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Panthers Lose to Sens Twice on Thursday: Stephane Da Costa Signs with Ottawa

The Senators beat the Panthers on Thursday afternoon, hours before the two teams took the ice as Ottawa landed coveted collegiate free agent Stephane Da Costa.

The Senators signed him to a CBA-mandated two-year deal. The 22-year-old winger scored 30 goals in two seasons with Merrimack College.

“You never know how close you are because of the process, but we worked on this since July. I had a relationship with him for three years,'' Florida assistant general manager Mike Santos said.

“He was sought after and it wasn't a money issue. He just chose where he wanted to go, and for whatever reason, he chose Ottawa.''


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lol what a shame this organization is. It's too bad really. They have the money, watch them blow all that money on bums a 80-85 point underachieving team like we always see. This organization is incapable of making any good decisions. Doomed for another decade.

One thing the Panthers aren't is underachieving. They are what they are, small, lack scoring, young, defensively careless team, that plays hard most every night.

can somone please tell me why this team is not playing plante?

lets see, at the beginning of the season the experts pick the panthers to finish last in the east and Tallon says they are wrong we will be better than most people think.

Here we are in 15th with 4 games left, we have less points than last year as we continue to fall.

We are now suppose to celebrate that ownership is allowing Yormark to spend to the cap floor.

Lets see what happens in free agency (not a lot of top end talent just more of the same 3rd and 4th line players) and the draft (of 43 players drafted by Tallon in Chicago only 4 have played a game in the NHL).

While we continue to sink, Tampa is making the playoffs Atlanta is improving.

I for one am not celebrating a top three pick because I have seen us blow 2 other top three picks in the past decade (Horton and Bouwmeester).

There is no Crosby or Stankos in this draft just more Hortons and Weiss type players.

This is not a knock on Weiss, he is a good 2nd line center but we need a superstar that can put the puck in the net, that has character (unlike lazy Nate and too easy going Bouwmeester).

We need players that hate to lose. Even DeBoer says he is now numb to losing (I like DeBoer but if he is numb to losing he needs to leave).

Get ready for next season when we have a bunch of 30 something players under one year contracts so we can hear again how we are ready to spend to the cap floor in the 2012-2013 season while we wait for our core to develop (same story when it was Weiss, Horton, Bouwmeester and Luongo that we were waiting to develop.

4 of 43? Is that accurate? I am still angry that despite having the most boring, goal starved team in the league for ten years running that Tallon took Gudbranson over Jeff Skinner in the last draft. Nothing against Guds but Skinner was the guy the Panthers needed. Most pre-draft articles listed him as the best offensive player and most ready to step right in to the NHL which turned out to be 100% accurate. Slipping on that pick and losing Grabner for nothing already had me a little worried but this 4 0f 43 is pretty disturbing news.

F. Sassafras saws SSS ass cabs v cbvasssssszzz

yo deeez nuts what are yu talking about, no one said skinner was the most ready to play in the draft, like what are you talking about, everyone said he was too small, im really happy with taking gudbranson hes what the team needs, along with goal scoring, he plays to win every game, and who ever this idiot who had the first comment is should do some more reading, GR even said it wasnt a money situation u idiot, it was about da costa picking ottawa for other reasons other than money

FIRE DEBORE AND HULTON!!!!!!!It is not hard to get to .500 with Vokoun at net...Debore belongs back in juniors with Hulton's zero PP.

Kevin, maybe I am thinking of someone else as being called most ready (i'll have to go back and check on last year's scouting reports) but Skinner was definitely recognized as the most offensively talented player in last year's draft which is why the Panthers should have drafted him. I don't really remember anyone really he's was too small. Obviously he's not and at 19 is already better offensively than any forward on the Panthers. I'll feel better when Guds is playing with the team next year and I don't mean to diss him in any way as I feel he's going to be a good player but the Panthers should be drafting scoring forwards with these high picks not more D-men. So if Skinner keeps doing what he did this year going forward and Guds doesn't turn into a Pronger level defenseman at some point in the near future than the pick simply wasn't the proper one based on where the Pnathers are at right now. Problem with this team is scoring - always has been.

As for Da Costa it's too bad he chose Ottawa but at least the Panthers were trying to get him which is a nice change and hopefully something Tallon believes in as there are plenty of good players coming from the college ranks. I've never understood why the Panthers were not more active trying to sing undrafted players from the NCAA when they have such a problem attracting quality NHL free agents.

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