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No See T.V.: Panthers Only U.S. NHL Team Not Televised by Versus

Versus The Miami Heat may be in hot demand by the NBA's broadcast partners, but the same can't be said for the NHL team up the road.

The NHL released its national television schedule on Wednesday, and the Panthers are hard to find.

In fact, Versus -- the NHL's main U.S. broadcaster -- doesn't have a single Panthers game on its schedule.

By comparison, the Heat will be available nationally in 29 of its 82 regular season games.

Of course, the NBA has many more television spots available with three major carriers (TNT/ESPN/ABC) and many more television nights than the NHL does.

The Panthers aren't alone on the Versus Blackout -- however they are the only American team to be blacklisted. Edmonton and Ottawa also aren't included in Versus' coverage, but then again, Comcast isn't an official sponsor of those teams either.

Kabletown Comcast, parent of Versus, has advertisements inside the Sunrise arena.

The Panthers will be part of some Canadian broadcasts throughout the season, but only when playing other Canadian teams.

The Panthers could, however, make an appearance on NBC; Panthers at Devils on Jan. 23 is one of three games scheduled for the Peacock that day.

And yes, I know, Comcast owns NBC as well.

Randy Moller says the Panthers will unveil their season TV schedule in the coming weeks with 72 games expected to be on FSN/Sun this year.