, and Gange will miss significant ice time after he cuts himself shaving or throws out his back getting outta bed(he's fragile, ya know).

NHL rejected the Kovy deal as circumventing the cap. LOL, here we go again!

LOL...You can only thumb your nose at The Angry Drawf & Co. but for so long before they call in they're(much taller) minions to put the kibosh on everything.

Keep all that exciting Panther news coming. You can just smell it in the air.

Robert Kenney - Rest in Peace, The South florida hockey community lost a great coach this morning.

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