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Lost on Long Island: Florida Panthers Drilled 5-1 by Islanders


After beating Tampa Bay in a shootout on Saturday, Panthers coach Pete DeBoer was asked what it was like coaching in so many one-goal games.

“That's why I'm bald,'' DeBoer said with a laugh.

A loss like Monday's didn't do his hairline any favors -- and sure didn't leave him in a joking mood.

DeBoer watched most of Monday's uninspired 5-1 loss to the Islanders with a look of disgust on his face, his team's putrid showing in a Long Island afternoon special not Lost indicative of a team desperate to get back into the hunt for a playoff spot.

If anything, the Islanders looked like a team fighting for the postseason instead of the Panthers.

“No excuses. If we had them, no one would want to hear them anyway,'' DeBoer said. “Credit to [the Islanders]. They played hard and were the more desperate team. I don't know why that was. We have to figure that out as a group. I'm not going to let our guys off the hook .-.-. This time of year you don't use excuses, you find ways to win games. That's the bottom line.''

Florida, which has now lost 12 of its past 16, could have pulled to within five points of a playoff spot with a win Monday. The Islanders, who have suddenly won six of Piano seven, trail Carolina by 11 points.

“It's frustrating, no doubt. You grind for four or five months to get to this point where we have a opportunity to make some noise and don't do it,'' DeBoer said.

Instead, the Panthers will likely now go ahead with their fire sale. Any arguments to keep this team together may have been lost after Monday's miserable performance.

“You definitely want a better effort than that. They were the better team by far and they won, deservedly so,'' said goalie Tomas Vokoun, one of the Panthers who could be moved by the Feb. 28 trade deadline. “At the end, we make the [trade] decisions by our play. We probably didn't help ourselves. That's the business and whatever comes of it, you have to deal with it.''

How bad was Monday's game?

Gilligan (*) The Panthers trailed 4-0 with less than seven minutes gone in the second period.

(*) Florida was being outshot 22-3 at one point and went almost an entire period without getting off a single shot. The Panthers' final shot on goal of the first period came from Steve Bernier at 5:57; the next came from Bryan McCabe at 5:05 of the second period.

(*) Center Stephen Weiss aggressively rolled out of the Florida zone to ram Radek Martinek up against the boards. Weiss was given five minutes for elbowing and kicked out of the game.

(*) Florida's run of 32 consecutive penalty kills came to a close as Martinek – who else? -- scored New York's third goal with just three seconds left in Weiss' long penalty.

“This hurts. This was a big game for us to get back into it,'' said captain Bryan McCabe, yet another pending free agent the Panthers will likely look to move in the coming days. “We didn't show up, had another slow start. Them scoring at the end of that kill was a back-breaker. We just have to regroup.''

Fantasyisland Florida may not have escaped injury in this insulting game, either. Radek Dvorak took a hard shot off his skate during the second period and was in obvious pain. Dvorak gamely came back to play but was limping around the locker room afterward. The results of X-rays taken were not known.

“We're pushing for a playoff spot and these are the games you have to win,'' Dvorak said afterward. “We had to step up and did not. We know what we're playing for. We have big games coming up and we have to win them.''

Weiss' penalty put the Panthers in a tough spot. The Panthers were already down 2-0 when the Islanders were working the puck in the Florida zone, Weiss running down a backtracking Martinek before hitting him way past the blue line.

Not only did the Panthers have to kill off a five-minute penalty, but they also had to play the remainder of the game without their top center.

“It's a penalty no doubt,'' DeBoer said. “It was undisciplined, came at the wrong time. But he's not alone. It wasn't one or two guys who were bad. It was 20.''

The Islanders opened the scoring 7:40 into the game when Matt Moulson scored the first of his three goals. Moulson's shot from up close squirted between Vokoun's skate and in. Moulson's second goal, which came about seven minutes later, was ripped from the right circle and over Vokoun's glove.

Florida didn't score until Mike Santorelli made it 4-1 with 9:26 left in the game, knocking a loose puck past Al Montoya. The Islanders outshot the Panthers 37-21.

“We just have to keep with it here, finish this road trip right,'' Santorelli said. “We don't want to give up. We're going to keep pushing until the buzzer.''


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well i think this week will be the funnest part of the panthers season.
who is with me?
stillman gone, dvo gone, mccabe gone, vokoun gone, tallon is going to start to reshape this team. tallon is going be picking up draft picks and hopfully some scoring roster players.
i dont see why not, dallas just moved young sniper james neal ??
and with harveys article at sun sentinal, by the sounds of his quick interview with assistant gm santos words, its going to maybe start tonight.
my predictions from reading twitter:
mccabe to rangers
vokoun to the caps/sharks/philly
dvo to nashville/rangers/detroit
stillman penguins/bluejackets/atlanta
weiss lots of teams

and word is tallon is looking at zack bogosian from atlanta

Agreed, this week will be more exciting for the Panthers than the entire season. Another tease by the Cats, climbing within the chase to only lose to a team below them in the standings. The silver lining is that hopefully NYI pass us after the fire sale and we can get a higher 1st round pick.

I don't think Weiss will be traded, but just about every veteran will. Vokoun, Stillman, McCabe, Dvo (if he's not hurt), Reasoner, Bernier (if anyone will take him), and maybe even Higgins. I know the Panthers like Higgins but trade him and then re-sign him during the summer.

Best news from that game was a 5 minute from Wewas! Where was that intensity all year (or career fr that matter).

This week seriously will be the most exciting for me. I really have no favorites anymore:(


and word is tallon is looking at zack bogosian from atlanta

Have not heard of this at all. No link = you're BSing.

No way ATL trades Bogosian within the division.

Dvorak isn't going anywhere, Dvorak got hurt during today's pathetic performance.

Pete DeBoer has proven zero. With a real NHL coach Panthers would have made the playoffs... Every GM is looking at Bogosian but the price would be very high and last time I checked the Panthers needed a scoring forward not another defenseman.

Really? The Panthers have had real NHL coaches for how many years now and have failed to make the playoffs. Martin got Montreal to the playoffs and then some last year, but couldn't do it here. Doesn't that tell you something about the organization? Sorry, but no coach could get this patchwork of a team to the playoffs. No true #1 line, no dominant scoring forwards, no PP, etc.

Agree the Bogosian "rumor" is not likely at all.

PDB is not to blame. How many coaches would have had 93 points with that 2008-2009 team??? Not many. How many coaches would have our AHL team this season be right around .500? Not many. PDB has never had a top line here, he's always had to deal with a million guys coming up from the AHL.

PDB doesn't get enough credit. I love how people don't say a word about the organization they go straight to the coach. He's not the problem. Most Panther fans are morons anyway, they can't see the true reason why this team hasn't made the playoffs in 10 years. It's quite sad if you ask me.

South Florida, Can't vote, can't talk hockey, can't do much at all.

The panthers need a coach with more emotions then Martin or deboer... (like tortorella)...

PDB does have emotion. Once again a Panther fan that knows nothing.

I just hope that the "FOR SALE" sign has been understood throughout the Panther organization. Enough bandaids on the PP, offense and Scoring, time to make the changes. So tired of seeing Panthers UFA leave town for nothing. Ddont fall for the Bouwmeester trick of the past..... Tallon and Santos dont disapopint us, sell sell sell on Feb 28!

hey organization.

PD has coached us to the 2 consecutive disastrous year. He also ruined our one playoff year by putting Boynton in time out. He is an inexperienced coach who hired and kept the powerless play coach Hulton and should be let go just for that.
He had 3 years, all failed, good luck and don't let the door hit you on the way out at years end.

to organization of shut up heres your link maybe you should research the net before crap talking heres the bogosian rumour http://www.thefourthperiod.com/trade_deadline/top25/index.html


DUDE, look at the team he has had the past two fing years. This years team wasn't even expected to be this good coming into the season so you ahve to give him credit. You are blind or a moron if you think PDB is the problem. Also, It was Jacques Martin who fed up that season by not trading Bouwmeester. You obviously have no clue what you're talking about if you use Boynton has your main argument hahahaha boynton sucks


i saw that posted last week. I never said anything because it was never reported out of Florida that Tallon was even considering this. It's just where THEFOURTHPERIOD thinks these guys are headed. I don't read into much on that site, they usually get a lot of things wrong.

pete needs players to be evaluated on his coaching skills first, i would like to see more emotion out of this team after ten years and alot of the same players on this team.
we just have no swagger like philly who stick up for eachother play physical and score goals with competition throughout the team.
tallon said he wants this team to be a family i dont see it right now there is no character or signs of frustration on this team it wont make the playoffs until there is

Lol deboer has emotion. Where was it when McCabe scored the goal that thy didnt count... Where was it when he benched tarnasky after booth got blind sided last year. Where was it when we were blowing 2 to 3 goal leads every 3rd period??? I know the talents not there but deboer is not helping at all

PDB is a fine coach, but, probably time for him to move on. Tallon, had better make some trades for guys that can help next year. Not 2nd round draft picks that won't be ready for 3-4 years. This franchise has gone too long without contending. If they trade Weiss they had better get something VERY good as he is one of the few legitimate NHL players we have. Looks like we will be picking in the 3-6 range.

PDB is not the problem, he's part of the problem. Tallon will get rid of him as well and put his guy in just like the players. He was a juniors coach when he arrived and he's still a juniors coach.

there is no emotion or charatcer on this team i dont think pete fits tallon type of coach but we will see. we need a guy like tortorella the guys just what this teams needs

loving this guys this week will be good hopfully we can get a roster skill player just not draft picks

Let's go Fire Sale! Let's go Fire Sale! Let's go Fire Sale! Let's go Fire Sale!

Finally, we will cut lose with some of these guys! This should prove to be an exciting week.

Coaches don't win games, players do. Firing a coach does zero, unless you add player that can win. ASnd for emotional coaches, what stupidity.

Santos finally admits that this team has been mismanaged for the last 10 years, that it will take 3-4 years to build this team and that you build a team at center.

Lets face it, this team played as well as it could for 4 games and were do for a let down, you could see the let down happening from a mile away. This has been the panthers for 10 years.

Look at the NHL roster and who would you keep to be part of the solution 3-5 years from now:

here is my list

Forward: Dadonov

Defense: Ellerby, Garrison, Kulikov

The rest of the team we should see what we can get and then bring up the young players from the farm and see if they can compete.

Time to get rid of the players brought in the past 10 years as nothing changes but the names on the jerseys,

When we had a chance to make a move we don't. Having 4 wins in the past 16 games is all you need to know about the lack of talent on this roster.

It is the same thing every year, now is the time to change the roster over, hit rock bottom and build the right way.

How nieve to think coaches don't play a role in wins and loses. Look at the devils season... Failures until the coaching change. Now skyrocketing up the conference .. How so?
Tampas coach given much credit for their success by those in the know.
Time for junior Pete to return where he belongs and next year tallon give an NHL team a deserved NHL coach and as important NHL assistant coaches!!! ( yes hultton is PD's junior friend)

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