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Florida Panthers Looking to Bill Torrey to Bring Luck at Draft Lottery on Tuesday

Torrey The Panthers will try and win the draft lottery for the fourth time in franchise history on Tuesday as the bottom portion of the draft order is determined in Toronto.

Florida has a 14.2 percent chance to claiming the top pick after finishing 28th in the 30 team league as Edmonton (25 percent) and Colorado (18.8) finished below the Panthers. Florida will be represented by former president and general manager Bill Torrey.

The Panthers have won the lottery three times – and traded the pick each time.

In 1998, Florida held the first pick yet had already traded it to San Jose. Tampa Bay ended up with the pick and took franchise player Vinny Lecavalier.

Florida also traded the top pick in 2002 and 2003 after winning the lottery and selected Nathan Horton and Jay Bouwmeester respectively. In 2002, Columbus selected perennial All-Star Rick Nash with Florida's pick; Pittsburgh took goalie Marc-Andre Fleury the following year.


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"traded the pick each time."
Thankyou Dudley and Keenan for sinking us with those disastrous moves. Panthers could have had Nash & Staal instead of Horton and Bouwmeester.

Panthers wouldn't have missed the playoffs with Nash, Staal, Jokinen, Weiss, Booth, Zednik, they would have scored goals and Panthers wouldn't have been in a decade long drought of goals and playoffs.

Bouwmeester worst pick ever taken considering they gave up Nash.

Panthers did the right thing. Drafting both bums really set them back 10 years. Good job!!!

With the 1st overall pick, the Panthers select, Adam Larsson a position we do not need. I hope this happens, it would once again be a big disappointment to the fans. That's all this has been, a huge failure and disappointment.

I can't wait to see the overpayment of UFA by Tallon this off season, this should be fun. I also can't wait to see what bum coach they bring in. Hope it's Kennan just to slap the fans in the face for a 3rd time. haha

why do you bother talking joke sth. no body needs to hear what you have to say.

jokes sth - 'i hope this happens' . . . who the hell are you supporting here!?

hmmm will Torrey be wearing a red bowtie for a statement ..there will be a "return of the red jerseys" next season. Good luck tonight Torrey, I think the Panthers will have a great draft. Cant go wrong with any of the forwards in the top 10....

this team is at least 2 yrs away from winning. why keep vokun for those two yrs. the results will be the same as this year. he is a good goalie but nothing special with this team. maybe with a true contender, which we are not. you have to look longterm prople

GR do you know if the Lottery will be televised on the NHL Network?


hank you keep Vokoun for Markstrom to learn something from, because you need a number one goaltender and if you want to think long term then you want to keep him from signing a long term contract with Tampa because with their scoring threat and his goaltnding Panthers would never win a game against them for years. You don't want Vokoun going to a team in your division that you will play a lot against. I would much rather have Vokoun on the Panthers than try and beat him for the next several years with him in Tampa. Roloson is a UFA. They will be looking for an upgrade.

Thanks George. I will miss it I refuse to pay for the extra tier for Versus and 85 channels I would never watch. I have the NHL Network with my Center Ice Package and when the playoffs are on only Versus I will either miss, go to a friend's house or go to a bar but I will not buy the next package. FYI I have DirecTV.

no chance theyll be as bad as this year hank. top 15 for sure

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