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LIVE! Chat Tonight? Your Call

Since tonight's game is on NESN, should we go LIVE? Vote in the comment section. Heading to the Garden now...


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i say we save the Live section for the rest of the games that are untelevised unless u still wanna do it! It's hard to type with sticky timbit fingers i feel ya GR

not everyone has nesn

Have not found a Timmies in Boston...This is Dunkin' country

That's a big "yes" vote from me; all set to post up a link at The Litter Box if you go with it.

Not sure how much coverage NESN has in SoFla, but I don't receive it. Can't be the only one...


I would say yes. I would be present.

HAHAHA! Dunkin Country! Lets go LIVE!! Thx Jorge!

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