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Panthers in HD: Fox Sports to Cover 72 Games, All in HiDef

Tv The Panthers television partner is going all out this year, with Fox Sports announcing that all 72 televised games will be in HD.

Good stuff for those of you who have been clammoring for more HD games. According to the Panthers, ratings for games in HD were 30 percent higher than games shown in the traditional (and I don't mean black and white) format.

Of course, you all know the Panthers play 82 games. So that means 10 games aren't going to be shown locally. Instead of telling you which games are going to be on, here are the ones that aren't. And remember, a handful of games are restricted because of Versus' idiotic blackout on some Mondays and Tuesdays.

The highlights for the games on TV are that all games in the month of February and March will be on; in the first two months, only four games won't be on television. But, and I'm no math major, but that accounts to 40 percent of the no-show games. Blame Versus for two of those.

PANTHERS NON TELEVISED GAMES (and why I think they decided against showing):

Oct. 23 vs. Islanders (Sat): College football Saturday night, going up against baseball playoffs.

Oct. 26 at Toronto (Tues): Versus blackout, yes, but game is on TSN in Canada so it will be on Center Ice

Nov. 22 vs. Pittsburgh (Mon): Versus

Nov. 27 at Tampa Bay (Sat): Big night of college football, Heat playing Dallas

Dec. 7 vs. Colorado (Tues): Think the Versus blackout only applies to Oct-Nov so may not be able to blame them. Heat are off...

Dec. 17 vs. Buffalo (Fri): Heat plays the Knicks; Magic playing too...

Jan. 3 at Carolina (Mon): Honestly don't blame them for this one...

Jan. 23 at New Jersey (Sunday): NFL, NFL and NFL -- also, this could be NBC (ha!) flex game

April 6 at Washington (Wednesday): Opening week of baseball for Rays and Marlins

April 8 at Tampa Bay (Friday): See above....


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The FSN schedule has the NOV 20th game vs Islanders as not being telecast.

The NOV 22nd game vs Penguins is on the televised schedule.

WOW...72 games? I'm sure that will make the 8 people who care about hockey very happy. Reruns of 20 year old sitcoms get higher ratings

Hey Shelgers, get a life, pal. You clearly don't care about hockey, but decided to click on the blog, read the story, and then actually post about how no one cares about hockey on TV down here?

While you're watching Cheers reruns, the hockey fans will get to watch in HD. Get over it.


Finally all the games in HD. GR that Toronto game may not be on Center Ice because it will be across Canada on TSN. The Versus blackout is dumb, fans want to watch their local team, if it is not on TV they are more likley to listen on radio than watch other teams on Versus. I don't even have Versus anymore I took a less expensive package from DirecTV and have Center Ice, don't need Versus.

Now if only we could have Potvin back;)

Did Lindsay take any basic English grammar courses during the summer so we no longer have to suffer through such beauties as "He could have went to Toronto" or "He didn't not do that."

Does this mean more Tarping of the seating at the BAC

Maybe they can project the Miami Heat games on the tarps in HD. This will bring a larger crowd to the BAC;)

I agree that Potvin should be doing the games.

I am in total agreement. Potvin was so much better than listening to Lindsay. I turn down the sound many times because I just can't listen to that babbling idiot.

Too late to get Potvin back here.

This was announced today on slam.canoe.com:

Potvin joins Sens broadcast team

The Senators have drafted an all-star defenceman from Ottawa into the broadcast booth.

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