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Michael Frolik in Chicago, But Memory Lives on in Florida

Frolik2 The big risk in marketing individual players is that someday, those players may be traded.

Michael Frolik, who turns 23 on Thursday, was looked at as a player who would be around the Panthers for a long, long time.

So, the team, when looking for a player to market, was wise to pick the young Frolikjersey Mr. Frolik.

Of course, he was sent to Chicago on Wednesday.

But his memory lives on.

Heck, Nathan Horton's picture is STILL on the side of Comcast service vans and he was traded to Boston last June.

Of course, Comcast has been known to be slow about some things.


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grabbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbner 24 goals good job tallon keep up the good scouting ! what a joke the kids a superstar and the best thing is we gave him away for free

grabner hat trick tonight bahahahahahaha

You're playing the result. Grabner did nothing in pre-season to earn a spot of the team. Nothing to do with scouting. He showed in pre-season he didn't belong. He just found the right situation , and found a goal stroke. So a player does nothing in pre-season would you keep him and send someone else down, of course not.

Mike, about 1/2 this team did nothing in the preseason to earn a spot on the team, yet they made it. It was a BAD move. I remember reading Vancouver posters saying he was a typical slow starter, plus he was adjusting to a new environment and teammates. I said it last summer - it was too soon to judge Grabner with all that going on. Tallon's first MAJOR blunder...I won't count Frolik as a blunder just yet.

mike33076, you are so wrong. No coach, Gm or whomever can tell in one preseason. There are guys on this team who haven't done nothing in 10 preseasons for god sake. Get real. Typical florida hockey wanna be.

the alleged blue print was to rebuild this team with young players, when you are doing this you don't give up on the player within a few weeks.

With all the dead weight on this team that clearly have not been and are not the answers, you don't just waive a player that you just traded for.

First of all it's Hank it "who haven't done anything" not who haven't done nothing, it's bad English. Secondly there's a finite amount of roster spots, someone had to go down to Rochester, since Grabner was one of many, as you say, did NOTHING ing pre-season, he was chosen to go down. They tried to sneak him through waivers, and the Isles pick him up. No one gave up on him. Had he made it throug waivers he would have been in Rochester.

You go to many games there Hank.....I bet not.

well if florida had smart management which they havent for 10 years, he was just adjusting, the guys a pure sniper something this team needs and tallon and coach junior ohl PETE, send him down and try to squeak him through waivers come on everyone new he would get picked up even fans let alone a gm! they should of sent reinprecht packing at the start of the season or send down matthias! matthias is terrible weak lanky and has no hands! plus matthias didnt have to go through waivers pete just falls in love his north american skaters its hilarioious all politics when it should be looking at skill!

What we know for sure is that hind sight is 20:20

Even if they would have been able to sneak Grabner down to rochester, there's no way he would have made it through re-entry waivers if they wanted to bring him back up. Meanwhile, they couldn't give Reinpricht away, so they banidh him to Germany while we pay his salary. No GM hits on every transaction, but tallon really missed the boat on this one.

what I found more interesting was Santos's statement with regard to the Rochester situation. He said that it's not a big deal if the Panthers don't have an AHL affiliation next year, since they won't have enough NHL caliber players to put on the roster until 2012-13. Assuming at least a year of AHL seasoning, that means that the "Blueprint" is to have a playoff competative team in 2013-14. While that might make sense from a 5 year plan prespective (year 4 make the playoffs, year 5 be SC competative team), there's no way they can market that to STH. Maybe that's why 1. the STH renewal is before the trade deadline & 2. they are pushing 2 year renewals (besides the cash flow benefits). This way they don't have to try to get STH to renew when they are looking at another playoffless season.

Yormark is an evil genius.

I just have to say that, in my opinion, pre-season, and training camp is a job interview. Coming from someone who has conducted a ton of interviews, you always try to get the best candidates. If someone has an outstanding resume, but gives a lousy interview, and you realize there isn't a fit in the company for this person, no matter how good the resume is, you don't hire them.

George can verify (since I am no judge of NHL talent, nor do I claim I can do that job), but it is my understanding that Grabner did absolutely nothing in camp, which means he failed the interview. Apparently, the management of the Panthers would have liked to keep him if he could clear waivers, but he couldn't. I'm guessing with him failing the interview and other players playing stronger, they decided to go with other players. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, but if he was here and ended up doing nothing, everyone would be complaining that he is just another Olesz, getting a lot of money and not showing anything for it.

yeah your right you have no judgement or have any idea about anything

If the sole basis for deciding whether someone makes the team out of training camp, there are very few players on the current roster who would have been on the Opening Day roster. I'm sure that we can all think of examples from every sport where a player doesn't light it up in training camp, yet makes the roster, only to go on & have a good season.

The bottom line is that our hockey mavens should have known that there was a good chance that Grabner wouldn't have cleared waivers, & if he did, there was no chance that he would make it through re-entry waivers. If you wanted to send someone down & send a message to the team, they should have tried to send Olesz down & pray that someone would claim him. It would be nice if someone in the organization would stand up & say that they made a mistake (it's not like the Islanders are going to give the Panthers a do-over). Unfortuately, they are too busy shilling STH renewals & false hope for the playoffs.

I agree with Just Curious, they should have sent Olesz down because no one would pick him up with that contract and given a spot to Grabner. That said the coach did the evaluation and maybe he is the wrong guy for the job. Just saying been here almost three years and team still can't make the playoffs. Maybe it is the coach.

people, you all forget the fact that they traded for him and knew what they were getting, you'd think so? maybe NOT

mike33076,by the way as a canadian I've played in more games in junior hockey then you've ever seen, in person or on tv.

Weiss talk is heating up LA and Montreal are serious bidders right now!
the funny thing however is Weiss is playing hurt at the moment? sources say Weiss is not hurt and falsifying the injury in order to stay in Florida he wants no part in leaving sources say!!!


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