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Florida Panthers Give Up on Michael Frolik, Trade to Chicago

The Panthers sent streaky winger Michael Frolk to Chicago on Wednesday, getting RW Jack Skille, RW Hugh Jessiman and C David Pacan back.

Florida also threw in goalie Alexander Salak (loaned to Sweden).

''We need more physical players up front,'' assistant GM Mike Santos said. ''Skille is hard to play against.''

Frolik hasn't scored a goal since December but was a 20-plus goal scorer in each of his first two seasons with the Panthers.

Skille is expected to fly from Edmonton to Toronto tonight, then fly to Lauderdale in the morning. He's expected to be in the lineup Thursday against the Sabres.

The 23-year-old has played in 49 games with the Chicago Blackhawks this season scoring seven goals with 10 assists. He has 25 points (12-13-25) in 79 career games all with the Blackhawks.

The Madison, Wisc., native was selected by Chicago with their first choice (seventh overall) in 2005.

''This is a character guy Dale [Tallon] knows very well,'' Santos said.

When asked if this was the start of the Panthers fire sale, Santos laughed.

''We just got three guys for two,'' he said. ''I would say we're buying.''

Here are the bios on the other guys courtesy of the Panthers press release:

-- Jessiman, 26, has played in 25 games for the Rockford IceHogs (AHL) this year scoring three goals with two assists and 27 PIM.

The 6-foot-6, 215-pound winger has recorded back-to-back 20 goal seasons with the Milwaukee Admirals (AHL), while also registering more than 100 PIM three times in his professional career.

The New York, N.Y. native was drafted by the New York Rangers in the first round (No. 12 overall) in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

-- Pacan, 19, has played in 47 games with Niagara (OHL) scoring 14 goals with 29 assists and 31 PIM. The Ottawa native was drafted by Chicago with their sixth choice (No. 177 overall) in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.


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Can't wait until your crap organization is moved to Quebec's new building...

Salak looks better than Markstrom... This does not look like a good trade at all.

Dale Tallon must have a little Mike Keenan in him.

might as well add to our ahl organization the florida panther
matthias ahler, santorelli ahler, dadnov ahler ,ellerby ahler, garrison ahler, screw free agency lets build through the ahl hahaha tallon just like the rest of them

hahah wow i feel bad for florida panther i actually thought they were going to get better with tallon there guessed wrong hahahahaahahah
just read the article on tsn

Good trade Mike Keenan oh crap i mean Tallon WOW
haha funny how Santos plays it as being buyers haha he just picked up AHL roster

Jessiman is a garbage toss in. He has no NHL value and if they think he does, it is sad. Skille may be good, but not as much skill, clearly.

I posted here that Scotty Bowman GM of Chicago was sitting in back of me during pregame and his entire conversation was about Frolik,his salary,and how crazy his agent was.This has been in the works for awhile.Bad move in my opinion giving up best skill player because he is having bad year.This will turn out to be another typical Panther bad move.I didnt renew early because I was afraid of these lousy moves.

I say this is a good move. I wish Frolik well. I think this is the first of many moves in the next 2 weeks.

moving to quebec...lol rofl...canadas own game and they could not keep the nordiques...btw hows the winnipeg team doing?????

haha Bowman is probably laughing how he mad this trade work and how he took tallons job and why he is sitting there and tallon is not.
i bet us season ticket holders really want to renew now that tallon gave grabner away and now are young proven nhl goal scorer getting traded for ahlers WOW is all i have to say.
im pumped for frolik to get a chance as for the fans i would get out of there to !!!!

Yay blueprint!
Yorkman your Blueprint scandle will only work so long with trades like this.

George keep removing my posts. Too bad I'm the only one who has the guts to speak what I feel. Why don't you??? You write and waste your career covering the worst team in the NHL, why don't you put some kind of media pressure on the organization? Are you scared? Do you even care about the Florida Panthers???

Apparently not.

Frolik has done zero this year, don't know how anyone can be disappointed in trading him. He gets a lot of ice time and does little with it. This is a good trade. You don't produce you get moved. Jack Skille will get more ice time on the Panthers and score more than Frolik. Very good trade.

or are you scared of getting a call from Yormark if you write such truth???? It's a shame us fans get lied to year after year, Catfan stood up at that hall meeting and Tallon along with Yormark lied right to his face. Grabner and Frolik are the start of Tallons reign here in South Florida. Two moves that makes no sense towards his "Blueprint"

All this organization has become is a SCAM

2-time 20 goal scorer under the age of 25 gets traded for spare parts and character? Ugh, this trade stinks. It totally reeks of everything the Panthers have done wrong the past 10 years. How do you give up on a skilled forward just b/c he's in a slump after 2 very good seasons. Not even a draft pick in return to continue rebuilding...jeez, Tallon got bent over the table on this one.

Hey Rochester,
1st go build an arena first, and second of all shut the hell up. You and that Bruins announcer must be friends. Btw he didn't know the first thing about the panthers and apparently you don't either.


This must be your first season watching. Frolik's first two years 20 goals each year. Skill was drafted in the first round by Tallon in 2005 and has done far far less than Frolik. So how does that make your statement true???? You can't be more wrong. Oh and Skille is one year older than Frolik.

Sad but this organization is a SCAM and they lie to all the fans that have been sticking with this team through the 90% bad and 10% good in this teams history.

OK first of all Stan Bowman is Chicago's GM not Scotty Bowman.

I am not surprised by the typical knee jerk (or is it just a bunch of jerks) reaction to this trade.

Frolik has been doing next to nothing all year and has slipped considerably in his play, not just his scoring but in other facets as well. This is just the first move, and just like his first year in Chicago, Tallon will make moves that are not "popular" with the fans because he knows what it takes to be succesful as a team and not just with individual stats. Tallon builds winners.

This quote is Yahoo Sports the Day after Tallon was demoted by Chicago.

The following day, Martin Havlat, who played for the Blackhawks during the previous season, criticized the team's management and defended Tallon. He specifically berated John McDonough, the team's president, commenting "McDonough couldn't stand that Dale was so successful and getting the credit for building the Hawks from a last place team to making the Conference Finals in 3 short years."

too early to judge.... let's see how it plays out.

all frolik is going to do is flourish and make tallon look just down right retarded.
hes not even having a bad year hes second on the team with points he has no one to play with at all its not his fault watch this one will go down in trade books for tallon as gm as a panther! as for george never putting any media pressure on florida is dam right true and i agree with you hes just ask simple questions! if this team was in toronto yorkmans house would be burnt down and tallon would be getting just ripped about this trade!
hey george tell them to check your daily blog page fans comments.

BluePrint is looking bright panther fans wahooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo brighter then the blue sky.

Hey guys i was thinking lets build a team with all the gms bad trades just think


ballard boumeester
sedienberg mccabe
ellerby kulikov

roberto lunongo/vokoun
add a couple current guys with terrible trades and

wow i think we just won a stanley cup

CATFAN- are you the guy that stood up (wearing your signature headband) at that meeting with the owners and dale tallon???

If so, you should be ashamed. They lied right to your face and you are not going to defend Tallon??? Giving up on Frolik is a good move in your opinion? Man you're completely brainwashed by their losing mentality. Guess you'll be wasting your money on season tickets once again eh??? Sad, save it for your childrens college funds, not on an organization that is committed to losing and lying to their die hard fans.

good day.

As I said when Tallon got the job, he was surrounded by a lot of talent in Dudley and STAN Bowman, not Scotty. Dudley improved his team in two seasons, one callin all the shots, and Bowman has pulled in a lot of young talent while conducting a firesale due to Tallon's stupidity (Failure to get qualifying offers in before deadline and overpaying the RFAs and free agents). Santorelli being the one good move so far under Tallon's watch. Panthers would have been better served dumpin Frolik for picks than gettin what they have. Selling Frolik isn't the issue. The payment is.

wow so angry! who cares about size it does nothing we need F***ing skill duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

florida managment brought in tallon to attract fans to give them hope on a future and sell that for a while until that runs out then it will be a new gimmick! plus a gm is cheaper then a superstar right?? hahaha
i have to agree tallon just plain out luckey in chicago because of talented drafts like kane and towes who only come around so often

Guys relax it might just work out we need size and character if we lose they just go off the ice and show no emotion! we need size and character then he will add the skill

CATFAN- are you the guy that stood up (wearing your signature headband) at that meeting with the owners and dale tallon???

If so, you should be ashamed. They lied right to your face and you are not going to defend Tallon??? Giving up on Frolik is a good move in your opinion? Man you're completely brainwashed by their losing mentality. Guess you'll be wasting your money on season tickets once again eh??? Sad, save it for your childrens college funds, not on an organization that is committed to losing and lying to their die hard fans.

good day.

Posted by: Panthers Ownership Lie

Ok , first off Yes it was me, Secondly if you remember correctly through your haze. I started my Q&A by speaking directly to Tallon telling him that I have faith in his plan.

Furthermore if you were there then you saw how I got right after Yormark when he spoke about converting "other teams fans" who they advertised to .....which was the lie they told me to my face.

Is giving up on Frolik a good move, not any worse than over valuing Olesz and seeing his contract eat up millions in cap space. Frolik was backsliding in every facet of his game this year. Might he flourish in Chicago, yep he might. Will he continue to lose pucks in the corners and shy away from going to the net, not if he wants to succeed. He sure was not doin that here.

Now as to the personal affront. Sod off about how I spend my $$$$. Unless you are my accountant or my f'ng wife. Trust me pal my kids college funds are in perfect working order.

Brainwashed, I highly doubt it. I am just more intelligent than most and can see a bigger picture in mind than one players individual stats.

Case in point I saw Horton scored his first goal in god knows how long tonight. It was the 8th goal in Boston's 8-5 win.That gives him 14 on the season, the same as Santorelli. Difference is Santorelli give his all EVERY shift. Unlike "Nate the Great" who would float around for 5-10 game stretches just like he is doing in Boston now. He was always really good at getting the add on goal to a big lead or the late goal made a 5-2 loss to a 5-3 loss. ya know what, screw him, we are a better team without him, and I believe we will be a better team down the line even though Frolik was traded.

So yes, I renewed my tickets and I continue to believe, not blindly but with passion. You will be the same loser who in a year or two when the "TEAM" is competing for not only a playoff spot but for Stanley Cup who changes his name to "Tallon Was Right" and brags how you knew it all the time.

GR-I kept it clean which was not easy. I really had a razors edge to what I would have liked to have written.

size and character? Biron Bitz. Skille has NO SKILL WHATSOEVER. SORRY BUT YOU MY FRIEND ARE WRONG.





Thanks for keeping things clean everyone...I think they gave up on Frolik way way way too soon...also think a player of this caliber could have been had for less...but like CatFan said, let's just wait and see...Ok, going back to being ascared of Panthers management...Cheers!

Wow look at all the negativity from all these trolls. As far as the trade it's just a trade give it some time to make a judgement on it. GR keep up the good work and Catfan927 thanks for holding back. Their are some classy cat fans and then their are the ones above.

Giving up on Young Talent - Frolik has done nothing this year. He gets loads of ice time and has one more goal than Skille. Had Frolik been drafted by Chicago he would have been in the minors. He makes $1,275,000 for his 8 goals. You are typical of Panthers fans cry that the team can't score and then cry when they trade an underachiever you cry some more. This was a good trade. Panthers need to get rid of the underachievers.

I watched the Panthers lose to the Blues and turned off the TV saying I was tired of watching the Panthers lose a game they should have won. Keep the same players on the team and you will get the same results. All I can say is thank you Dale, now trade some more of these under achieving losers.

Every GM that comes to Florida all of a sudden catches the stupid. Miami Heat baby!! real winners!

did we give up too much maybe, did we give up too soon on Frolik probably.

This team needs size, how many times do we go into the corners and lose the puck.

wait until the end of the trade deadline to decide what the team is doing.

What we have now hasn't worked for 10 years

Man there are some stupid people here. Anything that gets rid of the stench of Jacques Martin and Mike Keenan is fine with me. We are two years away from even thinking about doing some real damage, so this trade makes sense. Frolik is soft and does not fit the mold that wins championships. If he was on pace for another 20-25 goal season he would not be gone because he'd be doing his job. He hasn't all year, so get over it. Was I surprised by the deal? Yes. Am I comfortable with it? Not exactly. But one thing I won't do is define insanity by looking at the same roster night in and night out and expect different results. Frolik was PART OF THE PROBLEM, and Tallon has to start shaking things up to turn the ship around. The player to watch in this deal is Pacan, who should be NHL ready at the same time Bjugstad, Howden, and Shore are ready to help the big club as well. So all of you knee-jerk, know-it-all "experts" can just pipe down. You don't have the slightest clue how this will turn out. Get over yourselves. Your opinion has zero impact on what Tallon thinks is right for this organization, and I for one will stand behind his decisions as it will take time to implement his vision.

I'm more concerned about us giving up Salak. Markstrom has to have knee surgery, and there's no saying how he'll respond from that. The bottom line is that we need proven goal scorers. We need flashy talent -- players that will bury the puck -- to go with our character players. That's what we need, and we don't have the time to wait to build from the draft, because losing seasons lose fans, which then loses the team money, which contributes to the cycle of not having enough money to pay for good talent. So, spend like the U.S. government, invest now in a top scorer, and then the ticket holders will come back in droves once the team starts winning.

Again, the problem isn't the trading of Frolik. The problem is what came back in return. Tallon seems to be looking at quantity or quality. Jessiman was a stretch when drafted in '03 and has amounted to nothing in the time since. Skille hasn't developed. And Pacan is considered a stretch to be anything more than a third liner by Hockey's Future, at a 6.5C rating. Draft picks would have served more purpose for rebuilding this franchise than these guys.

I'm not willing to rate Skille as underdeveloped until we see him a few games.

Frolik has done little this year, and its obvious on what we got in return. He certainly is not a 30 to 40 goal scorer from what we have seen. if he was going to produce, it would have been with Weiss's excellent passing ability, and he did not produce. I dont know why anyone is crying over him. Seriously? He would have been on someone fourth line this season because of his play. With the Panthers, he gets to be on their topline and still not produce.

I dont think that Tallon was fleeced, he got what he could for Frolik. There were over 8 teams scouting there on Tuesday night, and this is what was best on the table. Frolik reminds me of Repik. Perhaps, Repik is now higher on their development board than Frolik.
Frolik was also going to be gone in the offseason.

Same goes for Salak. What can you get for Salak when he underperformed in the AHL last year, and will not be playing for your team this half of the season.

Overall, if the Panthers are making more trades at the deadline, they need bodies in the AHL to replenish what they bring up. They cant all be picks because there will be no one left to play in the AHL.


check out the comments enough said

I think Craig Button sums it up best, "Skille has 7 goals, Frolik has 8 goals so who is not living to his potenial?"


We always worry that someone is going to get the better of us in a trade!! The last three guys we traded or let go--Bouwmeester, Horton and Ballard have been average or below. So why do we think that Frolic is going to become that star?? He looks lost on the ice and has lost any fire that he might have had--whether he gets it back with another team or not it was apparent that it wasn't going to be here. Some guys don't know how to win--he looks like one of them. So goodbye--hopefully Olesz is next--he fits that same mold.

I can't wait until a rotten otganization like the Panthers folds, or better yet, falls off the face of the earth into the Atlantic.

You've treated the Rochester club like crap the past 3 yrs, and you so called Asst GM Santos is a bold faced liar who hasen't spoken to our fron office in over 3mos.

Good riddins to you guys after April. BYE

BlackHawks players loved Skille and his leadership in the locker room. He sat in the minors and 4th line with a very talented organization/team that Panthers GM built. Skille will help Panthers. Chill out on hating every move.

Cat fan has been preaching patience since we drafted bouwmeester. Its been a decade since our team of the future was Bouwmeester,Weiss,Horton,Taticek,Huselius,Hagman,Luongo would be competing for cups. How'd that work out cat fan? This team has even less talent on the farm, in juniors and in the NHL than the 04 team that had all the players I listed in the system or on the team. This organization is a total joke. Frolik totally sucked here but it's the return of Skille/Jessiman/Pacan thats the real fail. Ott just got a 1st for Mike Fischer, id take that any day of the week over Jack Skille. Nice work panthers once again. Oh and anyone who defends the panthers for waiving Grabner is a moron. This team evaluated and scouted him and determine he wasnt good enough to crack this cast of all stars. The kid will pot 20+ this year and won the fastest skater all star event. Santorelli didnt beat him out for a job, they freaking could have kept both but the morons upstairs decided burying or buying out the Great Reinprecht was just too much of a loss to make room for a young player like Grabner. This organization should fold. More power to the idiots giving money to the Panthers. And cat fan, in two years I wont be one of the group saying tallon was right, Ill be saying I told you so AGAIN just like I have to anyone whose believed in this organization over the last ten years.


i agree well be readin articles on tallons terrible trade, must be the air of the tropics thats makes gms big retards haha or to much golf
we need to get rid of dvorak stiller mccabe

Whatever, I wanted Skille on the Panthers anyway.


You really believe that giving up on a 22 year old who already has 2 20 goal seasons was a good move? And I'm the dumb one??? Look in the mirror. Also, I have a degree in accounting and by my judgment you're spending your money on a scam so good luck with that, it's like going to 41 AWAY games since there are no Panther fans left. After last night see that drop even more!!!!


I appreciate your questions at the town hall meeting, only thing is, Yormark and TALLON can care less. I have hated this organization since the day they traded Luongo. Nothing will ever change, get that through ur fat head! And yes you are brainwashed in believing that management will actually bring in good players hahahahhaa.... Blueprint is to build through the draft correct???? so why trade one of them???? 22 years old and hes gone. Waste your money and watch the team lose in an away building every time you go. enjoy!!


Since I know you, I also know that you are one of the most loyal Panthers fans that there is. But you said the same thing when the Panthers hired Mike Keenan. You said be patient when Jacques Martin became the GM. Then you cried when you said he betrayed the Panthers before he finished the job. What was the job? Sign Olesz and Allen to long wasted contracts!! I also know Tallon might eventually turn this team around, but you really stiff more Panthers butt than Steve Goldstein!!

is tallon still gm for the hawks? bahahahahah

No Hope,

I agree with your statement vs CATFAN. he's been preaching this wait and we will be rewarded bs and look where it's gotten us. I remember on the old fp web boards him saying to give JM a chance this and that. OBVIOUSLY CATFAN has no clue what he's saying, he's in dreamland. Hoping something good happens when something bad just happened last night. He's blinded by all the BS the organization is throwing at him.

CATFAN is a VERY VERY GOOD PANTHER FAN, he just believes in the organization way too much when there is no reason to.

I can't believe how dumb some of you are. This may be a good trade, it may be a bad trade, which I think it is. But if you think Yorkman has anything to do with player acquisition, or on ice decisions are idiots. Say that Talon is an idiot, or that PDB is terrible, but Yorkman..................give me a break.

what happen to all of george richards blog i herd the paper told him to take time off myabe hes getting fired ?? i keep having to read harveys articles which i dont like ! george if your not fired and still going to be working for the newspaper you got to start putting some media pressure on this team man ask those gritty swagger question so fans can get the real answer and outlook!

I have not been fired, just being forced to take some time off like every other employee at the Herald right now...I have David J. Neal filling in and he's doing a terrific job as usual. I posted last night's news on here; today is my last day off for a while so I'll have more stuff tomorrow. Until then, I'm enjoying the back-and-forth between everyone.

when is tallon coming back george

So let me get this straight...

ya'll want to equate CATFAN et al. with Talon.
and the team. and work yourselves up in a frenzy over both.

then post on here about player moves like its EASPORTS.(should've kept this guy. picked this guy. ect. traded him for this other guy).

it reminds me of the daily posts conparing
Anderson to Vokuun. with updated stats.


You guys, lets just look at the big picture! It's not like Frolik was going to take this team to the cup anytime soon. How many teams would love to give up a first round for a play who hasn't scored since Dec? This was Frolik's third season, and he began looking a little soft and to predictable. Skille probably sucks, but ultimately Tallon is looking to change the culture of the team by getting players who will actually hit and fight. Who knows, maybe Tallon is planning on tanking and getting RNH, Strome or couturier.

Everyone here should try being a GM for a day and try trading Olesz for Stamkos.

You have to agree with the negative side of the posts because they are right. Watch how little Skille contributes to this team. This is going to go down as one of the worst trades TALLON has made (you can't top the other bad trades this organization has made so Tallon is lucky)

as for George Richards:

I respect you because you said PANTHERS GIVE UP ON Frolik. That says it all. You don't even have to read the rest of your blog. Thought the blueprint was to have young guys and develop them? Why trade a 22 year old player for a 23 year old player that was drafted 7th overall and hasn't proven a thing. Frolik sure has, he posted 20 goals in his first two season. So how can anyone say this trade was good??

also on Salak, he may be the best player in this deal. This goes to show you that those who think this deal is fine, are the ones that need to take a look in the mirror, fill the sink up with water and drown yourselves.

IM AN IDIOT!!!!!! I am glad to see some pansy hockey players leave!!! Did anyone see the Boston / habs game laast night? Does anyone here think the panthers can get in team fights like that!??!?! come on, olesz, wiess, and booth??? We need to get cavemen on this team who can slam people into the boards and knock some teeth out.

Great comment Dave. There used to be a saying in hockey that if you can't beat them in the alleys you can't beat them on the ice. If Tallon gets tough players , but, DeBoer sits them cause he don't like rough style. Maybe DeBoer will be gone sooner than later. The one thing Tallon is right about--you don't want to be known as a place where you are easy to play against. If we are going to lose we might as well be entertaining.

This player actually hits and almost got a goal; he's better than Frolik.

I think Chicago got the better end of this deal, but what do I know.

I guess for now, we'll have to see what no-Skille can do with more ice time. When Forte interviewed him after the first period, Skille said that he expects to get around 15-20 minutes of ice time per game. Let's hope he proves most of us wrong.

i like what i am seeing from skille way better looking than frolik, like his style of play much more physical

It's amazing how just a few months ago Frolik was a guy they wanted to build a team around. Now he's been traded for Skille.
The Panthers can't scout, can't assess talent, and don't care to win. The only thing that matters is how Yormark, Tallon and the rest of these losers can line their pockets with bonuses while overcharging fans and business partners.
Anyone who sticks up for these losers by purchasing tickets deserves what they get.
Oh, that would be the Panthers.

I have to say, some of the comments, are ridiculous. There is way too much anger over Panthers trading an 8 goal scorer. Remember everyone wanted change, results will follow slowly.

Let's look into the future for a second... Would everyone be more upset next year, if the Panther kept Frolik, paid too much since RFA, and got yet another 8 goal performance? Chill out! Besides, Frolik is replaceable with Repik.

Yeah, Skille may (MAY) do something at some point, but you don't give up on a early 20s talent like Frolik. Yet another 1st round pick of the Panthers traded after the team says it's committed to building around the draft. I think we could have gotten Skille for less than Frolik for crying out loud, then get some players around him. I wouldn't be surprised if he does well in Chicago b/c they have real talent there, and better players. Ever thought how this team's lack of well rounded players and talent may have stunted his growth rather than contribute to it?

To me the organization has failed to develop another young, talented player. I agree with GR that it was way too early to give up on a talent like Frolik, who already scored 21 goals in 2 of his 3 NHL seasons. I'm disappointed b/c Skille brings character but not more goals, which is what this team needs. Sigh. Another 1st round pick gone away for spare parts and a maybe.

Salak was expendable b/c of Cheverie and the glut of goalies. When Markstrom is ready for the NHL, Cheverie is going to take over in the AHL and possibly be Markstrom's backup with the Cats in the future. All of that made Salak expendable.

Skille played tonight better then frolik has all season...

Big Slap Shot Bob "Yet another 1st round pick of the Panthers traded after the team says it's committed to building around the draft"

Building around Dale Tallon's drafting not Keenan, Martin & Sexton's drafting.

"I'm disappointed b/c Skille brings character but not more goals, "

It is apples and oranges comparison. The depth level on Chicago didn't give Skille the playing time. On the right side they have Patrick Kane , Marian Hossa, Troy Brouwer & Fernando Pisani. The best he could hope for is third or fourth line duty. With the minutes he got he has one less goal than Frolik. I liked Frolik but 8 goals is unacceptable and we all know changes had to be made and you have to give something to get something. Frolik had two 20 goal seasons which is good but this year he is regressing and you have to move a player while there still is demand. He wasn't my first pick to go but the team needed changes and I am glad to see the changes come. Stay with the same players and you will get the same results. More changes are still needed.

the trade really shows how little NHL talent the panthers have

Yes Yormark is to blame because he cut the scouting budget and he creates the philosophy of the organization which is to make money and not win a stanley cup

Call me crazy but Skille should have been had for less than Frolik/Salak. Jessiman is a AHLer for life and bust at the NHL level and who really knows about Pacan. I'm just still stunned it took Frolik to bring back Skille. But like STHSDO just said, it really does show how little NHL talent the Panthers have.

I just totally disagree with trading someone having a bad season, similar to the sophomore slump (though it's more like a junior year slump for Frolik). The talent to be a top 6 player is still there and he's likely going to do well with better players to cover up his shortcomings and let him do what he does best. Oh well, too little, too late...


Just looking at the 70+ posts in this blog, I'd estimate that no fewer than 25 are FROM THE SAME IDIOT USING MULTIPLE NAMES. Writing styles, capitalization, spelling errors, and bad grammar simply don't lie. This is becoming the Sun-Sentinel's comments section.

George, hopefully you have some way to put this to a stop before it gets out of hand.

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