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Jack Edwards and Dale Tallon Shake Hands, Dispute Over?

Quebectag UNIONDALE, N.Y. -- As we told told those of you who follow us on Twitter (@OnFrozenPond) and Facebook (On Frozen Pond) last night, Dale Tallon went into the NESN broadcast booth to speak with announcer Jack Edwards regarding his comments on the Panthers.

If you have forgotten, Edwards said during the Bruins pregame show that "no one cares" about the Panthers either leaguewide or in South Florida and that they should move to Quebec City because they deserve hockey up there.


Quebec It was a good cop/bad cop argument with Andy Brickley taking the 'side of the Panthers fan' that there is hope here; he said that when you look at what Tallon did in Chicago, there's hope in South Florida. Edwards retort? Let Florida build up the Panthers into a winner that way Quebec City gets a good team when they relocate.

I asked Dale for a comment on this piece during the first intermission and he wasn't happy. The quotes I used are cleaned up; I'm assuming Tallon watched the video somewhere during the second period because he wanted to talk to Edwards during the second break.

According to eyewitnesses, it was a heated argument with Tallon coming down hard on Edwards. Edwards stated that he was offering an opinion, and the two ended up shaking hands and moving on -- even though a TD Garden security guard was called in to make sure things didn't get too heated.

I'm told the Panthers front office is pretty ticked off about this. For one, they don't think another franchise's telecast should be ripping another franchise. This wasn't the Bruins announcers calling out Chris Higgins or Shawn Matthias; that's hockey talk. This was the Bruins announcer saying the Panthers don't belong in the NHL and that's league business talk.

And when Edwards -- who is full of bluster, don't get me wrong -- says no one around the league cares about the Panthers, well, doesn't Edwards work for Versus? And exactly how many Panthers games are on Versus this season? ZERO.

Slapshot Anyway, I've wasted plenty of time on this already.

The Panthers are home Wednesday against Edwards and the Bruins at the War Memorial. Good seats are still available. Bring the whole family.



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I would love for the arena to sell out Wed. I know im dreaming, but ow awesome would that be..

And.. how many times has a team left Canada because of $$? Panthers have every right to be upset. These broadcasters should be discussing the players and the hockey game not moving a team. It is disrespectful not to the team but the organization and fans. I hope Tallon has a word to the Bettman about it. Over the summer, TSN had a whole article about which team should be "moved". Is TSN going to pay the taxpayers back?

Jack Edwards is the most biased announcer in hockey. Typical Jack Edwards. Nobody likes Jack Edwards even his wife.

what's a good sign to bring to wednesday's game for edwards..any idea's?

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