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What's in a Number? Hordichuk Takes His

Horton16 Wondering which number Darcy Hordichuk will wear when he rejoins the Panthers on Saturday in Edmonton?

I know you weren't, but I needed to know for our Panthers Preview which runs Sunday.

He'll take Nathan Horton's old No. 16.

Hordichuk wore No. 24 in his first run with the Cats back before the lockout. Bryan McCabe has that now.

Others to sport No. 16?

Len Barrie, Randy Moller, Ray Sheppard, Gilbert Dionne, Craig Ferguson, Craig Fisher, Ryan Johnson, Oleg Kvasha, Ray Sheppard, Ivan Novoseltsev, Mike Sillinger, Kevyn Adams, Matt Cullen and Horton.

Mike Duco had worn that number in training camp, but he's switching to Gregory Campbell's No. 11 (well, he will when he comes back up from Rochester).

Wondering who else wore that number for the Panthers?

Glad you didn't ask: Evgeny Davydov, Bill Lindsay, Kevyn Adams, Bill Lindsay, Mikael Samuelsson and Jon Sim. Andrew Peters, traded to Vancouver today for Hordichuk, wore the double 1s in camp.

Been a long day. Going home and taking tomorrow off. But if anything happens, I'll let you know.



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I thought Duco was 14? I seen him wearing that number durning camp. I do know that it is Dvo's # just wondering.

maybe he'll score like #16, too. ok, yeah, maybe not. But he'll certainly have that many penalty minutes (probably before the team leaves Calgary)

Any comments from Gubranson since going back to Juniors?

Who cares about a bunch of journeymen numbers. No star power and no scoring. This spells only one word-BORING! Maybe we should just get all goons to beat up on other teams. We definitely will not score with all the perimeter players we have. Lungo, Bouwmeester and Horton all wanted off this team even Boumeester dad couldn't understand why they had a team in Florida. Is there any player who REALLY wants to play for this team? By that I mean to play with tenacity and passion and have only winning in their heart. I would like to see players who crash the net, and not stand around like Horton did. Why was Grabner play so off the mark in training camp, and why did the Islander gobble him up? Players who are acquired do not want to be here. How do you change that attitude.

And now Paetsch has been traded. What the heck is going on there?

The Isles line-up is one of the worst out there, so I don't think Grabner will be missed. If you can't start over these guys, do you really deserve to be in the NHL?

Rebuilding the proper way is a slower process than man want to admit. It's too hard to get out of a bunch of contracts that other teams aren't interested taking on.. Hordichuk adds excitement and will add some grit, energy, character.. Sure he's only a 4th line role player, but it's a good acquisition.. Maybe we can get some respectability from that #16, as it's been lacking for years by our former cancer in Horton.. At least we're rid of that..

Tallon is a no nonsense guy and he is showing that.

It is about time that the country club ends here.

They recently ranked the most over rated players and in the list were Jokinen, Bouwmeester and McCabe.

The panthers under Yormark are about marketing not building a winner. They over hype the talent on this team and it shows as no one is interested in the players we have.

There are a lot of contracts expiring at the end of the season and I expect a lot of changes next year as well as long as Yormark allows Tallon to do his job by giving him the proper resources to build this franchise back to where it was before 1999.

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