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Rochester Gets Some Help

RochJust a few days after sending popular forward Graham Mink away, the Panthers got the Rochester Americans some offensive help by trading for center Mike Santorelli. The Panthers sent a fifth round pick to Nashville for Santorelli. 

Santorelli spent part of the past two seasons with the Preds, scoring two goals with an assist in 32 career games.

Santorelli has thrived at the AHL level, leading the Milwaukee Admirals with 26 goals and 33 assists last season. He had 27 goals with 43 assists in 2008-09.


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Shame we had to part with a fifth rounder to quell the Rochester malcontents.

but a good depth move none the less.

One of the best scorers in the AHL. He replaces Mink and he still has a lot of potential. For some reason he just can't translate his AHL success to the NHL, but he's what 24 years old? Not a bad move for depth.

Fifth rounders rarely make the NHL so good move.

Great move, why not? 24 and leads his AHL team in scoring? I think it's worth it, who knows, the kid may contribute to the Cats with their new movement. Nice to finally have an NHL GM.

Rochester malcontents? Hell we are partying it up in ROC. Nothing quite as awesome as the managerial display we've seen lately. Yup it was sweet when we watched our top scorer go elsewhere. Then our #2 scorer was traded for Reasoner and we got a downgrade at F in Cullen. High fives all around when our #4 scorer was traded for scrap metal. However no worries. We drank ourselves silly when we heard about the Bill Thomas and Tristan Grant FA signings.

Now how could anyone NOT like those deals?

I'm not quite sure why FLA fans look down their noses at their AHL affliate and its fans. I'd like to say it's flat out ignorance but that probably won't cover it. Thankfully only this season remains with this dreadful operation.

Santorelli was picked to be a sleeper rookie last year in Nashville. Its a solid pick-up irregardless of how anyone looks at it. Plays center, and has a right handed shot. Could develop into something the Panthers sorely need, a second line center.

please people, he's a 24 year old ahl'er. If he hasn't made the nhl yet he aint going to. he's another duco, big deal.

Datsyuk was almost 25 when he finally played in the NHL. Patrick Sharp, 25. Ville Leino is 27, and still hasn't gotten a regular shift in the NHL, yet he was a pivotal player for the Flyers in their Cup run. Matt Moulson, a 30 goal scorer last season, was 26. John Madden, one of the best checkin line centers of the last decade, was 26 when he got into the NHL with a regular shift.

Inpatience will kill this franchise, if this rebuild isn't done correctly, unlike the years of Keenan, Martin, and their cronies. As someone who stopped financially supporting this franchise when Keenan and Martin came in, cause I know they'd be the death of this organization, I understand a lack of patience, but to build this team into a consistent winner, that's what is needed.

Santos sounds like a very solid Asst. Nice to see that he has some connections, and enough credibility to get Tallon to take a chance based on his advice...

I guess you have to start somewhere, so looks like they've made nice improvements so far in Rochester, and added DEPTH at the same time.. Let's hope between Tallon and Santos, they can find the Panthers some grit and toughness...

Santorelli could make the team and push Matthias to the Amerks. That is what this teams needs some competition.

Look at the defense.
Dennis Wideman
Bryan McCabe
Bryan Allen
Dmitry Kulikov
Mike Weaver
Jason Garrison
Nathan Paetsch
Competition come training camp.
Erik Gudbranson will probably be sent back to junior and Paetsch to Amerks. I like the addition of Weaver. These small trades and signings have been good ones.

schlag I don't look down on Amerks fans. Don't judge all by one poster.

"Thankfully only this season remains with this dreadful operation" Might be true but don't expect a bunch of NHL teams to come courting a AHL team that runs to the media with their angry comments instead of phoning the new GM.

Schlag, I thought your comments were funny.

Santorelli for a 5th round pick is acceptable. I expect nothing from either one (Santorelli v 5th rounder). Ho hum.

Wasting away again in mediocrity.

Very good, very good indeed.

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