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Panthers Roster Down to 25 ... Grabner, Peters Waived, Markstrom to Rochester

The Panthers continued to pare down their roster on Sunday, assigning their rookie goalie to the minors while waiving three others.

Jacob Markstrom, the 20-year-old future of the team in net, was sent to Florida's AHL affiliate in Rochester, N.Y., where he will team up with Tyler Plante for the Americans. Florida also waived forwards Michael Grabner and Andrew Peters along with defenseman Joe Callahan. If those three clear waivers at noon Monday, they will likely be assigned to Rochester as well.

Those bubble players who survived the first big round of cuts include Keaton Ellerby, Kenndal McArdle, Byron Bitz and 18-year-old Erik Gudbranson. Florida currently has 25 players on the roster and need to get to 23 by Wednesday afternoon.

Grabner being put on waivers was a bit of a surprise considering he was part of the Panthers big draft day deal with the Canucks. Florida sent defenseman Keith Ballard and winger Victor Oreskovich to Vancouver for Grabner, Steve Bernier and the 25th overall pick. Grabner was named one of seven players expected to have a breakout year by NHL.com during the offseason.

In four games this preseason, Grabner didn't record a point and was minus-4. Grabner had five goals and four assists in 20 regular season games with the Canucks last season.

-- The Panthers will have a full workout Monday at 9:30 a.m. at their training facility in Coral Springs. Admission is free.


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Peters too, eh? No surprise there from DeBoer--but just wait till Booth gets his head knocked off again, or someone takes liberties with Gudbranson's hands tied down again. I feel a tried and true enforcer is a necessity on this team and Peters was all we had to fit that bill.

Tallon will look and be an idiot if Grabner is claimed!!! What is it in the Florida environment that turns otherwise good GM's into dunces? BM was a pretty good GM everywhere but here.

And Stu S. if you're reading this, today I would take Stevie Y over Tallon every day of the week and twice on Sunday!

Dumb question here. Why does Grabner needs to be waived if he's on an entry level contract?

If he isn't good enough to make the team he should be sent down to Rochester. The key to the trade was the first round pick, Grabner was the icing in the hope he could play this year but he can't so he is history.

I think the key to the trade was getting rid of Keith Ballard's big contract. We are in rebuild mode so keeping players like Ballard didn't make sense if we could get some trade value.

Grabner had a position on this team but he lost it with a sub par training camp. He will probably be claimed from waivers and he may even do well with another team, but Pete went with people who had the best camp. Let's hope he clears waivers, does well in Rochester and has an impact on our team down the road.

I said, don't gift him a roster spot, like many did. There was no competition for a second line spot. There was just a "who's the best of the thirdliners?" competition. That's usually how Olesz will get second line time.

olesz should be on waivers not grabner

@Pilchino: Because he's 22 and has played more than 70 professional games (AHL games count after age 20).

Thanks Johnny.

Grabner = Oslez. Both have "world class speed" but no scoring ability right now. I think the Panthers are better off taking their chances with Oslez than Grabner since he has more NHL games.

With enough problems filling a bonafide 2nd line, I see no reason why we should not have kept Peters. Just because Gudbranson likes to scrap, you can't shift the team's toughness to an 18 year old.

I don't care if he has cement skates and would only play 0:45 per game. An enforcer's presence is needed.

McArdle is known to get in a few fights too. I would take McArdle over Peters.

Will Peters (or the others) have to go through re-entry waivers if they're called up?

Last time I rwemember seeing McArdle throw a punch, he dislocated his shoulder.

Just wish we had more muscle.

I wonder how McArdle would do against McGrattan, Boogaard, Orr......ouch, I agree, Peters would help with team morale as it's going to be a long year!

How long, exactly, have the Cats been in rebuilding mode?

Why sign has-beens, never-weres and stiffs.
Just play the kids and finish last and get
top talent in the draft.

What's the point of playing near .500 but missing the playoffs and also missing out on the top picks each year?

...bring in the goons! Surely Yormark must see that fights will at least excite the crowd. And prevent our younger guys from being picked apart. Play the young guys on the wings of some bruisers.

Even if Vokoun and Clemmer are donating $1 per save (which is a great thing), the stands don't get filled by saves alone--its the goals and fights that have them talking about the game the next day around the water cooler (and possible an ice dancer)!

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