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ALCOA Presents 'You Make the Call: Colton Orr Edition'

And, then there's this:


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Is that the same officiating crew from 1. The Dolphins/Steelers Game or 2. My son's rec game?

haha, LOVE vid number two!!


UGLY. and the official who blew the call. Stephen Walkom..former DIRECTOR OF OFFICIATING!

@Catfan: Yeah. Shut up. The officials are doing a great job. That's always the response.

So it's now legal to hit the goalie from behind if there is a shot incoming? Interesting new rule. I don't see that in the rulebook but I'm sure Bettman would explain this away just as he did that Stanley Cup "winning" Hull goal vs BUF so many years ago.

G, where the heck did you dig that 2nd vid up from? hehehe

The league response will probably be fining DeBoer $1000 for excessive sarcasm in a postgame Q&A session.

Seriously, I doubt the league will say anything right away. They'll maybe release a blurb tonight and hope no one reads it right before the night's games commence. They want this under the rug and forgotten asap. Heck, you can't even find highlights of it on nhl.com (yes, I went looking).

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