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Time for a Cheesesteak: We're in Chicago!

Superfans CHICAGO -- Good afternoon from Chicago, IL., the city of big shoulders, and home, of course, to a certain hockey team, which has carved out a special place in the pantheon of professional greats.

That team, which is known the world over, as ... Da Hawks!

Thanks to Bill Swerski for that great intro. Just got into Chicago, IL., the city of ... OK, enough of 'dat.

Because of the time change (I believe I found that hour I lost a few weeks back) kickoff for tonight's Panthers-Blackhawks tilt is at 8:30 Miami Time. Just gives you more time to get ready.

Familyguybartman Don't know what to expect tonight. Last night's game was just brutal and a number of players were pretty ticked off about it afterward. Before Pete came out to speak to the gathered (me) media, heard a lot of shouting, a lot of those infamous 'F-bombs' everyone keeps talking about.

One the locker room opened, a few guys had barely moved. And they stayed there, looks of disgust on their face.

Dmitry Kulikov, who got beat on the lone goal of the night, stared at the game sheet before finally loudly crumpling it up in a ball and throwing it into the garbage. Keaton Ellerby, sitting nearby, did the same. Mike Santorelli just mumbled about how mad he was.

So it'll be interesting to see what kind of level of intensity the Panthers bring.

As for myself? I'm bringing the intensity for you, the loyal reader.

Because of deadline concerns, I'm going to have an extra-bonus Panthers notebook in addition to my normal game story. Have some good stuff from Tyler Plante (who isn't expected to start tonight, but if he is, I'll tweet it once I find out) and Shawn Matthias.

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