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Neil Rogers, Talk Show Czar and Hockey Enthusiast, Dies on Friday

Neil Neil Rogers, the long-time King of South Florida talk radio, passed away Friday morning. He was 68.

Love him or loathe him, Rogers was one of the only talk show hosts to ever mention hockey -- much less talk about it with any sort of passion or reverence.

Rogers was talking about hockey years before anyone ever dreamed Miami would be awarded an expansion team in 1992.

Rogers was a huge Toronto Maple Leafs fan and introduced us here in Miami to some of the great hockey announcers -- and would sometimes have Toronto announcers and sports writers call in to talk hockey.

How else would a kid born and raised know who Foster Hewitt was? Well, I did, only because Neil Rogers brought him up all the time. Same goes for Pittsburgh's Mike Lange and Buffalo's Rick Jeanneret.

Neil was also one of the Panthers biggest cheerleaders during their early years and was often seen sitting in the lower level when the team moved to Sunrise.

Yes, his show was offensive most of the times but his popularity down here was unrivaled and will probably never be matched again.

If you would like to listen to some of Neil's old shows and bits, there are ways to do that.

Jorge Rodriguez, Neil's former producer at WIOD and WQAM, is streaming old shows right now at SoFloRadio.com

You can also download old bits and drops at NeilRogers.com

Will have some more Panthers news in a little bit.

Enjoy the Holidays.




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R.I.P. Neil you will be missed.

Wow. RIP, Neil God (and good timing).

His show was scatological at it's best but, while eccentric, he was really a man of the people and a good person. As far as I know, the first minor celebrity in SOFL who was out and while it shouldn't be, it is worth mentioning; I wouldn't call it offensive (unless you happened to listen Rush - cue Preparation Rush clip!)

met him at a couple of games... liked him a lot. He will be missed

The best ever. He said everything you wanted to say but didn't have the balls. Coming out at the time of Anita Bryant and continuing to berate the right-wing religious nuts to the very end. He's in a place where the Leafs will never lose a game. THANKS FOR CALLING!

While driving for many years in south Florida, he helped the days of heavy traffic pass by. I miss his wit and humor, in person he was a decent human being and his words "never stole a freight train". RIP

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