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Bryan Allen Next to Leave

The Panthers made yet another move within the division on Monday, sending veteran defenseman Bryan Allen to the Hurricanes for winger Sergei Samsonov.

This is a pure salary dump.

Samsonov is a free agent next year and probably won't be back.

The Panthers now just have a handful of players signed next year, with forwards David Booth, Stephen Weiss, Rostislav Olesz and, yes, Steven Reinprecht making over $12 million of the $18 million the Panthers have on the books.

Right now, the Panthers are more than $40 million under next year's cap.

Too bad LeBron James is already locked in.

Bryan Allen apparently had to waive a no-trade to make this happen, so he obviously didn't mind getting out of here.

Will be nice to see Bryan and Cory Stillman tomorrow when the Hurricanes play host to the Rochester Panthers.

The Panthers have dumped over $2 million in salary today, bringing around $900,000 back. Since the payroll purge started Thursday with Stillman, the Panthers have shipped out around $4.5 million worth of money still owed players; they have brought back around $1.2.

Building toward the future? Sure.

Saving money in the immediate future? Absolutely.


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With the mediocre free agent class this coming off-season some pretty average players will be making big money next season for the Florida Panthers to reach the salary cap floor.

A very sad commentary on the state of this team, both now and in the future. You trade for a player who is not under contract and probably won't be here in two months. It just shows how little value the players have that we're giving away. The only reason 4 players make up two thirds of your payroll is because your payroll is so small. And even at that ridiculously low payroll, the owners are still losing money.

This reminds me of the great flood....everyone is being wiped away while we load up the draft picks two by two.

I wonder if Sergei will bother even renting a house or if he'll just live out of a suitcase for the next month.......

Anything on Vokoun?

amzing the panthers can manage a lower payroll than the pirates huh??? These moves out to bump the TV ratings higher than that chopper infomercial.

I love the moves. Let's get some new blood in here! I'd be willing to bet they play .500 hockey just as they are now to close out the season, it's not as if they were a player or 2 away (al la the Kings).

We needed this a couple years ago with Jay Bo. Get what you can, while you can. And if you can lower the costs, even better.

Plus we got a 3rd for Higgins? Love it! Wish we would have shipped out Vokounn, clemenson is fine and markstrom is the future.

Panthers get to pocket more of NHL revenue sharing if salaries under 51.4 million.Looks like they will get around a 7.5 million bonus from revenue fund that they would not have got if they didnt dump Wideman,Stillman,and McCabe.This is all about the money folks.The current ownership(cohen) wants to cut expenses while giving off an appearance of this silly rebuild/blueprint.Frolik was a salary dump and so was Allen.First time in 6 years I did not renew and I knew something smelled

Rochester Panthers? No its the Cincinnati Panthers.

Rochester in 4 against the BAC Panthers.

I have mixed feelings on this, on the one hand we had to blow it up, on the other hand, we need to get a lot better, don't see this organization trying to get better down the road.

litespeedvb1, Cohen is no longer managing general partner, and hasn't been since before the season. He is a minority partner, and has no decision making role. Sorry man keep up.

They had to do SOMETHING didn't they?!?!?! They've tried everything else besides this in the past 10 years and that didn't work! Build thru the draft, just like Dale did with Chicago.

This is not the NFL where 3rd round draft picks are a decent pick. A 3rd rd pick in the NHL is a huge longshot---I know some people will look up and find some great 3rd round picks, but it is a very longshot---and you trust this management to actually find some decent players(look at the draft history). Tallon gets credit for Kane and Toews--gee I could have made those obvious picks. As long as your cleaning out the team--why not Yormark and the icegirls-plus the program vendors too!

Yormark has nothing to do with selecting on ice talent and never did.

Michael-you are very naive-a fellow season ticket holder told me at one of their meetings this year some fans were complaining about no T.Vs in suites.Cohen(who was at that meeting)told Yormark to put the TVs back in.The same fan complained about the removal of couches in the suites and Cohen replied dont press your luck.You got the TVs!Doesnt sound to me that he still is not the boss.Yormark runs the pursestrings here and Cohen is still his boss.

Ok, so Yormark has nothing to do with the team except get rid of Denis Potvin who was the only classy guy who got canned cause he wouldn't stick around during the summer and sell tickets for him--Yormark --classless!!keep up!!

So where was this team going before today? and do you think this same team was going to make the playoffs next year? C'mon man. Time to clean house, and that's what Dale's doing. He's not trying to save his job like Jacques was, he's making both hockey and business moves. You can't fault the direction of this team when after this seaosn they'll officially be the worst franchise in the history of the NHL (longest run of not making the playoffs).
C'mon guys, it's time to let go of the hope that a couple vets who might bang 20 goals will turn this team into a playoff squad.

Yes it's been long (not making the playoffs), but you have to start somewhere. I'm willing to bet that the young talent will do just as well next year as the Panthers did this year. I like the new blood and the direction.

So litespeedvb1, who is Stu Viner. I guess the limited partners didn't vote him Managing General Partner. That didn't happen did it. Or did that escape you. Do you know what a managing general partner does for the partnership. Oh yeah make decisions for the partnership including budgeting. According to the charter of the partnership Viner makes all decisions for the partnership not Cohen. But I know you know better and it's a conspiracy.

No LOBSTAHMAN, as managing general partner at the time Cohen fired Potvin. Not Yormark. Keep up.

Yeah litespeedvb1! Who is stu viner?!?

Since Michael apparently doesn't realize that no such person exists I have to wonder just how full of crap he is on every other point....

The details matter...

(by the way..Viner's name is 'Cliff'....)

Opppppps right you are glad you caught that, would want to be as accurate as possible. I combined Dtu Siegel, who was originally co-managing general partner, and Cliff Viner. Because I got his name wrong does't change the fact he's maanging general partner. And Yormark is COO of the BAC, that's wby he's head of TV's lol.

And is running the show because he is the only one generating revenue. It was absolutely his voice that made the call to make potvin redundant. Cohen was a very hands on owner despite having no clue about the game, especially earlier on. In the end, he was just tired of having become the one thing he had never before in his life been....a loser. He let Yormark make the calls in the last year before Stu ( who quickly came to understand the political landscape and pulled the rip cord) then Cliff took over. Mike kept making calls until finally Dale came in and began to get him back where his over-egotistical ass belonged.

So do you know how long Dale has been GM. If you do then you know it's been a while since these guys have had any real power.

Real power in the hockey ops sense? Sure. It gets a little smaller all the time. But hockey ops still answers to bus ops in this town, so while mike isn't making trades, he is still making bad choices for the organization on a nightly basis. Face it, both he and his brother are the Karl roves of hockey...used car salesmen who have been given to peddle their snake oil in our hockey community.

Yormark decided to save money and video scout thus we haven't drafted the right hockey player in years

Yormark the businessman decided to make the arena the vocal point of the business and he makes his bosses money he has no interest in spending the money necessary to put a winning product on the ice

Cohen was tired of being the vocal point and had Stu and Cliff take over
remember the letter to the season ticket holders where they said they will be accessible that went the wayside and now you have the blueprint and that will be gone in a couple of years

Great pice. Thanks for the information.

Lets get some new blood in here! I like the moves being made.

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