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Florida Panthers Management: Just Say No to Dolphins Tax Dollars from The 954

Jrs Here's guessing Dolphins mascot TD won't be filling in for Stanley C. Panther tonight.

The Panthers have put out a statement saying they don't agree with the Dolphins trying to get Broward County hotel taxes to help pay for a renovation to Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami Gardens.

While the Dolphins stadium is technically in Miami-Dade County, many visitors who come to the stadium stay -- and spend their money -- in Broward County. According to this Miami Herald story, a state law would have to change for one county to help pay for a stadium redo in another.

Also, the Dolphins play in Miami-Dade, but their headquarters are in the middle of Broward.

Anyway, here's the release from the Panthers:

“Sunrise Sports & Entertainment and the BankAtlantic Center are vehemently opposed to the Miami Dolphins’ cross-county request to use Broward County tourist tax dollars to supplement a multi-million dollar renovation on the team’s stadium in Miami-Dade County.

"The Dolphins clearly intend to turn their stadium in to a multi-purpose entertainment facility that can compete with the BankAtlantic Center for entertainment programming. So their request is, in effect, to use Broward County tax dollars to help a privately owned Miami-Dade facility compete with a publicly owned facility in Broward County.

"The BankAtlantic Center is the home of Broward County’s only professional sports and entertainment organization and one of the premier venues of its kind in the world. We would urge the Broward County commissioners and staff to continue to support the BankAtlantic Center, and our longstanding partnership, and oppose this request.” – Michael Yormark, President & COO, Sunrise Sports & Entertainment and the BankAtlantic Center


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i completely agree, if the facts given are correct.

Same here - agree with the Panthers. I really hate public dollars going to private ownership's renovations. Use your profits, that's what they are there for! It's called capital, morons.

while I agree that public dollars should not go to dolphin stadium, Yormark should be the last person to complain.

It is the same tax dollars that the dolphins want that Yormark uses to get his advertising screens outside the arena and the same tax dollars he wants for a new score board.

Yormark doesn't want to share his tax pie with the dolphins and he is afraid of the competition if the dolphins get a roof enclosure because of what he has done to the billboard with all of its advertising.

Yormark's only concern is making a profit for SSE and his press release is to protect SSE's profits and source of money for improvements to the billboard

Actually, his complaining is good business sense. He is doing what any good business would do: protect his money flow.

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