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Andrew Peters Toughens Up Panthers

PetersThe Panthers added a little brute force to the roster on Thursday, signing free agent winger Andrew Peters to a one-year, two-way deal.

Peters spent last season with the Devils before his contract was bought out in July.

Peters is coming to the Panthers for one reason: Protection. Whether that's here or in Rochester will be decided later. In 229 NHL games, Peters has four goals, three assists -- and 650 penalty minutes.

Last year, Peters made the Devils after being invited to camp for a tryout. Here's what he told the Newark Star-Ledger regarding his role in the league. 

"Do I think it's a dying breed? No, I don't," Peters said. "I don't think teams will carry 2-3 guys like they used to in the late 80s. But I think every team has to have one guy. I think there will always be fighting in hockey. Not only for the fans but so teammates can feel safe."

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DeBoer will hardly play him and by hardly play him I mean one shift a night if he's even dressed. Got to believe his playing time will be done in Rochester.

I absolutely agree...don't think we'll be seeing much of him up here based on Pete's handling of players like this in the past...

He's a total waste. Why did the Panthers wait and sign this slug, when there were much better options available earlier?

I can't remember the time he's won a fight. Damn, I truly hope he spends the season eating hot dogs in Sunrise.

He's good for about 30 seconds on the ice and 15 minutes in the box a night. That's about all he's worth. His only value is in a goon based fantasy hockey league, if that. Brian McGrattan would have been a MUCH better signing. Marek Svatos is sitting at home, waiting for a phone call, while the Panthers are gifting their top two RW positions to guys who haven't proven they deserve them.

While, according to CapGeek.com, these nine teams need to clear the related amount of space to be under the Cap, due to bonuses.

1. Chicago Blackhawks, $4,157,753
2. Boston Bruins, $1,759,795
3. Toronto Maple Leafs, $1,400,000
4. Edmonton Oilers, $354,500
5. San Jose Sharks, $327,500
6. Vancouver Canucks, $90,000
7. Pittsburgh Penguins, $83,979
8. Montreal Canadiens, $68,751
9. Detroit Red Wings, $50,000

I miss BELAK......

I really don't think it matters what PD wants at this point. He is not the pick of this GM and he will be fired before the season ends.

I'd rather see us sign a big guy who can play hockey and step up if needed for a fight. Let's not waste a roster spot please!?!

Marginal signing at best. That said, if they hadn't even made this marginal signing, I'd be complaining that they didn't. So at least they addressed this specific need, I guess.

stop whining. we need this guy. he will bring more production out of the forwards we need to score, booth, weiss etc..

Smart signing by giving him the 2-way contract. He's not the best fighter, but he will add some excitement to some games.. It's much better than doing nothing, and asking guys like Monty and Campbell to take on other heavyweights... That's not fair to those guys..

Surely they still need to keep looking for a tough guy that can play a regular shift, but there's only so many Chris Neils out there.. I'd also like to see them get a Carcillo-type, or at least an everyday semi-heavyweight a la Tarnasky-type... Colton Orr, Cam Janssen, and Shawn Thornton would all be logical signings if available, but at least they didn't waste big $$$ on Boogaard like NYR...

This guy will do nothing for the team. He'll play in the AHL while other teams take shots at our "skill" players. Peters will be brought up a game too late. Even if he is with the big club, PDeB won't play him and he'll be taking up a roster spot and sitting on the bench. Don't get me wrong, I love enforcers, but I'm not the one running the show. Maybe we can have fun watching a fight or two while the Cats are losing.

I agree with EJ. Most of the time he will be in Rochester or sitting on the bench while Allen has to fight because he is on the ice when someone goes after a Panthers player. Unless you have guys that can skate a shift he is of little value. Tarnasky would have been better, not a fighter but can fight and can play a little. Without Campbell on this team it will be Allen being policeman since all the players that will get ice time have little grit. Adding Peters sounds good to the untrained eye but in reality does nothing because he won't be on the ice when you need him. This team lacks true grit, Campbell, Tarnasky, Horton, Ballard had some grit and nastiness to their game, their replacements don't have much grit. Peters replaces MacIntyre and he hardly played. The team needs grit not bench warmers.

It's an entertainment business, so if you're not putting fans in the seats with a talented product a la the Caps n Hawks, then you better do something...

We've sat around watching guys take shots, and no retribution... Horton fight--HA--maybe once or twice a year he gets pissed off and fights for himself, but there's no TEAM in that guy.. Allen and Ballard are respectable teammates, but it's not their job to take on the true heavyweights...

Stop knocking Tallon because he doesn't want to pay for CRAP--Kovy, Afinogenov, Svatos,etc At least he's addressing a need.. It may be a long season, so let them build some team unity and RESPECT... Eventually talent will come and it will eventually mean something to play for a team with a true identity...

slapshot1106 when Peters is sitting on the bench who is going to retaliate for going after the Panthers players? Allen because he is on the ice while Peters will be sitting for 58 minutes of the game. You are right it is not Allen's job to fight but you ice a team with so little grit he has to fight. You need players that can play with grit and fight not a guy that DeBoer will play less than 2 minutes a game. Peters is a nonfactor. Allen is one the few players that has skill and grit. Without Allen this team is a bunch of creampuffs.

I agree completely with Puckbubba. To me it's going to be a tough year watching our team lose a bunch of 2 to 1 games and get pushed around and beat up in the process.

Puckbubba--We're stuck with bad contracts that we can't get rid of, and that's why they're not going out of their way to get more gritty guys... Until they can offload some more of the deadweight, they don't want to have to pay too many guys to watch from upstairs...

At some point, there will be healthy scratches, maybe get lucky and see more trades, but also possible buyouts.. Probably not until later or next offseason.. They'll have to bite the bullet, and wait for the trade deadline to get rid of T-VO, McCabe, Stillman, etc..

Just because we have a lot of average-skilled FWDS (Weiss, Frolik, Olesz, Dvo, Grabner, Bernier, Rhino,etc) doesn't mean we shouldn't field a hitting line... If this team is to win at all, it's going to have to be becasue a lot of guys bond and overachieve, not because our 4th liners played better than another team's 4th liners...

And Allen, while respectable, has lost a step and is overpaid... He probably fights 5 or 6 times a year, so that's pretty sad if we're counting on him to defend... Peters offers something we don't have. Sure he won't play every game, but you can bet if a divisional rival starts something, he'll be called up the next time they meet... He doesn't make much, signed a 2-way contract, and is a good team guy.. Every team needs role players, and he fits the bill... Good signing.

I love how you keep talking about trading McCabe. He has a no trade clause and so does Vokoun. They are going NOWHERE unless they want to leave.

No, that's true...they do have NTCs...but Vokoun said last year he would consider waiving his; McCabe already has once before -- he came to Florida in 2008. You have to think they would like to play for a contender at the trade deadline...been a long time since either has been in a playoff game...

could of maybe got asham for about what we paid for peters. at least he gets a regular shift

Asham? no maybe involved there. what makes you think he would want to come here instead playing for a real team in Pittsburgh. Part of the reason they have to sign these scrubs is because guys that can really play don't want to come here yet. Until they turn this thing around it is going to be hard to attract quality free agents.

The signing means another physical enforcer for the Amerks to appease their nutty ownership.

The bigger picture is that the quiet signing offseason is what has hit most teams in the NHL. I think that the Panthers will be inviting quite a few free agents to training camp (along with other clubs).
The slow free agent offseason might be due to the collective bargaining agreement expiring next year.

Quiet offseason is due to a combination of a lack of a lot of top end talent having been available, or a lot of teams being near the cap (NHL or self imposed).

Honestly, this is an idiotic signing. Todd Fedoruk was available, of 32 goals and 65 assists through ten years. Brian McGrattan is available, and has twive the points, as a goon. Adam Mair, while smaller, would have served a better purpose on this team, as a checking line center, a faceoff man who wins over 50% of his faceoffs, and as a brawler.

Peters was just a bad signing for the role he's supposed to fill.

Hank gets it - Asham has grit, will fight and can play some very good shifts. That is the type of player we need... That said I like many of the moves Tallon did. Grabner being fed by Weiss could be a Calder type year... There is more depth if Booth has a relapse... Although not likely to play for Panthers this year McFarland & Howden are really good draft picks and rookie camp should very interesting as they could beat out some of the regulars for a roster spot... I like what Tallon has done but I feel this team really needs grit.

Same Old Panthers--OUR nutty ownership?? After all the owner debacles you been going through down there (Cohen etc..) and the willingness of ANY owner to keep Yormark on the payroll and you can call OUR ownership nutty?

Our owners are trying to rebuild a fan base that has been totally ruined in the last several years by both Buffalo and Florida providing us with CRAP players and coaches. Our owners want a say on the roster to help provide the best quality on the ice and you thinks that's nutty??

Tallon's just pissed off because our owners expressed some displeasure on being left out of ALL roster decisions, and it got leaked to the papers. Too bad. His ego got a little ruffled. Maybe next season, he won't have to worry about it and he can have a bunch of yes-men running the farm club.

These types of announcements, just suck the energy out of a fan, as if we have nuch left to lose.

Just a goon, hired by the Ringling Brothers, Yormark, and Bailey Circus..

Viner is indeed a deer in the headlights.

He better not show uo to the games wearing his authentic Panther Jersey.. :)

The Panthers should consider signing American Patrick O'Sullivan to a one-year incentive laden deal.

He's only 25, has 280 NHL games played, and he can play centre or wing. He's just endured a year in Edmonton with a long winter on a woeful team so life in South Florida will seem like paradise and his top-six skill will be utilized.

Patrick O'Sullivan was a team worst -35. He is a small one dimensional player. The only way I would take him is on a two way contract so he could help the Amerks.

O'Sullivan is a headcase with a LOT of baggage. Worlds of talent, but he's so screwed up from his dad, its been a waste. He dropped like a rock in his draft year cause of it.

You can only sign an incentive based contract if you are on your entry-level deal or over the age of 35.

come on everyone knows that Cohen and Yormark are interested in profits only and not fielding a winner (Stu and Cliff are just the front men, it is still Cohen's team).

They are using the pirates as a business model, as stated on ESPN.Com, a team can make one of two choices, field a winning team and lose money or make a profit.

"The numbers indicate why people are suspecting they're taking money from baseball and keeping it -- they don't spend it on the players," said David Berri, president of the North American Association of Sports Economists and the author of two books detailing the relationship between finances and winning. "Teams have a choice. They can seek to maximize winning, what the Yankees do, or you can be the Pirates and make as much money as you can in your market. The Pirates aren't trying to win."

the panthers don't put any money into scouting or developing players and they put their budget into payroll on the NHL level by overpaying players getting ready to retire.

They do this so Cohen/Yormark/Stu/Cliff can say we are in the top half in player salary. However you have to look at the big picture and say where are the players we developed in the last 10 years (Booth), where are the alleged stars we drafted (Bouwmeester, Horton), and then Yormark's overhyping machine calls Weiss the next Yzerman.

As Tampa and Atlanta leave us in the dust as we start to build again, remember when it is time for these players to mature, it will be time for the team to give them away again.

Profit over winning that is the Cohen/Yormark/Stu/Cliff style.

This app is getting to not be worth the time.

Check out Jeff Passan's article on Loria today at Yahoo Sports and find out how the taxpayers are going to be playing Mr. Ben Dover for the next 37 years...YEESH!

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