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Boston's Jack Edwards: Move Panthers to Quebec City ... Dale Tallon Doesn't Agree

Nesn BOSTON -- Gots to give Donny over at Litter Box Cats credit for coming up with this video.

Apparently during the NESN (New England Sports Network) pregame show, announcer Jack Edwards blasted the Panthers, saying no one cares about the team -- either in South Florida nor leaguewide. 

Edwards, best known for his work on ESPN back in the day, also said the Panthers should move to Quebec.

I guess he isn't paying attention to what's going on in Columbus, Atlanta and Long Island, eh?

Mike Milbury, of course, was in the middle of all this as well.

Milbury, best known for his work as GM of the Islanders, probably won't say the Islanders need to move. Yet he always says the Panthers should.

Anyway, I wouldn't have posted this had not my email account just blown up with people asking me about it.

First off, the segment was called "Two Minutes for Instigating" and you had Edwards and Andy Brickley playing good cop/bad cop with Milbury 'moderating' the debate.

Someone had to blast the Panthers (yes, there is plenty of material there) and Edwards did it with his usual relish.

At the end of the day, who cares? The NHL has much bigger problems right now than the Florida Panthers.

Oh, and Quebec may be hockey-mad, but they have little corporate support and no arena. So this is really a non issue right now.

Now if Edwards wants to say the Panthers should move to Kansas City, well, we might want to start paying attention.

Of course, I doubt he or Milbury were advocating the Bruins move out of Boston when they were drawing flies leading up to and coming out of the lockout. How about the Penguins about five or six years ago? Couldn't give away their tickets. Same with Calgary and Edmonton not too long ago.

Winning sells my friends, and the Panthers haven't done it in so long few even remember what it was like. But for those of us who were around in the early days -- and even the early days in Sunrise -- we remember that a winning Panthers team was a hot ticket.

There's a reason why H. Wayne built that arena out in the Everglades as big as he did: Because he could sell tickets to it. Now with the team losing, well, there are tarps in the upper deck and free tickets at Sharpies sub shop.

But that doesn't mean it will be like this forever. If the Panthers start winning, their fans will follow.

Just like the fans came back in Pittsburgh, Calgary and Edmonton.

Oh, yeah, in Boston too.

-- Just ran into Dale Tallon and asked him his thoughts on this. I knew the answer. He was already sick of the 'when are the Panthers moving' storyline in August.

Tallon, you might recall, saw some pretty pathetic crowds during his three decades in Chicago. Lo and behold the team starts winning and United Center is now the place to be seen -- when the Blackhawks are playing.

"I think our fans have been through quite a bit over the years,'' Tallon said. "We have very loyal fans. And we'll get more of them, you watch. We have an up-and-coming team. We're fine.''




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GR is there an email we can send a response to Jack Edwards about his comments? Thanks.

Yeah, as you said, there were a few years where Boston's numbers were worse than ours, Chicago's too. Shoulda moved them, I guess.

I read on twitter that Tallon had words with Edwards during one of the intermissions. As a Boston fan, I'd like to thank Tallon for saying whatever he did to Edwards. The guy calls games like a text-book homer/fanboy making the games on NESN painful to watch at times.

It just goes to show how little these dumb ex players and even dumber broadcasters know when they start blubbering about franchise locations. The problem down here is not the fans or the market itself. The problem is team ownership/management which has not found a way to put a playoff team on the ice in ten years despite playing in a league where 53% of the teams qualify for the playoffs. Put a consistently good product on the ice and viola, fans start showing up and caring again like they did in the mid 90s. I don't care what other NHL city you are talking about, attendance in 99% of them would suck if the team hadn't made the playoffs in ten years. With a good team on the ice my feeling is South Florida would be the best of the Sunbelt markets instead people in and around the NHL have done and said little to nothing while the team has been run into the ground the last decade. And now when they finally have a competent GM and are playing hard almost every night despite being short on talent these morons are talking about moving the team to a city that doesn't even have any arena...idiots!

If your team was run by a Yormark you would stay away as well, the Yormarks are only interested in making money and not putting on a winning product.

I remember plenty of nights when the billboard was a classy arena with great fans and a great product, now it is a joke, the only thing that matters is finding advertising space including the urinals which is where Yormark has run this organization into.

Soon Tallon will realize what is happening and he will leave. Changing a teams colors for a sponsor could be one of the lowest moves in sports history,

Soon Yormark will attempt to change the panther name to jet blue or some other corporate sponsor.

Bring back the fans, put on a product and treat the fans right, don't advertise more in Canada and the Northeast then you do in Miami-Dade County.

the team won't move because of the great deal Wayne was able to secure on the arena; yes running the arena and the other events bring in the money, how much money would a stanley cup final bring in; time to do what it takes to put a winning product on the ice, 10 years of failure will continue as long as money is a priority over winning.

Funny how everyone is trying to relocate all of these teams. Better watch what you say however, last season at the Preds home opener the Avs announcer made a comment about how the Preds should leave Nashville and low and behold the Preds attendance averaged more than an 1000 per-game than the Avs last year. Better yet they are over 3000 per-game this season.

Did anyone notice the picture of the attendence of the Florida -Atlanta game the GR posted. The official attendence was listed at over 10,000--are you kidding me? Instead of counting tickets given away and season tickets sold at discounts to corporations--isn't the attendence really how many fannies are in the seats? I have read many of these postings and after a while--shouldn't ownership take some of the heat not just on Yormark--after all the owner can fire Yormark if he sees that he is the problem. By the way I was a season ticket holder for 10 years before opportunity took me back to New England--Jack Edwards is a buffoon and he makes Gaffs all the time--so he has NO credibility. Andy Brickley who is very good and knowledgable as was Denis Potvin is his color guy. He says the Panthers try very hard, but, do not have much talent--(how can you disagree with that)...BUT unless the Panthers start to get people in the seats they along with the teams like the Thrashers--they will be moved or dissolved. The whole sport of hockey needs to do something to get fans back in the seats--LOWER THE TICKET PRICES and MAKE THE PLAYOFFS ONCE IN WHILE.

I'm so sick of hearing about Yormack. Seriously, he has the hardest job in the world, marketing a losing team. give the guy some credit for trying.

I am so tired of hearing about teams moving out of their city or state. People seem to forget that taxpayers paid for that arena, and helped finance it. Also, how many times has a team left Canada (expos?Nordiques?), Just because you move the team to Canada, does not mean that it will be successful.

One more thing on this issue: I have been watching the NHL for over 30 years now and followed the WHA before that. I remember when what is proudly referred to nowadays in NHL circles as Hockeytown and a model team to look up to (Detroit) was an attendance nightmare and piece of crap franchise in the years right before Yzerman was drafted. Franchise failings are the vast majority of the time the fault of ownership and management, period, not the fan base and these talking heads should have the balls to say so and call out these cheap owners and incompetent GMs who they are probably buddies with instead of crying about fans not spending the cash to go see games in person especially in this economic climate. Pretty much any team that is well run and makes the playoffs on some sort of regular basis will be successful not matter where it's located, like Colorado took to the Avs in the 90s after not supporting the lowly Rockies in the 70s. There are exceptions however, Nashville has iced a pretty good team for the past few years and is having problems and hockey seems to be failing in Atlanta for a second time but once again another case of the team being poorly run. The Panthers have a sweetheart arena deal with Broward County and no matter how much they suck are not moving. People like Edwards and Milbury should know this as part of their jobs. There are teams I could possibly see moving one day: the Preds, Blue Jackets, Coyotes and Thrashers but if you think the NHL fought hard to keep the Coyotes in the desert they will fight even harder to keep a team in Atlanta a larger TV market. I'd love to see Quebec City get a team back but build a new rink first and forget about it being the Panthers.

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