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Bernier Needs Surgery; Burns Suspended

This just in: Steve Bernier has a fractured orbital bone and will undergo surgery on Saturday. He'll be out for a few weeks at least.

Brent Burns, the Wild player who fractured said orbital bone, was suspended for two games without pay for the incident.


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So does this mean they may recall a forward from Rochester or just keep rolling with Hordi for the time being?

Also when will Bitz be able to return? If its soon, maybe they wont recall anyone figuring that he'll be able to play when Hordi isnt the right guy for the opponent we're playing.


Looks like Repik is not getting the call up. You get punished for playing well in this organization. I feel bad for the kids that got drafted by the panthers this season. We will never see them again.

How do you know Repik is not getting the call?

What? Tell that to Weiss, Horton, Bouwmeester, Kulikov, Frolik, Olesz, Garrison, and how many others??? Yeah, Panthers never promote anyone, what a joke.

And where'd you see that Repik won't be coming up? Perhaps today he may not be, but we've got Darcy who should be playing anyway. Haven't seen anything about call-ups.

Little knowledge in your next post, jokes, would be great. ;)

He doesn't know Repik isn't getting called up, he's just a crybaby. Hordichuk was going to be in the lineup tonight anyway because it's Philadelphia.

Rochester is out in Winnipeg right now anyway. They may very well plan on calling up he or Dadonov (who is also contributing offensively) after the Amerks return home.

First of all, Winnipeg is where the panthers will move to since their "fans" in south fla rnt showing up and no one could care less about a team that has zero hope of doing anything.

On Repik, I said he's not getting called up because that's an obvious GOOD decision, something this organization NEVER does. So on that, it's 100% he's not in the lineup. We get to see Hordy skate out there like he's in quicksand.

lol, you didn't say anything close to that, you said he wasn't. Nice try.

they should bench stillman or put him in the retire pile !! like why hasnt tallon seen this team has no scoring its said again and again ??! and he drafts gudbranson first when he could of picked up skinner who has more points then eric staal right now??
repik is a bonfide good pro and when he does come up debroer doesnt put him on a good line hes so good and smart if you put him on a line with booth and frolik i bet he would be the leading goal scorer hes like gaborik poor kid! and philly is handing it to them right now ! hahah this team will not win more than three straight this year

I see Mcardle getting called up over Repik.

Resume, there's no one who had anything to do with the draft who had Skinner in the top 3 anywhere. No one knew he'd do what he's doing, he's outscoring the top 2 picks, so that shows you something.

Gudbranson was a great pick, kid's a very good player.

winnipeg??? lol rofl!!! they couldnt support a team the first time theyd fail worse now!

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