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OnFrozenFilm, TradeCentre Edition: Dennis Wideman Leaves for Washington

Going to have more on this later, but the Panthers have sent defenseman Dennis Wideman -- the key part of the Nathan Horton deal last June -- to the Capitals for a third-round pick and a 6-foot-5 center who has been buried in the ECHL the past few seasons.

Mike Santorelli warns not to judge how good Jake Hauswirth just because he's playing in a second-tier league.

"Hersey is absolutely loaded,'' Santorelli said. "He may just need a little more time to develop.''

Again, more on this later.

And now, Dennis Wideman:



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wow 3rd rounder for wideman good trade i hope hw knows what hes doing

wow so we traded horton for quinton howden pffffffffffffffffffff

Hauswirth was a MONSTER in development camp, he could pan out but I like this for my Caps.

We traded Horton for Bjugstad.
The Howden pick is from the Ballard trade.

Bryan Allen just traded to Carolina straight up for Sergei Samsonov

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