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Capitals' Slapshot Loves His Dolphins

Look who I ran into outside Joe Robbie Stadium before Friday night's game against the Dolphins.

No Alex Ovechkin sightings.


But we all know he's a big fan of Miami as well. Probably for different reasons....

Capitals' Slapshot Loves His Dolphins


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Couldnt get him to flash the I_I symbol?

lol what the heck was he doing there

Great...Even The Panthers Beat writer gives Panthers Fans the Bird.

Do we really have a hockey team in South Florida? High School sports receive more press. Will this app ever be updated?

Hey Rexx, what do you want to read? There were five players at the informal workout today. Five. McCabe, Reinprecht, Kulikov, Vokoun and Allen. Not exactly newsworthy nor groundbreaking. This is a dead period. DEAD. High schools are actually playing games that count. If there was any news, you would see it here.

In many NHL cities there are stories about camp starting etc. Just shows why we have no fans here. Thanks for the practice update!

Ha...yeah, THAT's the reason...

There are many reasons but lack of press is on the list. Just look at other blogs from many NHL cities today and you will see. I am not saying it's you. You need to sell papers and hockey does not work here as we both know. I have season tickets for 15 years in Philly and now 10 here. You know that press does help to keep the tram in fans minds in the dead times. No business or sports team can have dead times in this economy. Thanks for your replies. I just wish more people would enjoy this sport like we do.

i wish I had more to write about, but -- unlike other towns up north -- everyone gets out of here during the summer. there aren't many guys here to write about.

in minny, toronto, philly, etc., there are guys around who make their offseason homes there. not the case here.

and yes, a lack of media coverage does hurt the panthers. but losing for a decade is what really hurts them. when this team won, radio and TV people were forced to talk about them. just not in august.

there's a lot going on down here right now -- yes, including high school football. I've had a jacob markstrom story waiting to run since last week.

there's just no room on the front of the paper...we'll be back to covering them on a daily basis in a few weeks...

Thanks for the response. Great talking with you. Thanks again.

thanks for checking in...there will be plenty on all of our different venues in the next week or so...trust me...

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