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Best Sign to Ever Grace The Billboard? ... With More Descriptive Video

Kittenmittens "Is your cat making noise all the time?

"Is your cat constantly stomping around, driving you crazy?

"Is your cat always clawing at the furnitures?

"Think there's no answer?

"You're so stupid! There is!

"Kitten Mittons!"

If you've never seen the FX comedy 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia,' then you don't get this joke.

But if you have, you have to love this sign spotted behind the glass last night in Sunrise -- no matter what team you were cheering for.

That's just good old original sign makin! Charlie Kelly would approve.

Kudos to PuckDaddy for pulling the photo and running it.

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Here's the original Kitten Mittons sketch (yes, I know it's spelled 'Mittens.')



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Hilarious. A+.

If it's from Always Sunny how is it original? The link between Always Sunny and hockey isn't even original, ask Vancouver. This guy did spend a lot of time on his sign, though. He drew a Panthers logo with a closed mouth and mittens and threw in the show's title card and cast members just in case people didn't get it.

Roses Are Red
Violets Are Blue........................

And the Flyers STILL SUCK!!!!!

However that sign is still pretty funny!!

BTW, that guy either looks exactly like Gerard Butler or that's Gerard Butler. The star of 300 was in our barn. You missed the real story here...

catfan: you ROCK. It's always time for "Poetry with Paul Laus"

That said, the only reason that fan is here is because Philly sucks.

It's too bad that an opposing fan has the balls to raise a sign against our team in our own building. Unacceptable. That's how low we've become.

The south florida I know would have shot him outside of the stadium. Florida ain't like it used to be...

DROG,It wasn't "BEER AND HANDGUN NIGHT" that game or I am sure he would have been capped before reaching the car. That being said, someone could have at least brained him with a hockey stick like Killer Carlson!!

As I recall.. that sign was removed from that guy right after he held it up. :-)

wow..you guys would shoot a fan for holding a sign that says the truth.This team sucks big time.And catfan927 you look like peggy from that discover card commercial.

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