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NHLPA Poll: Players Don't Want to Play for Florida Panthers ... Or on their Ice

TORONTO -- The Panthers aren't real popular with NHL players, so says a survey released by Hockey Night in Canada and the NHLPA this past weekend.

According to the wide-ranging survey -- which you can read right here -- the Panthers are one of the top five teams that current players don't want to play for.

The Panthers arena in Sunrise also got the highest marks -- for having the worst ice in the league.

Of all the votes, 20 percent went with The Billboard for having the crummiest frozen water, followed by Madison Square Garden (14 percent), Tampa Bay (12) and Anaheim.

The Billboard at Tarp City also finished fifth for worst glass. Is it because of all the schmutz?

Edmonton, it should be noted, was the overwhelming winner for best ice (37 percent) but second (behind the Islanders) for franchise you would least like to play for.

The Panthers came in fifth in that polling question, getting just two percent of the vote. The Islanders was the runaway loser here with 27 percent of the vote, followed by the Oilers, Thrashers (7) and Leafs (5).

Of coaches players would least like to play for, Mike Keenan came in fifth with nine percent of the vote.




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not very suprised Fla is voted as one of the teams no one wants to play on but what did they expect about the ice conditions. It's humid out all year round

I was surprised that Canadian teams were in the top five of the teams players don't want to play for. Players don't want to play for the Leafs or Habs...hmmm. I thought that was the Mecca of hockey. I guess not - nothin but hype in the frozen north. Bottom-line winning cures everything.

In retrospect, we dont know who the players were that responded to this poll. Were they all from the west, east, or all rookies? Who actually took the time to fill out these questions? Are these teams that actually ever played in Sunrise before more than once a season...Therefore, the survey is biased and skewed. This probably is not an accurate reflection of how the players feel or think of the Panthers. Also, the Panthers have less exposure than most of the other nhl teams. I would take this survey with a grain of salt.

Who won the poll for "The place where all of your fans would like to see a game while it's unbearably cold up north in their home town and they're here clogging up our roads and grocery stores." That's the poll question I'd like to see asked.

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