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Stay Off the Logo: Panthers Block off the Locker Room Cat


Lockerroomlogo The Panthers put up a little temporary fence around the carpeted logo inside their locker room in Sunrise.

It's supposed to be there so media types like yours truly don't walk all over it while in there trying to grab players for interviews.

Truth is, it should keep some players from walking all over it as well. From my experiences, they are the biggest culprits of the unwritten locker room code than anyone else.

A little overboard, if you ask me. And no one did.


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Looks like a mini boxing ring. Olesz-Weiss Round 2?

Cant step on it, but you can pee on it thanks to the urinal cakes??

its a little silly, but whatever brings back some pride...

Back to the future, they tried that before and the team got worse. It is not about stepping on the logo but the opposing teams.

How about putting a big picture of Yormark there and everyone can walkk all over it.

I love that you cant step on the logo but you can urinate on it. Take the logo's out of the urinals

It would be more fun if they put other team logos on the urinals. Now, that would be classic.

I get a strong sense that it's being blocked off not for the sake of pride but because they probably have workers coming in to look at replacing it.

Love it! It's red! Can't imagine the front office wants to keep it there for long due to their Rays blue tendencies.

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