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Anyone Up for THIS Reunion? Didn't Think So ... Charitable Events ... Coverage for Lightning

Roybeezer The Colorado Avalanche are having a reunion to celebrate some championship it won in 1996.

Read more about it here.

I don't know if the Avs are going to be playing golf on Saturday, but if you are looking to get a round in and want to help out a good cause, I got a tournament for you.

I would be there, but instead I'll be driving up to Tampa listening to Joe Zagacki call the Miami-Clemson game.

Anywho, the Mahi Shriners golf tournament kicks off Saturday at 8 a.m. at the CC of Miami. There are prizes to the top three teams and a Caddy if you can drop in a hole-in-one. Good luck. For more info, 305-325-0411 or mahishriners@bellsouth.net

Chase -- Also, those who are trying to go to the Panthers luncheon on Monday in Coral Springs, forget it. They sold it out again.

The lunch benifits a good cause as well.

I'll be there -- refilling the water glasses, replacing the butter. If you drop a fork, I'll give you another.

-- No television or radio coverage for tomorrow's game against the Lightning in Sunrise, but there is going to be some media stuff happening on Saturday. Almost a media overload!

At 11:30 a.m., FSN Florida breaks out its season preview.

And while they won't be showing the game, it will be broadcast live on their website. Also, Randy Moller will be in Tampa and 560 WQAM will have Saturday's game the old school way. He'll also have a season preview show starting at 6 p.m.

-- LIVE! chats, right here, for both games against the Lightning.




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At a time when the panthers actually made the playoffs...of course then they traded stu barnes & it was all over

GR--Let me know if the game is packed tomorrow. I was trying to get tickets for my family and according to Ticketmaster, there were roughly 12 single seats available. I called the BAC and spoke with 2 sales reps (one was my old season ticket rep) and both said there was nothing available....let that sink in.....Panthers PRESEASON(!) vs TAMPA(!) and they are sold out. Is this bizarro world?!

So, the game tomorrow will be the in-house feed on the panthers website? Or did i read that wrong?

And i'll be at the game in Tampa. Gonna get some good seats.

They gave away a bunch of tickets for families and the capacity is reduced (tarps are up)...but a packed house for a preseason game would definitely be fun and add some excitement...

also, the streaming feed is on saturday, not friday...have no idea what the video source is...

I'm still shocked that that many families requested tickets--I'm still curious to see how many no shows there will be. In any event, go Cats!

glad itll be packed tonight. hopefully theyll put on a show so they come back for more!!

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