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What's Next for Brent Burns? ... Video of the "Minnesota Punch" Courtesy of Puck Daddy/Fox Sports

Steve Bernier likely has a broken cheekbone after Friday night's cheap shot from Minnesota's Brent Burns.

Burns, to his credit, was contrite afterward and said he apologized. Still, he cracked Bernier with the business end of his stick. This is probably going to draw the ire of NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell.

Dale Tallon was completely cheesed off as he watched the replay from his box atop the arena and was likely texting Campbell as we rode down the elevator to the event level.

So what kind of suspension is this going to garner from Campbell.

I think it's safe to say there is a minimum one game suspension coming. Should it be more? Two? Three? More than that?

If Bernier has a fracture cheekbone, he's probably out for a couple of weeks -- meaning we'll likely see Michal Repik sooner than later (Darcy Hordichuk would probably have found his way into the lineup on Saturday anyways what with the Panthers playing the Flyers and all).

Truth is, Bernier's injury could have been really serious (and for all I know, he has a fractured orbital bone and is out for a while). You can't pop a guy in the face with the base of your hockey stick. That's quite a weapon you have right there.

Burns may feel really, really bad about doing this and really, really bad about the pain he caused. He probably knows how dangerous that hit was.

I don't think he'll pull that again.

Bluesbros -- Special thanks to Sean Leahy at Puck Daddy for the video.

Good move by pulling in video from both Fox Sports Florida and Minnesota (we have both kinds of music: Country and Western!)

To read his take on all this, please pop on this link. Always good stuff.