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Breaking the Ice: Dancers Tryouts from Sunrise

IcedancersEven though I was on the Panthers website today, my connection was slow and didn't notice this recent video addition.

It's the opening round auditions for YOUR Florida Panthers Ice Dancers from this past weekend at the arena.

Thanks to Kuklas Korner for bringing it up.

You'll thank him too.

Looks like Andy Slater and Bill Murphy are enjoying their time as judges. Although there are some tough decisions to be made.Tough, tough decisions. Sometimes life is tough. Deal with it fellas. And ladies.

-- Speaking of dancers, don't forget the Panthers are hosting another summer cookout on Wednesday starting at 5:30. Dmitry Kulikov will be there, as will some of the dancers. Call the Panthers at 954-835-PUCK if you want to go.


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Dezi is the best!

Pathetic. Really, really pathetic. The ice dancers have got to go.

Enforcer Andrew Peters signed with Panthers today according to nhl.com free agent tracking.

The absolute WORST "enforcer" in the league by far. He'll get wiped by everyone, even if he comes back to the AHL. Panthers just WASTED money.

Hardly Mr Bill!

chk his win loss record since 2003 and look at who he's beaten.

Mcgratten,formerly of the Ottawa Senators knows all too well..

Best do ur homwework b4 u open ur yip.

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