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Panthers Jump on LeBron Bandwagon ... Torch Back With Duds

Jameswade The Heat may be out of season tickets thanks in part to LeBron Mania, but the Panthers are trying to get in on the fun.

From now until July 12, you can get season tickets in the lower bowl for $23 per game; $6 in the upper deck.

They're calling it 'Seats Fit for a King.'

LeBron has worn No. 23 since coming into the league out of high school; he's changing to No. 6 next season.

What a coincidence the Panthers are charging six bucks for an upper deck ticket, eh?

-- Former Panthers head coach John Torchetti has been reunited (and it feels so good) with Rick Dudley in Atlanta as an associate head coach under Craig Ramsay.

Ramsay, you may remember, also used to work in Florida. It's a small, small, world.

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Crrrrroooaaaakkkk, ribbbiiitttt............

Hey GR, I see alot of teams having developement camps, are the Panthers planning one and if so when?

nothing until september 12 at incredible ice...

Cool, thanks.

I'm wonder if all this Lebron to the Heat is nonsense & he's just trying to get more attention for his "special" tonight. Then he'll stay in Cleveland after creating this huge suspense. I hope not, but all of this lebronmania is just ridiculous. Regardless, go Heat!

...and I still don't care about basketball.

Speaking of free agents, the Panthers missed out on Zherdev. He's a Flyer now. I still think the Cats need more scoring, but where to get it?

The Panthers have had years to grab this town by the balls and failed. The Heat have been average since winning the title. The Dolphins had one good year in the past five. The Marlins ownership is worse than the Panthers. But as usual everyone thinks the cats will be big players in free agency. Not happening. Why can't they come up with their own creative ideas? What are they going to sell with these LeBron tickets, 5 more packages. Everyone wants to see the Heat, except the loyal core of Panther fans.

"But as usual everyone thinks the cats will be big players in free agency."

Who seriously entertained that idea?

And which players would you have targeted for them to pursue without (a) breaking the bank for an unrealistic expectation on return, and (b) not being anything but a carbon copy of what's already on the roster (the Dvoraks/Stillmans/Allens, etc)?

Short of Kovy and his demands, the UFA well is dry.

People are going to want to see the Heat and not the shitty panthers that havent been in a playoff game since 2000. Who wants to come and see a team that can't score. It's the same product on the ice as the last 10 seasons. Don't waste your time, Panthers are dead, Heat are alive and Hockey in FLA is as good as done because of this.

How about someone that could win a faceoff? Matthew Lombardi was way too expensive for them, but a guy like Jeff Halpern is available. He wins faceoffs, is gritty, and actually can put the puck in the net.

The Panthers are the most irrelevant team in the history of professional or collegiate sports.
Memo to owners: Get a winner. Not a loser like Mr. Yormark.

Lombardi seems fairly priced considering it is free agency, where everyone knows you're more apt to overspend to get ahead... Halpern is a nice, respectable player, but probably more a 3rd line CTR on most NHL teams.. He might be a good signing for the Panthers, as he could probably be a 2nd line CTR for the Panthers... But I think they're going with youth, hoping Matthias is ready to be a 2nd or 3rd line CTR..

The problem with fans here is GREED. This is exactly what got the team in the Decade-Long Funk it's been in. Rebuilding takes time. You have to clean out the dead weight before you can move forward, and you can't clean it all out in 1 off-season...

Patience folks.. Too many negative posts that we don't have scoring. Year after year, always too many people foolishly thinking we're only a scorer or 2 away... No it's much more than that. That's what feeds the desperation, and the team really thinks they're that close to competing... Sorry, No quick fix..

Tallon's doing what he has to do. You have to be content that the 10 years without playoffs may end up being 11 or 12, but it's OK, as long as they're on the right path.. So if you want the Panthers to end up like the Clippers, keep hoping they spend big $$ on over-priced softies like Frolov, Zherdev, and Kovalchuk.. If you want to have a legitimate beef, ask Tallon why we couldn't get in on Buff, Burish, Versteeg or Armstrong... Then next year you go afer the bigger star, but that's also probably because Burkie and the Leafs are 1 year ahead of us in the Rebuild Process... Patience...

Excellent comments, SS1106.

The fact that a bundle of now-former Hawks were NOT acquired by Tallon speaks volumes. He wasn't going to overpay (in draft picks or assets) for flavors-of-the-month. They did what was asked of them. Do they remain worthy of the inflated cost? And lost time otherwise given to rookies?

He's been clear about his intentions from the start: build through the draft, trade for those targeted to serve a specific role, and - when necessary - sign free agents capable of manning the positions left open.

This is a wholesale change in philosophy. May sound grossly simplistic, but forget the past decade.

Not worth pointing out, but Yormark is not going anywhere. If hatred toward the team from here on out is linked to him, you're wasting your time. Totally agree his presence has hurt the on-ice product - by association - with past management regimes, but he makes money for a hockey club in South Florida. That's not easily thrown away.

On the other end of that spectrum, it's difficult to believe Tallon will allow the marketing arm of SSE to get in the way of his goal (and, um, job): an NHL championship. At this point in the crazy, funky story this club has woven, no question Tallon's overall strategy gets the nod from ownership over Yormark's Beiber, Bon Jovi, and (in years past)sponsored toilet puck philosophy.

Simply put: selling ads keep the ship afloat (very) temporarily, while on-ice victories drive up demand.

I also agree with slapshot1106. There was way too many garbage players on this roster to get rid of in one off-season. Tallon has begun to weed out some of the underachievers. Contracts will begin to run out and hopefully they will be replaced with players that want to play not just come down here for their retirement.

How about Mike Comrie on the cheap? I'm sure Hillary Duff will love to live on South Beach!

It is interesting to note that Tallon wasn't able to pull any of the available Hawks over here.. I think there must be some leftover hanging resentment from Tallon's departure... Stan Bowman didn't seem to have a problem dealing with Dudley in Atlanta, but I don't think he's going to do any favors for Tallon.. It's too bad we couldn't have gotten in on Burish in free agency. That would've been a quality, character signing. Versteeg, Buff, and other Hawks were available by trade, but then again we probably didn't have much on our roster that they would have wanted...

Unless Comrie is willing to take a minimum salary, don't expect to see him in a Panther's sweater this year. It's starting to look a lot like it's gonna be Weiss, Matthias, Reinprecht, and "Insert generic Amerk call-up/on-the-cheap UFA career 4th liner here" at center this year.

The longer guys like Comrie, Halpern, Metropolit, Moore, Conroy, Scatchard, etc. are out of work, the better The Cats chances of signing one at a discounted rate....Unless they sign to play overseas, that is.

i still say we bring back moore if he's available....maybe for a 1 year deal...i just see upside with a situation like that

Pierre LeBrun reports that Chicago might try to deal Patrick Sharp. I wonder if the Panthers would try for him instead of the FA market (and if Bowman would deal with Tallon, as Slapshot noted)

Giovanni's Coal Fired is on board..ALL IS NOT LOST!!

Sharp is the one guy that Bowman DIDN'T want to give up, which is why you(seemingly) saw everyone else get shipped off and not him(Sharp). However, the offer sheet to Hjalmarsson...and Chicago's subsequent matching...may have changed things budget-wise for Bowman and company, which may now only magnify the "questionable" contracts of Campbell and Huet.....Maybe THAT'S why Bowman seems so reluctant to deal with Tallon? Just a theory, you understand, lol.

I would welcome a guy with Sharp's diversity and two-way ability, but again, in the early stages of this rebuilding process, it would have to be a the right price and work for both sides.

I still think your going to see a bargain basement vet brought in just before camp(I'm personally hoping for Madden), but getting a guy like Sharp would be a "best case scenario" at this point, IMO.

Maybe Tallon did not want to give up the assets necessary for guys like Byfuglien, Ladd, or Versteeg, while rebuilding a program in the dumps. I can't imagine it's sour grapes, these guys are professionals and have a duty to improve their respective clubs. Face it, Panthers didn't have much to offer other than some of their picks which Tallon wanted to keep in order to rebuild through the draft.

I highly doubt we make a move for Sharp, although I'd love to have him here. This team will stink for the next couple years as we continue to tank for the lottery and build around the next generation of draft prospects.

Mase--Guys like Madden and others in the 35+ age range are looking to go to contenders, not rebuilders.. It would be nice to find some CHARACTER guys like Madden, but I think you've got to find someone that's in their 20's or early 30's that's willing to REBUILD at least for a couple years...

I think you have to almost assume that the Hawks didn't want to deal with Tallon. Not that we have a lot of assets to give, but I don't think Atlanta had to give up a whole lot to get some nice roster players, even if they are 3rd and 4th liners... I think GR should ask Tallon if the Hawks were or weren't willing to negotiate.. We need answers..

As far as getting Sharp, that's a longshot.. I'm sure they'll try to retain him. The only option I could think of would be to swap bad contracts out, whereby we'd have to take on Campbell's contract(ouch) with or without Sharp... In return, they'd have to take on at least 2 of our bad contracts among Olesz, Allen, Rhino, etc...

Olesz is getting shipped to the Islanders! we're getting some picks/they need to hit the cap floor.

Duke, link please? I don't see that on tsn, espn, SI, or litterboxcats.

DUKE - that is such a f****n' LIE, no-one is ever going to take him and that douche of a contract . . . STOP MAKING S***T UP!!

Olesz to The Island for pics? Talk about a "best case scenario", lol. If Tallon could pull that one off, his next move should be to get The Pens to give up Malkin for a couple of broken sticks and a bag of pucks.

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