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Mike Santos: Florida Panthers Haven't Spoken with Anyone

Helpwanted Florida Panthers assistant general manager Mike Santos said Wednesday that "to his knowledge" the team has not asked anyone for permission to speak with coaches on staff.

That would include Atlanta and John Torchetti. Atlanta GM Rick Dudley told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that the Panthers asked for -- and were granted -- permission to speak to Torchetti.

Santos said he didn't reach out to Dudley and with GM Dale Tallon in Europe scouting, doubts that he did either. Either way, they haven't spoken with anyone regarding their vacancy and aren't in much of a rush.

Tallon gets back next week. Right now the team is just compiling their list, watching and waiting to see what happens as the playoffs move along.

Santos added that those who think the Panthers are going to hire a guy with Chicago (Tallon) or Nashville (Santos) ties are "over-thinking things a bit.'' Santos said the Panthers are looking at all options.

"We need the right personality that fits here,'' he said.

-- Santos added there have been general discussions with Erik Gudbranson (third overall pick, 2010) regarding a contract, "but there's no deadline. We don't have to have him signed right now. There are more pressing issues.''

-- Santos also said he had one very "general" talk with Tomas Vokoun's people. Assuming Vokoun is going to walk July 1 is premature, Santos said.



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well that is a relief i think boston loses tonight and we will get claude julien oh yeah baby!!

sorry to break to you Boston won with Horton scoring the gwg.lol

I love seeing guys like Horton and Frolik score big goals in the playoffs and guys like Oreskovich and Glass play a big checking role in Vancouver. Also Ballards big hits and a goal and a few helpers from Higgins. It's just great to see those former Panthers shine in the playoff spotlight, something they never got to be apart of with this BUM FRAUD of an organization.

It's laughable they haven't signed Gudbranson yet. Ellerby 1 year contract? I guess Tallon recognizes what a mistake of a pick he was by JM in 2007. I can't wait to see what bum they draft 3rd overall.

hahaah are you stupid bud? how the hell is gudbranson a wasted pick. the guys unbelievable. nominated for like 4 awards in the O. you know nothing about the panthers and the players signed. maybe theres other reasons he hasnt signed such as fmaily issues and his brother finally being cured of cancer.

gubrandson from what i remember,couldnt come to terms on a contract bc his bonuses demand. I think it equaled somewhere in the millions. I could be wrong

Santos says he doesn't know about the panthers asking for permission to talk to Atlanta, earlier Santos denied a statement from Yormark about Vokoun.

Maybe Yormark is back to running the hockey side :)

Oh god anything, ANYTHING, but Yormark running this.


who said Gudbranson was a wasted pick? i sure as hell didn't. Read before you post such riddles.

my appoligies you were saying ellerby was a wasted. sorry man i though you were saying tallon made a mistake on gudbranson

Ellerby played pretty well last year, so he's not a waisted pick either.

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