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Florida Panthers Playoff Drought Commemorative Banner Contest Is Over

AnthonybiancardiThanks to all those who submitted creative original artwork to help the Panthers properly commemorate their NHL record 10 consecutive seasons out of the NHL postseason.

This entry, offered to us graciously by Anthony Biancardi doesn't sum up all the losing streaks and poor draft picks over the past decade-plus, but he does sum up just about everything else.

Mike Keenan's name is mispelled, but because of the Roberto Luongo deal, we'll pretend that was on purpose.

So, the ball is now in the Panthers court. Here's your newest banner to hang up in the rafters of the little place we like to call 'Tarp City at The Billboard.'

Hopefully this banner is raised when Mr. Biancardi is there. He wins two tickets to next Saturday's season finale for his winning entry.

Dannycast2 -- Since this concept doesn't fly as a jersey patch for next season, I'm giving runners-up honors to Danny Cast.

I think this homage to the Mary Tyler Moore show would look pretty good on one of those JetBlue-inspired jerseys.

IMG_1285 Anything to get rid of that FLA patch.



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He also forgot Brian Skrudland as our original captain.

Clint- he purposely omitted anything outside the last 10 years.

I think the guy did a great job!

Wow! I actually won something. SWEET!

Yeah I would never forget Skrudland. I just did the last ten years, and didn't realize Kennan was misspelled until after I sent it off. There were a few other coaches too.

I kept trying to think of all the stuff in the last ten years... I was at one of the last playoff games 10 years ago when I was 17.

My wife is a huge panther fan now, and I keep telling her how amazing it was down here in South Florida when they went to the Cup. My family got those "Rat" cakes from publix throughout the playoffs.

What?! No prize for second place! Just kidding, congrats to antb7 for the win, and George I never told you this, but my logo (despite the striking similarities) isn't based off the Mary Tyler Moore logo at all. In fact I'm too young to even know that the show even existed. I had never heard of it before you told me about it!

This organization should be moved. South Florida doesn't deserve this. Where is the pressure from the fans???

If this were to happen in NY/Bos/Chi there would have been uproar by now. 11 years 10 seasons of no playoffs. That's 80 playoff spots and no FLA. That's as bad as it gets fellas. But now all of you believe in this "blueprint" that sent Frolik packing, Grabner (a 30 goal scorer) packing, traded for Wideman then dealt him away, traded for Higgins then dealt him away. This team is doomed because they have not one person in that organization that knows what he or she is doing.

The team is a joke to everyone in the NHL and that will never change. Just look, you have George Richards making a blog about the failure of the last 10 years and is joking about it. That's as bad as it gets. It's South Florida media, the worst in the country, the worst state in the country.

Learn how to vote before learning the game of hockey. That's obviously more important. I doubt you ppl will ever learn the game, obviously the Florida Panthers are still trying to figure it out.


Love the spinawheel. At least we can laugh about it and know that change is coming.
Lets hope for better seasons to come with Tallon and Viner in charge. The work ethic has changed, which is a plus. Tallon just needs to find us some players with talent that can match the work ethic.

To: MOVE THIS TEAM, Get over yourself. South Floridians have paid for the panthers to be here with our tax dollars. Florida does deserve Panthers, we expect and want a winning team. Its is disgusting when people talk about moving a team and stealing tax dollars with it.

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