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Florida Panthers Sign John McFarland ... Coaching Search Looks Familiar So Far

Torchetti Good afternoon folks, hope all is well.

Been busy doing other things the past few days, but it's time to clear the notebook.

First, the big news around the Panthers is the team asking Atlanta for permission to speak to John Torchetti for the vacant head coaching gig.

Mike Russo of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune (yeah, I never heard of him either) spoke with Atlanta GM Rick Dudley where it was revealed that the Panthers want to talk to Torch. Dudley said he would allow Minnesota permission to speak with him as well.

Obviously, Torchetti is known around South Florida. Torchetti was the Panthers interim coach in 2004, losing his job in the Mike Keenan/Jacques Martin combo deal following that season. Oh yeah, Dudley lost his job during that power play as well.

Torchetti is also known to Dale Tallon as he was an assistant coach on Chicago's Stanley Cup winning team last summer.

If Torchetti is hired, would he be considered the 11th coach in franchise history since he already is the eighth?

This is still a long way from being settled.

Mcfarland -- The Panthers have been real busy getting their prospects signed, adding forward John McFarland on Thursday.

McFarland was selected by the Panthers in the second round of last year's draft. Florida had earlier signed Quinton Howden (a first round pick in 2010) and defenseman Alex Petrovic (second round 2010).

I don't think that any of those three will make the Panthers out of training camp, but they will all have a chance to. Especially the forwards.

I was told a few weeks ago that Erik Gudbranson is expected to be signed before the team's rookie development camp which will be held in Coral Springs in July. Center Nick Bjugstad isn't expected to be signed by the team this year as he plans to return to the University of Minnesota for his sophomore season.


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wow tallon was on a roll until now!!! guys already been a interim coach for us had no success ??? like can we get some new blood in this system or what they guys resume is terrible he has never been a head coach more then 12 games good job tallon !

Torchetti was part of the power play move when Cohen wouldn't listen to Dudley and wanted a name so he went with Martin and Martin asked for Keenan so Dudley was out this was one of many poor moves by this organization

Torchetti teams play an uptempo game and at least he has been around the NHL/AHL unlike DeBoer when he was hired.

Dudley and Tallon are close, remember Chicago didn't start improving until Tallon brought Dudley to Chicago

Hmmm, maybe when Atlanta gets sold (and possibly moved) soon Dudley will get the axe and Tallon could bring him back to Sunrise to help out. I think they are both a little overrated on their own but they definitely make a nice combo when working together.

As for Torch becoming coach I wouldn't get that worked up over the fact the he was here before. He was only an interim guy, plus it was a long time ago so he doesn't really have the stink of past Panther failure in his skin. It's still early in the process and I'm sure Tallon isn't ready to hire anyone yet.

Anyways, the main problem with the team has more do with personnel moves than the coaching although there were a couple season here and there where the team could have gotten to the playoffs if the coaching had been better.

Let's wait to see if they have anyone else lined up to interview, although quite frankly I'd like to have Torch here.

I'd also like Ted Nolan, but I think he was caught schtupping the Lady Byng trophy or something because after his short NHL stint, no one has taken a chance on him since.

Ted Nolan is a victim of the racism that permeates hockey. A proven winner can't get a job. Won't matter in Sunrise until they get aggressive and sign proven scorers. Jury is out on Tallon after cutting Grabner.

you two obviously do not pay attention much. Ted Nolan is the current VP of Hockey Operations for the Rochester Americans. the same Americans that will no longer be our AHL affiliate due to a less than satisfactory relationship with Panther management. So why would Panther management even look at a guy they clearly cannot already get along with?

I think Ted Nolan is a great coach and that there is some racism in the NHL but as a fellow guy with Native North American blood running through his veins I think the reason he can't back to the NHL has more to do with him being a total pr*ck then it does racism.

as Madcat78 pointed he works for Rochester anyways so the Panthers would NEVER have considered hiring him no matter what color his skin is.

STHSDO, Dudley was actually in Chicago before Tallon got the job as GM. Tallon was an assistant GM to Bob Pulford and Dudley was hired as a consultant. Tallon took over as GM the following year. But otherwise, spot on.

Torchetti has been a solid coach at every level he's been at, and was almost hired for the Kings job back in '06, only to be beaten out by Marc Crawford. The Panthers minor league affiliate in San Antonio actually played great under Torch, even with suck players like Matthieu Biron on the team. The team started to suck after he was brought up as an assistant under Keenan, later replacing Keenan. And that ended the relationship in San Antonio, as the fans LOVED Torch as one of their own.

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