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OnFrozenFilm: Nathan Horton, Boston Bruins Pregame

Just an FYI: None of the three ex-Panthers are in the lineup tonight for Boston's game against Florida in Rochester. Did speak to Nathan, Gregory Campbell and Dennis Seidenberg, however, and they all send their best.

They will likely play against the Panthers on Saturday night at the Garden.



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Cant hide in boston...the press and the fans will crush him there if he goes the lazy route.

yeah he had a great time in Florida, no pressure to win or play hard only to get his paycheck

if this guy had a thimble full of the heart that David Booth has, he'd be a top 10 player. What a joke. Enjoy Boston, good riddance.

There was NEVER really good veteran prescence to push this guy along when he was a Panther. But, after seven years he still played as a me type player and very immature....In Boston that won't happen and he'll probably do very well. I just can't find a way to root for him.

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