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Upgrade at Center: Jeff Taffe for Marty Reasoner

MartyWhile not exactly a blockbuster deal, the Panthers did make a move on Thursday, sending fourth-line center Jeff Taffe to the Blackhawks in exchange for Marty Reasoner.

Reasoner spent the past two seasons with the Thrashers, only scoring four goals with 13 assists last season. He's been better offensively in the past, however, scoring 14 goals for the Thrash in 2008-09 and 11 for the Oilers the previous season.

Taffe split his time with the Panthers and Rochester last season. He was penciled in as Florida's fourth line center after Gregory Campbell's trade to Boston.

Covering the Marlins today, will have more stuff later -- after the BBQ.


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A solid veteran that's good on faceoffs and PK. It's still an upgrade from Taffe, while unspectacular.

Another ho-hum summer for the Cats!

I'm surprised that Bowman and Tallon could strike a deal. Maybe they also discussed Sharp?

Bowman says that Sharp isn't going anywhere.

Heard some rumors from PuckDaddy that Campbell was being shopped to Flordia, that wouldn't be the worst idea... at least we would have a solid backline then.

Campbell would be an awful idea at his cap hit for several more seasons - not what we need now. If you are going to have anyone on the team making 7 million, it should be a guy like Kovalchuk, not Campbell. The only way I could even see this even being remotely possible is if Olesz and his contract go the other way...

I guess Marty Reasoner is an upgrade to Taffe, but maybe Tallon ought to save and spend money more wisely in acquiring quality players.

It would be great if Olesz and Allen were shipped to Chicago for Campbell, but I don't think Chicago would be that dumb.

Taffe was on a 1 way contract, meaning the Panthers would have been paying an NHL salary for an AHL player if he was sent down at any point during the season. Either way you look at it, it's an upgrade for the Cats and saves them from paying Taffe's salary if he's sent back to Rochester.

Chicago is trying to get rid of salary; not heap more on.

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