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Panthers Set Roster: Hordichuk IN, Ellerby OUT, Bitz/Reasoner HURT ... Peters Staying in Rochester

Hordichuk The Panthers continued to make moves on Wednesday as they set their roster for Opening Night from Edmonton come Sunday.

Earlier today – sorry, was working at another job this morning – Florida put defenseman/forward Nathan Paetsch on waivers.

Then, Florida traded Andrew Peters – slated to start the year in Rochester – to the Canucks for fourth liner Darcy Hordichuk.

Hordichuk will meet the team in Edmonton. Here’s hoping there are no visa issues with Hordichuk -- and there shouldn't be. He'll be able to play in all three games in Canada and his issues should be resolved by the time the team leaves Calgary next Thursday night.

“I know Darcy from Nashville, so I know what I am getting,’’ assistant general manager Mike Santos said. “I know he was a very popular player here and I expect him to play the same style of game he did before and be popular with the fans again We can use that kind of life not only on the ice, but in the locker room. It just made sense.’’

Florida opens the season with 22 players on the roster (not counting Paetsch, who probably comes back).

“We’re seeing if there are any teams interested in him,’’ Santos said. And if not? “He’ll stay on the roster.’’

The roster had to be set at 23 players by 3 p.m. and Florida got to its number by putting Byron Bitz and Marty Reasoner on the injured list and sending defenseman Keaton Ellerby to Rochester.

Santos on Bitz: “Just a groin strain. It’s early in the year, we don’t want to make anything worse than it is.’’

On Reasoner: “It’s more precautionary than anything. He could be ready for the opener.’’

The return to Florida by Hordichuk (he spent parts of two seasons here before the lockout) adds just a touch of grit to the Panthers fourth line. Hordichuk, who has 18 goals and 15 assists in 431 NHL games, has been in 27 fights in the past two seasons.

-- Ellerby will be back, especially if he carries over what he did this training camp to Rochester. Here's thinking that Ellerby gets it now. Don't know if he was overwhelmed last year or what, but he's looked like a completely different player.

“Keaton played well, it was a good camp for him,’’ Santos said. “He had a real up and down year last season. It was important he came in and played the way he did. It’s a numbers game. He doesn’t require waivers and sometimes that is the way it works. He has a bright future. Some day he’ll need waivers and will benefit from the waivers game.’’

-- Just got word from Kevin O. at the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle that Andrew Peters will stay in Rochester for the time being as the Canucks are loaning him to the Panthers and the Amerks. But, like in the Caps/Michael Nylander deal, Florida can not recall Peters because he belongs to Vancouver.

“When we signed Peters, he knew he would spend time in the minors and he lives in the area and wanted to play in Roch,’’ Santos said. “They are honoring that.’’



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Everyone wins in this situation. ROchester wants enforcers on their team, and they get to keep Peters.

Explain to me how our SCOUT still has a job??? Ellerby another 1st round bust that doesn't make the team. Hope kulikov is good and i hope Gudbranson is good when he's here next season.

i don't know how he still has a job. If Ellerby was ready and could make an impact, he'd be up with the team. Obviously he's not.

Dude, it's a numbers game. Panthers have too many 1 way contracts and they can send Ellerby back without passing through waivers. Didn't you read that above?

He's almost ready, which is better than last year, and at least the kid has improved with time. Defensemen take longer to develop and Ellerby had to grow into his big frame. This is not exactly a bad thing to let him keep improving his all around game in Rochester and call him up during the season when and if someone gets hurt (which is inevitable on this team).

It's too early to label him a bust...

OR he's the odd man out because he can get sent down without passing thru waivers (and possibly getting claimed). Ellerby has had a rough time developing but has finally taken that step where he will be an excellent callup throughout the season.

Great gritty addition. I wish we would've had him the last 3-4 years.. Hords can be an everyday 4th liner unlike Peters who would've been a spotty call-up.. He doesn't win all of his fights, but he adds excitement, spark, and agitates and protects teammates..

It looks like Santos is a great addition for the Panthers, and probably has more savvy than the past 10 years of mgmt here combined.. We take advantage of a surplus of Vancouver additions. I'd rather have Hords than Tanner Glass because that's more like McArdle or Bitz. I hope Hords plays every night just as an energy addition, if nothing else...

Also, nice strides with Ellerby's off-season personal conditioning... I was one to knock the pick, but let's hope he gains confidence, and turns out to be a solid option for call-up when needed.. Maybe even used as a chip down the road as a package for a future acquisition.

Hordichuk is a punching bag. Enjoy 15th place

The Panthers are ranked 30Th by every expert in hockey. No scoring,and as Pavel Bure said no star power. Who's going to buy tickets in this economy with this same boring team. Seats should be free. Management is so cheap they don't want to pay performance bonus to their #1 pick. How stupid is that! I would want to give the guy incentive to shine by rewarding him with a bonus. Find a new owner who will invest in a winner. It takes money to make money. The problem now is that players don't want to play for this team. They play badly so the Panthers will get rid of them.

and what makes anyone think DeBoer will play Hordichuk given the history of DeBoer and enforcers?

Glad to have Darcy back (I bet he's just thrilled to be in Fl again- not). GA Panther may be correct; PDeB won't play him.

They, and I firmly believe, smartly did not sign Gudbranson to a contract. First off, by waiting another year in the middle of a rebuild, they extend his use within the organization. He should be coming into his own right around the time this roster peaks and will be a leader on the team with a few years under his belt. Secondly, you don't want Kulikov then Gudbranson to depart 1-2 as that wipes out a third of your d-corps in two successive seasons.

John Slusher wrote: "The problem now is that players don't want to play for this team. They play badly so the Panthers will get rid of them

Im not sure what you have been watching, but that argument is completely off.

Ballard, Seidenberg, Moore, Horton were all traded to PLAYOFF Teams. They were able to move on to good teams, so obviously they must be playing alright with the panther team or those teams would not want them. Therefore, Panther players do play but for their themselves... not for the team. This is also part of the problem in Florida.

The problem with the Panthers NO PLAYOFF HISTORY starts at the GM and Scouting division. Scouts are unable to evaluate talented CONSISTENT scorers. Or the GMs don't know how to read into what the scouts are saying and pick poorly in their draft decisions. All I have seen from each Panther draft pick for ten years has been inconsistent scoring forwards, see current Panther Dvorak for proof. Let's hope this has changed with the Tallon era in Florida.

Good trade. Didn't care for Peters. Hordichuk unlike Peters, can actually do a little more than fight. Not much but more than Peters. As for Ellerby let him prove he is ready for the NHL with some good hockey in Rochester.

I don't think PDB is aainst playing enforcers, and certainly not as bad as JM... I think both of them prefer to have a guy that can actually add some quality minutes to the team.. The problem mostly stems from a lack of talent throughout the Panthers line-up that they're trying to make up for it by playing softer fwds just to try to make up for a lack of offense... This is where they're both wrong, as there's also nobody on the other lines to stand up for others, thus leading to a softy team like the Panthers with no sense of grit and character ever being built...

And as far as a playoff team like the Bruins picking up Horton, I think they'll regret it later on... Watch him turn into their next Michael Ryder and instead of winning the division like most say, I think they may be one of the teams that falter out of the Top8 instead... Mtl, Philly, and Boston could fall, while TB, Atl, and Toronto may surprise..

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