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Panthers Play the Price Is Right: Come on Down, See Your Team!

Leafs We all know how expensive it is to get hockey tickets in places like Toronto, Montreal and Boston.

South Florida?

Not so much.

And if you are a fan of a traditional hockey team from a traditional hockey market, the Panthers want you to come on down to South Florida and watch the game.

The Panthers have some web pages set up for different teams (web capture above and below).

The only ones I can find so far are targeting Toronto, Montreal, Pittsburgh and Boston. I'm sure there's a Rangers page out there somewhere.

Habs A lot of folks are up in arms after seeing the Montreal page. The Panthers giving discounts to fans of the opposing team?

Focusing advertising to get fans of the other team in the building?

The horror!

Come on. I've been getting emails about this the past two days, and truthfully, I have no problems with it.

The Panthers are trying to sell tickets to people who like hockey.

Those people may also want to see the Pens, Habs, Bs, Buds, whatever.

And, hey, the Panthers wouldn't even be here if the idea of "there are a lot of snow birds here who would come to see their teams" wasn't thrown out there back in 1992.

This is South Florida. Most everyone is from somewhere else. Especially in the winter. And it's not like the hometown fans are exactly packing the joint.

Pens The Panthers hope to convert some of those living here to root, root for the home team, but really haven't given any reason for people to convert to their brand of hockey over the past decade.

Also, the Panthers aren't the first team to market in another town.

When the Cleveland Indians were kicking it and a ticket couldn't be found in Cleveland, the Tigers advertised in the Plain Dealer touting how easy it was to get their tickets when the Indians came to town. Now, Cleveland advertises games in Detroit papers.

If the Orlando Magic weren't drawing, don't you think they would advertise in South Florida trying to get people to come up north when the Heat do?

Money is money. It doesn't matter where it comes from.

Of course, the Panthers do absolutely ZERO advertising in the biggest county (Miami-Dade) in their market.

I'm sure there are at least a few fans interested in their product and would like to root on the home team. I grew up in Miami and liked hockey. There are people in Miami who like hockey.

I don't think the Panthers like Miami.

But that's a conversation for another day.

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Canadian media doesnt stop bringing up how cheap tix are in the Southern states. You guys wouldnt believe me if i told u how much we pay for tix here in Montreal...

George, I agree with the Panthers. They are a private business not owned by the government or public employee unions. They need to sell tickets to pay the bills. When South Florida people support the team this kind of marketing will end.

I understand that this team is a business. I get that they need butts in the seats so they can pay people's salaries. Really, I do.

But what these ads say to me is that the Panthers would *rather* have a full house when about six select teams are playing here than bother to nurture a dedicated local fan base who will show up for every game. Sure, everyone believes the local fans will come back when (if) the team starts winning again. Honestly, I'm not so sure about that. I had to be talked into getting season tickets again this year, and I already regret it. Not because the team sucks, but because of how we the fans are treated.

I love hockey. But I don't love giving a big pile of money to people who see no problem with CONSTANTLY disrespecting me.

THIS. Is what is wrong with the team. They've been pandering to away team fans since they built the new building only now they've gone full force and are shameless about it. The more they do it, the more they alienate their own fans and its been, what, 18 years? If people haven't come in yet, they aren't coming ever.

I've been a season ticket holder in the past but I'd be totally cool if the team left and was replaced by an AHL team. At least then we'd all just be there because we were Hockey fans, not just fans of specific teams that aren't this one.

I am not a fan of all the advertising and marketing ploys the Panthers use. I am also not a Yormak fan.

But I am a hockey fan and if we want to survive as a team in this market, we have to accept and tolerate these ads.

We have a choice... annoying ads and NHL hockey in South Florida, or no ads and watching paddle ball in the sand.

Cliff, Mike, bring on those promos!!!!!!

Ya know I could not care less about all the BS pandering to the fans from another team. Inasmuch as I despise Montreal fans, there is no denying that there is a different vibe in the BAC when they are in the building. I know they need to sell the tickets. But to disrespect the TEAM by listing the Logos as if the Panthers are the visiting team is a freaking disgrace. That is the part that aggravates me. Oh and I have taken the Panthers website off as my home page until they stop that assinine "Crazy Freddy" crap that assaults me when it opens.

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