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Tyler Plante: He'll Be Your Huckleberry ... Howden, Gudbranson On Team Canada

Plante1 I'm a little bored while doing some computer training at One Herald Plaza in Miami so I figured I would post something.

First, congrats are in store for prospects Quinton Howden and Erik Gudbranson who both made the Team Canada entry into the upcoming World Juniors in Buffalo. The tournament starts the day after Christmas -- some call it 'Boxing Day' -- and runs through the new year.

Florida should also have some players on Team USA. You can watch those games -- and they are usually really good games -- on NHL Network.

Plante2 Also, since I showed you Tomas Vokoun's new mask yesterday, here's Tyler Plante's much awaited new mask.

The guns have to be removed because apparently six shooters are a problem on the streets of western New York.

Plante's former mask had Will Ferrell on it. This one is cool too.

Thanks to the good folks at letsgoamerks.com for the link.