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Photoshop Contest: Design the Panthers New Patch/Banner

10years2 BUFFALO -- Missing the NHL playoffs for 10 straight seasons is nothing to sneeze at. It's pretty hard to do.

I mean, I don't think you could do it on purpose. If a team sat down and said 'we want to miss the playoffs for an NHL record 10 seasons just to see what would happen.'

I don't think they could.

That team would make the playoffs at least once just by mistake.

Well, the Panthers haven't been able to make that mistake -- although they've come real close over the past few years.

Still, the Panthers were eliminated from the postseason on Friday for an NHL record 10th straight season -- and 11th year overall.

Torrey The team has a few banners in their rafters celebrating things -- hosting the NHL Draft in 2001, the All-Star Game in 2003, a Celine Dion concert -- so will they add another one?

The team has a banner honoring its expansion team of 1993-94, the one that ended as the NHL's best first-year team ever with the most wins and points of any expansion team.

Why not celebrate this? It's an NHL achievement as well. Getting to the point, we here at On Frozen Pond are offering you a chance to help the Panthers along. By tapping into your creative juices, you can offer up your suggestions to the team on how to properly honor this NHL record.

Do the Panthers raise a banner to the rafters? It could go right next to the one for the Saveology.com Incredible Ice Plex.

Do they wear it on a commemorative patch next season? On those rumored-to-be new jerseys?

That's your call.

Winner gets two tickets to the season finale April 9 against the Washington Capitals.

Can't promise tickets to the ADT Club, but if you 'do your homework' and come up with something clever, you might just get to enjoy yourself on a nice Saturday night at the rink.

If we get some good ones -- which we already have -- I'll try and scare up some other goodies to get to other finalists.

Email your submissions to: onfrozenpond93@yahoo.com

Deadline is by noon, Friday April 1. I want to go to the Marlins game that night. Opening Day baby!

Here's some of the submissions we already have in. Good stuff kids. Keep 'em coming.


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