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Bryan McCabe to Rangers for a Third and a Kennedy

Panthers trade captain McCabe to Rangers

Sat, 26 Feb 2011 15:25 EST

The Panthers traded defenseman and captain Bryan McCabe to the Rangers Saturday afternoon for forward Tim Kennedy and a third round draft pick.

Actually, it should be said, "a third round draft pick and forward Tim Kennedy."

Considering Kennedy’'s situation, this trade breaks down as veteran defenseman for a draft pick. The Panthers now have 10 picks in their 2011 stash while the Rangers pick up an experienced blueliner.

Earlier Saturday, Rangers coach John Tortorella insisted the Rangers wouldn’'t make deals in a banzai attempt to win the Stanley Cup this year, a mark of the pre-lockout Rangers.

"We could’'ve made 10 trades by now, but everyone wants our kids," Tortorella said, according to the Rangers website.

"We don’'t want to be an organization that finishes seventh or eighth every year and gets our butts kicked in the playoffs."

McCabe began his career in the New York area as a second-round 1993 pick of the Islanders. The Panthers became his fifth team when he signed as a free agent before the 2008-09 season. He recently returned from a broken jaw suffered in January.

Kennedy’ spent the season exiled by money in the American Hockey League.

After the sixth round 2005 draft pick became a solid NHL role player in 2009-10 for Buffalo, picking up 10 goals and 16 assists in 78 games, the Sabres walked away from Kennedy’'s one-year, $1 million arbitration award.

He signed with the Rangers for $550,000.

The Rangers sent Kennedy down to Connecticut to begin the season. He cleared waivers then as teams were trying to get down to the 23-player roster limit out of training camp.

But with a cap hit to a claiming team only a little more than half his salary, New York didn’t think he would clear re-entry waivers. So, they've left him in Hartford throughout the season.

If the Panthers want to recall Kennedy, they’ would also have to get him through re-entry waivers.


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like what florida is doing stacking up on prospects and picks will find some superstars here hopefully shortly: bjugstad, howden, gudbranson,kennedy, skille, dadnov, the future is looking bright over the summer bring in some mid age vets,some good role models for these young prospects its the formula for success.
tallon and the gang are doing everything right!
they needed to get rid of these old veteran ufas to free up caps space and start a fresh slate.
next year lets bring back some nice sharp vintage red jersey start fresh with a good young team and start with the playoffs with it raining rats. cheers to tallon and the gang and success

Caber seems more of a 2nd round pick. Lots of cap space now though!

wish we could bring kennedy up wasting talent down there!

im with yeah on the red jerseys we need are old winning days back!

we just need to get rid of bryan allen, higgins, olesz,dvo and keep the prospects coming

Only a 1/4 of the season left, so no biggie for Kennedy to finish in the A (since he'd probably be claimed on reentry). Another guy who'll play a role on our 3rd or 4th line next year and will be cheap as an RFA.

It's purge time. Tallon and Santos are trying to clean house to, like already said, start fresh. The Panthers are going to be built around last year's massive draft - plus guys like Kuli and Markstrom too. We just need some firepower offensively to complement our future centers in Bjugstad and Shore (maybe Weiss if he's still around; Matthias too).

"If Duco and McArdle recalled, expect them to be sent right back to make Roch playoff roster...it's set Monday" via Twitter@OnFrozenPond

That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. Why should the Panthers give up players for the NHL team to help the AHL team?? That makes no sense. Can anyone explain this to me?

It does sound dumb, especially for an Amerks management that does not want to be associated with the Panthers.

It is possible that the Panthers dont recall these guys Duco or McArdle since the Panthers still have trade time until gametime. I say call up Cullen instead of McArdle!

sometimes it is better to get use to winning, just ask Bouwmeester and Jokinen

I still want to see what happens down the road when these players are the RFA and UFA and Tallon has to get rid of them to cut payroll.

Wish we had an owner like Tampa and Buffalo received this season, that would be the best news yet, someone interested in winning before profits.

Buffalo's owner said it best, I made my money elsewhere this is to win the cup.

There is no salary cap in scouting and developing. When will they advertise the panthers instead of the arena and arena events. 90% of the commercials are what events are coming and they never list panther home games only the concerts

When the panthers get thr blueprint that Tampa and Buffalo now have, then they will start to win, until then it is simply 40 dates to fill the arena.

Is this the movie "Major league"? The plot of the movie was the crappy Cleveland Indians the management tried to get worse so that they could movie to Miami. I think the Panthers are trying to get so bad that the team is forced to move to Cleveland or Quebec or Winnipeg. Check GR's TV ratings. It seems this is where we are headed. By the time these so called "draft picks" are ready to compete it will be 2013 and beyond. After 10 years of futility are you prepared for another three or four?? If some of the guys that we traded last year were worth 2nd round picks, the captain McCabe should have been worth at least that. Les Panthers de Quebec.

Another cheapie reject for next year.The blueprint is just about cutting salary for the next 3 years,pocketing the money,and hype city with this blueprint nonsense

Typical - none of you get it. The TV ratings and the view of the team are poor because fans are poor...this is south florida - land of the fickle. you are all to blame and so are your neighbors, friends, and families. Either support the team or stop picking on them, no matter who is in charge and who plays for them.

To "Sick of it all."

I supported the team by purchasing season tickets for the better part of 15 years. I won't renew next year because the organization stinks and I'm not supporting a team that doesn't support its fans. To say the fans are to blame for this mess of a team and an even worse organization is ludicrous.
When they decide to put a competitive team on the ice, I'll begin to purchase season tickets again.
How much have you spent on supporting the Panthers?

Sick of it all must work for Yormark.I didnt renew either Davidw8 for the same reasons as you.Way to lay truth on the line.

Panthers have really made it difficult for the fans...They at least could have brought a scorer to the team to add some excitement. Instead all the fans got were boring defensive games to protect one goal leads for years............

george richards is a joke and fat and thats why he is got fired and doesnt write anymore!

''george richards is a joke and fat and thats why he is got fired and doesnt write anymore!''

I consider myself 'classically handsome,' or even 'husky.'

See you Sunday at The Billboard, Chico...

I had high hopes for Tallon, and for a change in direction with new ownership. But I kept myself reserved in my expectations. I'm beginning to think Higgins might have been his best acquisition (with Santos gettin credit for Santorelli), but I see nothing to present for me to continue putting faith in Tallon. Guys like McCabe need to go, but to tell me a marginal 3rd liner and a draft pick is the best you can do, screams of an inability to do the job correctly.

McCabe had little or no market value being an UFA. I believe in Tallon, but I'm not paying good money while this team rebuilds for the fifth or sixth time.
When Tallon finishes the rebuilding process, I'll "consider" purchasing season tickets again.
Higgins was on the trading block until injured. Higgins is a definite hustler with career mediocre results.
We have always been a repository for mediocrity and young players not playing up to their potential. The third type of player has been the good young player who we mistreat to the point of giving them away because they don't want to play here any longer.
The strongest point made in any Panther organization dysfunction argument is the fact that so many players DON'T want to play here.

Unless the Rangers win the Stanley Cup, McCabe will resign here this summer if we want him. His family is down here and he clearly wants to retire here. Maybe we got the better deal out of this. A 3rd rounder (not too awesome), Tim Kennedy (who only ended up in the minors because of cap issues), and McCabe (back again in July).

I'd rather guys like Duco and McArdle get some playoff experience in the A than experience the tank machine about to roll over the rest of the Panthers season. That's why you don't bring those guys up. Let them get a taste of winning versus losing.

If you look at Hockey Future, you will discover that the Panthers are loaded with very solid prospects at goalie, defense, center and forward. We will likely also have a top 5 pick in the first round of this year's draft to go along with multiple picks in rounds 2-4. Bottomline is that our future looks bright about 3 seasons down the road...

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of the Panthers present or near term future. Our current ownership group lacks deep pockets so we are currently making a lot of moves to save money and reduce our spending for next season down to the cap floor. It is hard for a team to win that is spending 25% less than its rivals. It is even harder when the team will mostly consist of young players and vet retreads on short term contracts.

As a glutton for punishment, I continue to buy season tickets...


I have always liked McCardle. But unfortunately, he appears to be a first round bust for the Panthers. For some reason, I see him joining the crew out of town. He did nothing during the last game.

Why dont the Panthers call up Cullen>?>???? Give him a chance if we are having tryouts for next season.

mccabe will stay in long island his wife is from there thats why he went there.
when is kennedy getting recalled the kid is good!


If you think a player like McCabe had "little to no market value" due to his contract status, you do NOT fully understand how trade deadline day works. Teams WANT experienced, pending UFA's, for their playoff pushes, as they have little burden on the salary cap for the present season, nor in the future.

Zenator, Hockey's Futures one, over values prospects. Secondly, the prospects for the Panthers, HF lists almost all as third or fourth line level players, or second/third pairing defensemen. Panthers might be deep in prospects, but there's no serious breakout talent there. Panthers have TWO players listed above a 7C, three if you consider a 7.5C.And their definitions

"7 - Second line forward / No. 3-4 defenseman / journeyman No. 1 goaltender -- players not quite good enough to play on the top line or pairing on a regular basis, but still possessing enough talent to contribute offensively, defend with some authority, or competently play the goaltender's position for long stretches.

C - May reach potential, could drop 2 ratings - has shown some flashes, but may ultimately not have what it takes to reach his potential. The potential rating is multiplied by 80 percent for depth chart purposes to show the uncertainty of a player reaching his potential."


McCabe had little to no market value.

1. He was having a down year, offensively.
2. He's 35.
3. He's a rental.

4. MOST IMPORTANT...he was only willing to waive his no-movement clause, supposedly, to play for the Rangers.

Why would the Rangers overpay when they already knew that the Panthers were desperate to just move him/the only team they could move him to was the Rangers?

Panthers had no leverage in the deal.

I'm fine with this; a 3rd round pick can be used as part of a package to move up in the draft, or even get an NHL caliber player. Kennedy is an NHL caliber play, good on the checking lines.

Fair deal.

I understand fully the value of an overrated, 35 y/o UFA.
I can't believe you used some sort of algebraic equation to value McCabe.
We got the best we could for a player whose only attribute is that he is way overrated, and way overpaid.
Teams dump him for a reason.

McCabe had plenty of market value. The problem was that he had a no trade clause,which = he drives the deal not the GM...

Bad contract negotiations are found throughout this organization, paying too much to keep one player is why the Panthers are in such sad state. You let the player go if they want out and get the best deal possible. Aka Bouwmeester who stuck around this town way too long....and then there is Mr. Oslez's riduculous contract...

Tallon has his hands fool with this place! SELL SELL SELL

Panthers had no leverage. You're an idiot, if you believe otherwise. Not my fault you don't understand the business aspect of sports.

"Yormark is a criminal". Sounds suspiciously like Yormarks Observer". This clown single-handedly made the Sun-Sentinel board a ghost town. Somebody at the Herald better get on the ball and stop this insulting nonsense before he's the only idiot left here posting under multiple names.

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