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No Change for Florida Panthers, Will Pick Third at NHL Draft for Second Straight Year

Dalypanthers The Panthers will hold the third overall pick in the June draft after failing to move up in the draft lottery held Tuesday night in Toronto.

The Panthers, represented by alternate governor Bill Torrey, had a 14.2 percent chance to move up to the top spot. The Edmonton Oilers will have the top pick for the second straight year.

Florida had won the lottery three times – and never used the top pick. In 1998, Florida won the top pick yet had previously traded its first round pick to San Jose for Viktor Kozlov. Tampa Bay received Florida's pick from the Sharks and took franchise player Vinny Lecavalier.

2011draft The Panthers traded the top pick in 2002 and 2003 after winning the lottery and selected Nathan Horton and Jay Bouwmeester respectively. In 2002, Columbus selected perennial All-Star Rick Nash with Florida's pick; Pittsburgh took goalie Marc-Andre Fleury the following year.


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At least the Panthers won't be embarrased by trading for the #1 pick. Both Avs and Oilers could use a defenseman, Nugent-Hopkins could still fall into the Panthers lap. Lots of physical and skillful forwards available in the top 5, so, this will work out well for the Panthers still. At least we fell nowhere!

I think it is the Kitchener power forward who will be taken by us. I want the Swedish D to fall to us because I think he is the best player in the draft.

3rd is fine by me. Maybe Gabriel Landeskog will be available.

thers no chance they take landeskog. and nugenthopkins isnt a "Tallon" player what so ever. im guessing if nugenthopkins some how is there when we pick that we will trade down one and take sean couturier instead. but as of right now gabriel landeskog is the guy for the panthers.

oh woops i meant there is no chance they take larsson. My bad! but yeah landeskogs the newest panther

huberdeau, couturier or Nugent Hopking is fine by me

Murray's face was classic!

guys NUGENT HOPKINS !!! he is the guy the panthers need. we are full at the power forward position Booth,skille,carter,howden,bjugstad we already have a lot of speed/size, we need a skilled player Hopkins is the perfect fit for a team with young players who need a center who is compared to wayne gretzky by scouts via TSN, he will make everyone around him better. HE IS TALLONS LIL PATTY KANE.

gabriel is a gritty player and is nhl ready but in the long term Hopkins will be better down the road and a huge franchise player and thats what this team needs! like honestly who gets compared to the great 99

tallon has already addressed grit and character with gudbrandson ,reasoner,hordichuck,ellerby if he adds a coach with alot of character that will help alot also.

every fan, scout, analist or mock draft will have florida panther and dale tallon picking gabriel, and yes i do think he will pick him also, but he really should be picking RNH a skilled offensive threat instead of another two way player like gabriel ladeskog.

i love what tallon has done he has done everyhing right as a gm and i think this will be turned around within the next two years, i think pete was a good guy but his strict systems and playing to not loose instead of playing to win chracter was judged right by tallon.
i hope he picks a coach like tortella or boudreau a mean coach who makes his players stick up for eachother and play more of a boston philly type game rather then finesse detroit style game. That is what south florida needs.

by the way george love your articles and how you keep us die hard fans in touch with are panthers still here in canada. keep the onthefrozenfilm in the fall there will be alot to cover i can tell you that.
and yes i am a good hockey writer!

Both Tallon and Santos said it is a priority to acquire another first round pick and more picks in general. Now you have to ask yourself how could florida acquire another first rounder? With so few players under contract, not many assets to barter there. Weiss, Booth, Kulikov or the rights to Gudbranson possibly could get Florida it's extra first but I don't see Kulikov or Gudbranson being dealt and trading Weiss or Booth for a first rounder makes reaching the Cap Floor pretty difficult unless you seriously overpay for some very mediocre free agents. Florida does have multiple seconds and thirds to deal but trading two or three picks for a first defeats their desire to acquire more picks in general. Remember Santos said they look at the 2010 Draft as actually two drafts because they had 13 picks and they wanted the 2011 Draft to be the same way so it would be like having 4 drafts under their belts and accelerate the timeline for their goal of having a very deep prospect pool to enable for the Franchise to achieve lasting contender status. So that leaves the one likely option for acquiring another first rounder trading down from 3. BM stated after the lottery he wants to trade up from 6 but doesn't expect the first 2 picks to be in play. That means his first serious phone call goes to Tallon sitting at 3. Ottawa also owns another first rounder, the 21st selection. It seems like this is an obvious trade for Tallon to make..

guys there no point even mentioning nugent-hopkins in the same breath as a panther pick because the oilers want to pair him and hall together! so as good as it would be, he's off our radar . . . i can actually see the top picks going like this:

1# nugent-hopkins (playmaker to go with scorer)
2# larsson (avs desperately need D)
3# huberdieau (we need a center!)
4# landeskog (might be the most 'nhl ready', but down the line the three guys above him project to be better)

and if it ends up going this way thats fine by me! our primary need for the past few seasons has been a skilled center. huberdieau can eventually fill that gaping hole on the top line, and take all the responsibility off weiss who belongs on the second line. santorelli is realistically no more then a third line pivot, he punched waaaay above his weight this year. that gives us strength down the middle for years to come! that was pittsburgh's philosophy, and look were its got them!?

peace out.

@ Panthers Fan:

Any scout who compares Nugent-Hopkins to Wayne Gretzky should be taken out and shot. Gretzky could probably lace up his skates right now as a 50 year old and out score RNH. As long as the Panthers pick a forward I'll be happy but RNH will probably be gone by #3. As for your argument that the Panthers are set at power forward, are you serious? Carter and Skille may have size and speed but they don't score goals. Howden and Bjugsted haven't played a game in the NHL and David Booth is a second liner who tops out at the 30 goal mark plus his game is speed, he is not overly physical. Howden looks like he may have the goods offensively but Bjugsted, I have my doubts about his scoring ability at the NHL level, let's give him some more time to develop. I know center is a big weakness on the Panthers but goal scoring from the wings is right up there. Panthers need to grab the best scoring forward available regardless of position.

@ Georgia Panther

I hope they don't trade down. Just use the pick and get the best forward available at #3.
Don't try to get cute and settle for someone for the sake of picking up another pick.

Oh sure..I love what Tallon has done...EXCEPT his 1st major move of Ballard for a pick and Grabner. How in the world do you make that trade then cut the kid before his bags have been unpacked?!!

Grabner stats:
GP G A PTS +/- PIM SOG SPCT PPG PPA SHG SHA 76 34 18 52 13 10 228 14.9 2 2 6 1 3 15:05 22:02

Our top scorer: Stephen Weiss
76 21 28 49 -9 49 52 44 3 16 2 0 1 172 .122


have to agree with D-Rod. That was a horrible trade.
I dont think you can go wrong with going with Landeskog or couturier. couturier does remind me of a rick nash type with his big size

Panther fan:

You know nothing. Skille and Carter are not power forwards, they aren't forwards at all. Skille is a bum and Carter is a 4th line center. We are not "FULL" at power forward so get your head out from between your legs.


You obviously know nothing if you want this team to draft ANOTHER dman 3rd overall. You've got to be sick to think that would be a good idea.


Also Tallon wants to get another 1st round pick again. I hope he trades Skille, Repik, Duco, etc to acquire another first rounder like he did last year.

3rd overall: Sean Couturier

17th overall: Tyler Biggs (if he drops that low)

Landeskog, Huberdeau or Couturier will be fine with me. Just no D-man...please

To: Georgia Panther;

I really think the Panthers have learned their lesson in trading down...Seriously. If I was Viner, I would tell Tallon that will never happen again. This team has made awfully poor decisions when they have traded down. A top 5 pick is more likely an NHL player than the bottom 5 to 10 pick. So, I can see the Panther dealing a prospect (maybe even repik) and a second round pick for another first round pick. But they should not even consider trading down or they will jinx themselves as in previous drafts. I hope tallon has read up on Panther draft history to know better than that....

@ In Keenan we trust:
Okay, first off with a name like that, the only one with their head between their legs is you. Second, Larrson has been compared to Lidstrom, so not for nothing but I can see his point in drafting another D, although we despritely need O. Thirdly, Who are you to call someone an idiot for voicing their opinions? If anyone is an idiot, it's you for saying "Carter and Skille aren't forwards at all" Carter is an amazing 4th line center, and while he is only a 4th line center, this kid brings it every night. Skille isn't a bum, he needs a real chance. He isn't a center but he has shown a lot of skill, he just needs to find the back of the net and he couldn't do that being out with injury. Last I checked, Center and Winger are in fact FORWARDS!

I'm actually hearing Ladeskog or Haberdeau as our pick instead of Couturier, who's stock has fallen in the draft rankings so far.

One last thing, if you were a GM of a franchise, would you trade your 1st rounder for Skille,Repik,Duco and a pick? I like all three but to think we'd get another 1st round pick for that package is laughable at best.

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