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David Booth: Summer of Hunting, Skating

BoothstagDavid Booth is done hunting for the summer and is now skating – hard – twice a day in Michigan.

Booth has been on the ice for the past few weeks and says he is feeling good.

“I'm doing my own two-a-days,'' he said on Thursday.

“It's coming along, but I can feel the rust coming off. Every day I feel a little quicker. But, no doubt, it's taking a while to get going. I've been going hard. Everything is going good.''

Booth says he has felt no ill effects from his two concussions suffered last season. The first concussion – on Oct. 24 in Philadelphia – cost him 45 games.

On March 25, Booth was knocked out again – this hit ending his season. Booth ended with eight goals and eight assists in 28 games after signing a six-year deal worth almost $26 million – making him the Panthers highest-paid forward.

``This is big. I have a lot to prove,'' Booth said earlier this month. ``Last year was like a year off in a sense. I have been working really hard this summer, trying to get back to where I was before. After the concussions, I couldn't do the things I wanted to do. I'm getting my strength back, my quickness. It's coming along. I can't wait to put things to use when camp opens in a couple of weeks.''

-- So what has Booth been up to this summer? Well, in May, he went to New Zealand and snagged a 14-point Red Stag with his bow and arrow from 40-plus yards out. Then, he and his brother went hunting antelope in Three Forks, Montana. His brother brought one down; Booth didn't.

But that's OK. Booth says he is flying back to South Florida on Sept. 11. That following Sunday, he and a friend are going out into the Everglades to take advantage of the Alligator permit that Booth purchased.

Booth says he would like to get himself a new pair of boots. Or a new belt. “If it's big enough,'' he said, “maybe both.''


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Nice Bow Shooting there......I just want to know where is he gonna mount that head?

Oh and did we call that thing Mike Richards before he shot it!?

Let's good Booth! Hoping for a solid rebound season.

Booth got a lot of money for one good season,
which was pretty fortunate for him financially.

Then he suffers two concussions, which was most unfortunate physically.

Here's my point: the Panthers have a lot invested in him and he should be in South Florida NOW skating and working out with the guys that are down there now (McCabe, Stillman, Kulikov, etc).

He shouldn't be killing any more animals, he should be busting his butt to prepare for a big season.

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