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Panthers to Fine Players for Walking on Logo (One Which is Still in Urinals)

Lockerroomlogo The Panthers redecorated the locker room at the Sunrise arena while the team was away. Got to say, mad props to whomever came up with this idea.

First, gone are the red "Respect" signs on the wall. In years past, players had their photos above their stalls.

Locker1 Now, all along the walls, are photos of retired players from years past.

Players like Pavel Bure, John Vanbiesbrouck, Scott Mellanby and yes, Billy Lindsay and Gord Murphy have their photos lining the wall.

Side Note: A number of players commented how much they liked those old red jerseys. So, you fans are not alone.

Anyway, it's a classy homage to the past. Above the goalie stalls are photos Locker2 of Vanbiesbrouck, Mike Vernon and Ed Belfour. By the medical training room, photos of Bill Torrey and the late, great, Roger Neilson adorn the walls.

Again, these are retired former Panthers so Gary Roberts is there, but Roberto Luongo is not.

And it looks pretty darned good.

Anyway, onto the logo (pictured at top).

When the Panthers held their first practice of training camp in Sunrise, the carpeted logo was roped off.

Locker3 The ropes are gone, but there is now a sign at the far end of the room reminding players to "Respect the Logo.''

Players who are caught tromping on the logo in the middle of the room will be fined $500.

Same goes for any player who lets their practice or game jersey touch the floor.

The sign says 'no exceptions' although I don't know if this is self policed or what. We noticed one player walk across the logo in his skates at least three different times today.

Which player? Ha! I'm no snitch.

I also have no problem with the Panthers doing this. I've never walked across the logo intentionally (although I probably have when in a hurry) and it's not that big of a deal. I think it's good the organization is trying to stress that this franchise does have a little bit of history, that these guys should be proud to play for the Panthers (as Stephen Weiss surmised the other day).

Urinallogo That said, those decals in the urinals have got to go.

You cannot have it both ways.

The organization says that there is nothing wrong with the urology group using the small Panthers medical logo in their advertising -- even if it is placed in urinals inside the arena.

Two seasons ago, Michael Yormark said the logo is used on all sorts of merchandise one might consider disrespectful, such as a mat one would wipe their feet on.

I don't think that is a good comparison, and I would guess that the person (Pete DeBoer or Dale Tallon) who came up with the idea of fining players for "disrespecting'' the logo by letting it hit the floor or walking on it would probably agree.

Urinal1 Walking on a piece of carpet (placed on the floor) is disrespectful, but using the logo for 'target practice' in a urinal is not?

And, yes, the decals are still there. The photo was taken this morning.


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Yet again, Yormark proves his cluelessness when he compares wiping your feet on a logo'd welcome mat to pissing on a logo'd decal in a urinal.

Short of the urinal debate, this is fantastic news.

Have a bad game? How about staring at the scowling mugs of Paul Laus or Peter Worrell for inspiration? Love it.

I agree...my photos do not do it justice...really classy looking...the players seem to dig it

I think the beginning was the wonderful Hockey HOF the Panthers created last March...bringing back respect to this organization by first respecting the past.

I would love to see that lockerroom now...looks awesome!

I think we should get a group of loyal fans together and get some big rubber gloves and take them urinal logos and trash them.

I understand that much in sports is cheap pop psychology slightly more evolved than what you use on a poodle, most illiterates know the catch phrases and rituals that help group bonding, whether a team or a bunch of jailbirds (both have sexually based homoerotic initiation, heck hockey players wear garter belts and have a habit of playing strip shootout among the boys).

But I would be a lot more impressed if the team could draft well, if the players could shoot and pass properly and the PK would produce instead of playing 'step on a crack, break your mothers back'.

And while having legends on wall is a good idea in Montreal and Boston, doing it in a young franchise is cheap and tacky. Instead of having true hockey greats, you have mediocre players who never were more than middling or a few stars whose best years were elsewhere.

If youre the baseball Cards, you have history and can put an Ozzie Smith on the wall. Adding SS Luis Ordaz to that wall would be a joke.

Problem with the Panthers is both the age of franchise and the quality of 'stars' it had,,.. too many Ordaz and not enough Ozzie's.

The idea for not walking on the logo must have come from Dale Tallon. It was something that has been around the Chicago Blackhawks for awhile...

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