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Hip to be Whale: Hartford Merchandise Red Hot ... Panthers Going Blue?

FoxwhalersSlow day here at One Herald Pines Plaza so I've spent some time surfing that ol' internet thing.

Found a cool story regarding the Hartford Whalers and a reunion/fan fest held at then UConn football stadium this past weekend.

A bunch of former players were there and it sounds like it's going to become an annual deal.

To keep the spirit of the old Whalers going, The Hartford Courant has opened a stand-alone Whalers website. Has a ton of stories and pictures. It's worth a visit.

One of the stories on the site regards the uptick in Hartford merchandise. Sales are through the roof, and you seem to see it everywhere.

That's Megan Fox, on the left, doing her part to keep folks interested in the Whalers.

One rep says there's little doubt the Whalers have moved into the top five in NHL sales. And that's with the team not having played as the Whalers since moving to Carolina in 1997.

Whalers Got to admit, it's one of the coolest logos professional sports has ever seen.

I know I get a lot of comments when I wear my Whalers gear out and about. Not as many comments as Ms. Fox does, but whatever.

-- With cool logos in mind -- or not -- word on the street is the Panthers are likely going to keep the leaping Panther as their primary logo in 2011-12 while changing the team's colors from the H. Wayne picked blue-gold-red to the Tampa Bay Rays scheme we saw last year.

The blue-on-blue color scheme (what do we call it? The JetBlues? The Sunrise Rays?) apparently will be the Panthers uniform look by that season.

Pantherthird I have not confirmed this yet with people at the top, but even Stanley C. Panther's travel van has been transformed with the new colors and the website is using them exclusively.

The Panthers have been wanting to jump start their look -- read: merchandise sales -- for a long time now.

Some team officials have been wanting to change the current logo to the third jersey crest (at left) although owner Cliff Viner is opposed to it, with Fiu one staffer telling me he thinks it looks like it belongs to the FIU Panthers -- and doesn't look sharp enough to be a pro logo.

He has a great point.

While the third crest logo isn't going anywhere for now, word is the Panther with the breaking stick is the logo of the future. In some shape or form.

In 2011-12, the current thirds would become the home jersey with a new white/blue/light blue coming for the road. Panther 

The third jersey -- if the stick breaking panther is indeed the primary logo -- could incorporate the head crest. If there is a third jersey. Probably won't for the first few years of the redesign.

I'm sure there are people hard at work on this as we speak. Here's hoping they fix the dopey FLA logo...

And leave the palm tree/hockey stick shoulder patch alone...

-- Back to the Whale: If you are jonesing to hear the old Brass Bonanaza, here's a great website for you. Many editions of the old Whalers fight song.

-- As of 4:21 p.m., I am two people short of hitting 2,000 Twitter followers. Spread the word. Would like to hit 2K by 4:30.

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FIU Football in BEAST MODE prepping for RUTGERS.

1 of only 3 certified "Hammer Strength" training facilities in the nation. PANTHERS on the RISE.


No jersey will ever look as fine as the Original Home Red. For an Organization trying to re-connect with it's more successful past, please take note.

The current 3rd logo/color scheme sucks. I for one am upset that they are trying to shove that down our throats. Well, that's what you get with Yormark at the helm, Mr. "anything to make a buck and I don't care who I piss off along the way." Screw the fans and what they think.

I'm with GP on this. If they want to make my money they'll bring back the original red jersey with the shoulder points. I don't know how the points would work with the new jerseys but they should make it happen. The current jerseys remind me of the late-90s Flyers and that just shouldn't happen.

ehh now when I need a new Panthers jersey im just gonna hit up eBay for a throwback Bure or Beezer

That's ridiculous! Those third jerseys are ugly. If they want to spur merchandise sales, they should get some decent players on the team.

I'm not buying any new merchandise from this club until they make it to the 2nd round. That'll be a looooooooooooong time, so I'll be saving my $$$

those third jerseys are terrible a 3 year old kid can draw a better picture then that panther logo its terrible and the colours are replicas of pittsburg ! they should bering back the red and for the third jersey EVERYONE tell me what you think of this idea? do you remember the old la kings jerseys that were all yellow and purple? i think they should put there should logo as there main symbol and do the jersey all yellow with some nice navy blue striped on the jerseys bring back a catchy retro bright colour and it kinda follows the florida sunrise theme! look just bad ass people would buy crap loads

* shoulder palm tree and stick main centre logo correct**

The last thing this team needs to do is start changing colors/logos! If you want to sell merchandise, for the love of all things holy, build a winning team with some names and talent that you can wear with pride!

Blue gold and red...that's the way it was and that's the way it should remain. It is a unique combination and the core fans (I believe) still love it. Bring back the red! You are not gaining any new fans...just alienating the few remaining (and dwindling) hardcore fans.

Haha--hey Yormack, you want to sell some jerseys???? Throw the names Wade, James and Bosh on the back!

Red Jersey fans are "United"--awright!!!!!

the fans want the original color scheme back, but that isn't how Yormark works, he looks at ways to make money so he changes uniforms and colors.

Lets face it the blue is for one purpose and one purpose only "Jet Blue".

Get use to things at pantherland are done for the sponsors and to take the fans money, the fans opinion doesn't count.

Get ready for confetti after losses for "the party city confetti post game"

Yormark runs the hockey team and arena as if it is a small market in the ECHL and not in a large market in the NHL,

I have been to many areanas in Canada and the US and what has been done to the BAC is a sin and a real turn off.

When the next major sponsor comes get ready for new colors to represent that sponsor

Would really LOVE to see the "broken stick" logo back; in my opinion it is the best one the Panthers have ever had.

Here's to a great season for all the fans!!

Let's go Panthers!

A combination of the third jersey logo with the Panther and broken stick would look good on a jersey patterned after the Wild home jerseys, but based around the red and gold and blue piping, with the palm tree and stick logo on the shoulders.

This penalty kill brought to you by: Florida Dept. of corrections
This Power Play brought to you by: Power Ade
This assist was brought to you by: Broward County Assisted Living
This save was brought to you by: Miami Beach lifeguards
Just think if Yormark had his way--the jersey would look like NASCAR driver outfits. At the end of the game the three stars could come out and promote Coke, Ice Cream, Hot dogs, and change hats just like the post race show at NASCAR

The broken stick is definitely the best! I agree, the 3rd jersey is the lamest, wussiest uniform -- no wonder we kept getting our butts kicked. Go back to the original red! THat's the true heart and soul of the Florida Panthers - not the blue on blue crap.

I am with Georgia Panther on this. Love the original red jerseys, they bring back a time when the Panthers were Eastern Conference champs. The blue third jersey logo looks like it was drawn for a Japanese cartoon, absolutely ugly. I have a hard time cheering for the team when they wear their ugly blue third jersey. Worst decision was the hideous third jersey. I would never buy anything from Panthers in those colors.

Yormark's next idea is to stamp each fans ass with a different sponsor at every game this season.

Bring back the broken stick for this broken team!

I believe that the Rangers are selling their AHL franchise in Hartford called the Wolfpack and the new owners are changing the name to the Conneticut Whalers and using the old logo and color style.

Good ol' Panthers, completely ignoring the few fans that they have left. It's decisions like this that has changed this team from a contender to a joke, one which is now one of the most irrelevant teams in all of modern professional sports. Great work, guys!

Cliff, if you read what Panther fans write in these and other comments, you'll notice a diversity of opinions about all things Panther related, except for one--Yormark is generally reviled. Go ahead, pour through the blogs. Fairly or unfairly, he has come to represent the organization's cynical exploitation of its fans for so many years, and while he is retained, we are simply not going to believe that a new day for the Panthers is here until the Panthers make it past the first round of the playoffs. In fact, I'll bet many share the view that the moment we do make even the first round playoffs, we are in for another dose of slick exploitation at his hands. He is (again, fairly or unfairly) the persisting face of evil in the Panthers org. How does that help and do you really think the team is going to get that good so fast that you don't need every ounce of credibility you can muster in the interim?

a total redesign of logo and colors is needed.
the old unis sucked with that gaudy, hideous combo of red, blue and yellow and the new ones are just plain boring

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