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Florida Panthers at Toronto Maple Leafs (NO TV) ... A Trip to the Hall

IMG_0768 TORONTO --Just got back from a little trip to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Always a good time. Got to see an old friend name Stanley and see a bunch of other stuff.

The Panthers exhibit isn't too up-to-date, however.

Not only is the main picture of Olli IMG_0791 Jokinen (traded to Phoenix in 2008), but the secondary photo is of Nathan Horton (traded to Boston in 2010). The third photo of a Panthers player is Jay Bouwmeester (traded/FA Calgary 2009).

Also, the jersey in the case belongs to famed Florida defenseman Jamie Rivers -- who played in all of one game during the 2002-03 season.

I think that's pretty good.

IMG_0792 -- Now, when you walk into the Hall, you see Bryan McCabe's Helsinki jersey (photo at top) in the Southeast Division exhibit.

McCabe's gloves from his 1,000th NHL game are also on display.

-- Back to tonight's game: First off, Scott Clemmensen gets his first start of the season. He's pretty happy about it, and it seems like Tomas Vokoun is happy to have a day off.

-- Shawn Matthias is a scratch, so the fourth line of Hordichuk-Reinprecht-Bernier returns for a second straight game.

-- Those who sent me an email today regarding the link to tonight's game (which is blacked out in South Florida courtesy of FOX): When I get it, you'll get it.

IMG_0787 -- Also, the NHL refused comment on the FOX blackout story. "These are two independent companies - with each of whom the NHL has a relationship,'' the email read.

So there you go...

-- If you could watch tonight's game, you would see Stephen Weiss and his new mask.

Weiss took a puck to the mouth in the first period of Saturday's game against the Islanders and lost a front tooth -- and has a couple other loose ones. He says the dentist fixed him up a bit on Monday, but he's going to need more work.

Weiss isn't wearing a full mask, but what I would call a quarter mask. Looks like he's going out on the BMX tour.


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George-could you send me an e mail with link to game.I have center ice and will be blacked out.Or can you send me your e mail address.victorbagnato@comcast.net thx

Can watch on computer.


or on channelsurfing.net

GR the Hall Of Fame is pretty neat.

they are really scratching Matthias for Hordy? wow what a joke. How is Matthias ever going to mature if he never plays? This organization is a joke.!

George Please answer me this:

Panthers Last game was Sat vs Islanders. Sunday no game, Monday no game.

Tomas Vokoun 1st overall star in the NHL last week.

Panthers to start a 3 game road trip tonight in Toronto.

Why is Clemenson in goal? You don't do that to start a road trip and you certainly don't do that when Vokoun is the most important piece on this team after two days off. I'm sorry but please explain why this move was made. This is just as bad as a move as scratching Matthias for tonights game. wow.

matthias probably hasn't fully recovered from the injury that caused him to miss the last few games, so its not a 'healthy scratch' - he'd be in otherwise for sure + hordichuk gives us some grit against a tough team full of fighters. its a good move.

Hordichuk played 3 minutes in that first period. Brilliant move. You're totally right gr fan no. 1. Keep watching maybe ull learn something. I bet u think its a good move Vokouns on the bench eh?

In the late times, the Maple Leafs team has seen some confusion, but this does not mean that order won’t come back again. Heal is in coming after illness!

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