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Don't Forget: Panthers Photoshop Contest for NHL Record Commemorative Banner/Patch Continues

Dannycast1 Since I'm not really going to be doing much work on Friday, the deadline for our Photoshop contest -- in which you are invited to help the Panthers on their design for a patch/banner to commemorate an NHL record 10 straight seasons out of the playoffs -- is being extended.

You now have until Saturday at noon to get in your work.

Email your original artwork to onfrozenpond93@yahoo.com by Saturday afternoon to have a chance at two free tickets for next week's season finale.

Anthonybiancardi And according to long-time reader Andy Rubenstein, Michael Yormark says there will be NO confetti falling from the rafters after that game -- no matter what happens.


Here are some of our newer submissions.

Have fun with it!



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this is honestly the stupidest thing ever, no wonder other teams think we havve no fans,,,, look at what people are doing, this is a joke!

most franchises wouldn't have any fans after this mostly miserable decade...

The Panthers the last ten years.. kind of have been a joke. Both of those are great. What else are the fans supposed to do? Write to a congressman? Pray? E-mail ownership? Since we can't do anything that's actually useful, might as well have fun with it until the Panthers do something productive. If it embarrasses the organization.. well, they've earned it.

george is doing everything right as writer covering this team for the last decade traveling trying to make this team sound some what exciting it must be painful for ol richards hahaha ! now were going into are third rebuild million gms, million coaches, its just insane this franchise is the laughing joke of the nhl seriously! look at tampa, san jose all this hot climate teams which player love to go play hockey for and suceed!!!
something is wrong here.

lets the photoshop take over boyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
becuase that is the situation

Love the "Stability Excellence Blueprints" entry! -Luis

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