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One that Got Away: Michael Grabner a Calder Trophy Finalist


Michael Grabner started the 2010-11 season in training camp with the Panthers after being acquired in the Keith Ballard deal with the Canucks.

Grabner had a poor camp, and since he had a cheaper contract (than say, Steven Reinprecht or Steve Bernier), was put on waivers so he could work on his game in Rochester.

Instead, the Islanders picked him up and he worked on his game on Long Island.

I don't think Grabs is going to win the Calder, but he had a heck of a year. This is one move the Panthers wouldn't mind a do-over on. 

This is the official release from the NHL:

San Jose Sharks center Logan Couture, New York Islanders right wing Michael Grabner and Carolina Hurricanes center Jeff Skinner are the three finalists for the 2010-11 Calder Trophy, awarded “to the player selected as the most proficient in his first year of competition,” the National Hockey League announced today. 

Members of the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association submitted ballots for the Calder Trophy at the conclusion of the regular season, with the top three vote-getters designated as finalists.

The winner will be announced Wednesday, June 22, during the 2011 NHL Awards from the Pearl Concert Theater inside the Palms Hotel Las Vegas. The 2011 NHL Awards will be broadcast by VERSUS in the United States and CBC in Canada. 

Following are the finalists for the Calder Trophy, in alphabetical order: 

Logan Couture, San Jose Sharks 
        Couture was a key contributor in all areas on a Sharks team that captured its fourth consecutive Pacific Division title. The 22-year-old center ranked second on San Jose in goals (32), game-winning goals (eight) and plus-minus (+18); placed third in shots (253) and face-offs (888); fourth in power-play goals (10) and sixth in points (56). He led all rookies in game-winning goals, power-play goals, shots and face-offs, finished second in goals and points and was fifth in plus-minus. The Sharks' first-round pick in the 2007 Entry Draft tallied seven of his game-winning goals on the road, the most ever by an NHL rookie. 

Michael Grabner, New York Islanders 
Grabner didn't start the season with the Islanders, but ended it as the club's goals leader with 34, a total that also led NHL rookies. Claimed on waivers from Florida on Oct. 5, Grabner surged near the top of the rookie scoring race with a run of 16 goals in 15 games from Jan. 15 to Feb. 15, a period also highlighted by a first-place finish in the Fastest Skater event at the 2011 NHL SuperSkills. His six-game goal streak from Feb. 1-15 matched the longest by any player this season. The 23-year-old Villach, Austria native led all rookies in shorthanded goals (six), ranked second in shots (228) and seventh in plus-minus (+13). 

Jeff Skinner, Carolina Hurricanes 
The Hurricanes reaped immediate dividends from their top pick in the 2010 Entry Draft as the 18-year-old Skinner, selected seventh overall last June, led all rookies in scoring as the League's youngest player. His performance over the first half of the season earned him a berth in the 2011 NHL All-Star Game, played in front of a hometown crowd in Raleigh. He went on to lead all rookies in points (63), rank second in assists (32) and third in goals (31). Skinner netted his 30th goal of the season Apr. 6 against Detroit, becoming the seventh-youngest player in NHL history to reach the milestone (18 years, 325 days). 

From 1936-37 until his death in 1943, NHL President Frank Calder purchased a trophy each year to be given permanently to the NHL’s outstanding rookie. After Calder’s death, the League presented the Calder Trophy in his memory. 



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schmucks. teams don't pick high priced players on waivers, they do though with lower priced. I also do remember tallon say that grabner was the key player in the ballard trade. schmuck again.

Salt in the wound...
Seemed like a shockingly bad move when it happened, and time has only compounded the effect. Can't afford too many of these big setbacks in "The Blueprint".

considering all the early first round picks we have had, to never have a player win the Calder and not have a player nominated since 2001-02 shows what a sad state this organization has been in.

Don't forget we also passed on Skinner because who needs players that can shoot the puck?

Was this Pete's call ? If it was add another reason why he's gone....

No. This was Dale GM Tallon's 1st BIG Trade, or move for the organization (along with the Horton trade, which has only until now shown to be slightly below ok), and he BLOWS it beyond belief!! The previous comment osted is correct.. it was a shockingly idiotic move when they chose to waive him and him being the KEY palyer acquired for your best Defenseman Ballard. Possible ROOKIE OF THE FREAKING YEAR.. more points than our leader S. Weiss:-o
Not good. Simply and matter of factly closer to a terrible decision actually. What franchise have made trades in their history like these Panthers have? Moving down in dratfs when possessing top pick..besides the Jovo for Bure trade.. We have seen a Top goalie go for NOTHING.. a Top RATED defenseman for NOTHING.. and Ballard for NOTHING! Any question as to why it's a decade and counting?

Grabner never scores 34 on are team.top goaile the one that blows games when they matter and hasn't made it past the second round.what top d-man lol calgary is already talking about trading the most overrated defenseman ever drafted.if u wanna blame anything blame top picks that have failed Horton your top dman blowmesster petr takiet grabner was horrible in camp and during preseason.if u hit on top picks ie Washington and Pitt u will be fine grabner is gone get over it

Also we did get a 1st which turned into howden which is signed and might make the team next year

Um.. " Grabner never scores 34 on 'ARE' team? That does say "are" team right? I'll get over it.. now you go back and finish your homework now Pantherfan.. So cute at that age..

How about your osted u must have ment Posted right??? I think Someone needs to do a little homework on the panthers if he posts to correct a spelling error and nothing about the points I have made.

A missing letter compared to a completely incorrect word..Ok bubby.. so you think making poor trades of a Top 3 Goalie, whom is the current goalie of the #1 team in the LEAGUE this year, who've allowed the FEWEST GOALS of any team in the NHL..He sucks!! and then coupled with trades of 2, rightly or wrongly, highly regarded Defenseman, getting nothing back ovf much value, excuses the results? Hell, that's when you should make out like bandits, according to your thought(less) pattern. Giving overrated talent for good established players/prospects. Hence, the Panthers surely did just the opposite. Releasing Grabner was obviously the right thing to do.. Yeah.. He couldn't have helped out the Panther's high powered offense. And you judge Grabner on a few weeks of camp when he is shipped across country..new team..schemes..enviroment..Yeah..makes sense! The more expensive, lesser talented players kept in his stead was the way to go.. That's why he is the Islanders Rookie of the Year candidate, and not Florida's. That is how one guarantees he doesn't score 34 for Florida.. they release him. Buh~bye.

bad drafts, bad trades, bad free agent signings and bad releases, that is the panther franchinse since 2000.

One great trade in the history of the franchise (getting Luongo and Jokinen from the isles), one draft pick reaching his potential (Jovo), one season of winning a playoff series

yes keep up the good work and I forgot getting the boot from 2 AHL franchises (San Antonio and Rochester)

Where's Petr Taticek these days? LOL

I know it's seems like salt in the wound, but even Grabner said that he didn't deserve to be on the team due to his poor training camp. Yeah, it sux, but we can't keep crying over spilled milk. I'm curious to find out who Tallon is going to spend all this money on in the offseason. Did he purge the team of high-priced UFA's only to retake some salary back in the offseason with other high-priced losers?

This is just one of those, only with the Panthers moments.

Tallon probably learned a difficult lesson, that the Panthers are cursed. What should Tallon learn from the Graber fiasco and Panther curse?

1) THE TEAM IS CURSED FROM MELLANBY'S RAT TRICK. Don't know how to fix that one... My only suggestion is the Panthers should bring back the RED jerseys next season.

2) Dont be cheap (cough, Yormack). Lets hope the real reason why Grabner was waived was because he played poorly...Not because of Bernier's and Rhino's contract.

3) Dont trade down at the draft in the first round or give up first round picks.. Vincent Lecavalier, Rick Nash, Fleury, Staal come to mind.....Enough said. Tallon needs to trade up for the 1st pick and break the Panther curse. Or keep the 3rd pick in the draft.

4) dont overthink, yet dont roll the dice
If you do, you will lose due to the curse. See Grabner on waivers for proof.

ok umm grabner wa sterrible in camp drod maybe you should watch the panthers before you rip them. santos even said theres no chance grabner would have had 30 for us defnitly not under deboers system. and it actually wouldnt be a bad idea to trade down in the draft if you think. we dont need adefense(larsson) we dnt need a winger we defnitly need a centre so landeskog not the best ideao. so it comes down to nugent hopkins couturier or huberdeau. nugent hopkins and huberdeau have some developing to do. so couturier is the best choice for the panthers. and hes expected to go 4-6 so maybe trade down a couple take the risk on couturier being there and getting an extra pikc and if he gets taken huberdeua is no let down.

kevin "santos even said theres no chance grabner would have had 30 for us defnitly not under deboers system."

Apparently no Panthers "had 30 for us defnitly not under deboers system."

So then they should have fired Deboer last year.

One thing Tallon did right is get rid of Kitchens and bring in Murphy. Since Kitchens went to Chicago their defense stinks and Panthers improved. Let's hope he has the same success with a head coach.

Stop texting bro. You write like a jackass!

the real problem is that Yormark's marketing team has made Tallon out to be God and are overhyping him and his blueprint.

When Tallon first came here he stated: "there is more talent here and in the system then we had in Chicago when I started"

Less than one year later we don't have enough talent in the system.

The trade of Ballard: "Grabner is the key to this trade we really like this player a lot"

Less than one year later he is lost for nothing.

The so called blueprint is that we are building for 3-4 years down the road. If that is true then you don't get rid of a 20 something and keep a 30 something because of a bad camp.

You don't trade a young player who could possibly be a top 2 line player for a player that has underachieved for years (Frolik for Skille)

Tallon is not God and so far I give him a C for the job he was done.

Go back one year and look at Tampa and the Panthers and ask yourself which organization has the better blue print?

Exactly SEASON TICKET HOLDER..and it didn't take a year to lose Grabner, it took a couple of months after the trade was made. THAT is your conviction when you acquired him? Ridiculous. He has so much skill and speed that who cares if he had a 1st bad camp.. you keep him and let him get use to the new team and system. Just more Panther mistakes with new Panther management.

You can't compare what Yzerman had to work with and what Tallon has to work with. This is apples and oranges. Tampa has the Rocket Richard winner Stamkos, St. Louis and Lecavalier up front. They can score. Tampa needed some defense and a goalie. Stamkos scored 45 goals this year. Booth and Weiss together scored 44 goals.

Grabner being sent through the waiver wire was a huge mistake. Was it DeBoer saying he is not good enough or Tallon? I didn't like it at the time but I gave them the benefit of the doubt, now I know someone can't evaluate talent.

except last year Tampa finished 2 points ahead of the panthers with all this talent

the point is that we have two franchises that both changed owners, one fired their COO the other didn't, both changed GMs, one fired the coach the other didn't. One increased their points from 79 points to 103 and the other decreased their points from 77 to 72.

One organization took chances to improve the other one waited 6 months after losing a young player and realized what everyone else was aware of that the talent and the will to win is not present and decided to start over.

One organization has changed their attitude and made hockey the priority the other makes the arena the priority.

One organization has the respect of the players around the league as a team they want to play for, the other has the reputation of not putting the resources to produce a winner and dumb marketing.

man your an idiot. lets see, yzerman took over and inherited stamkos lecavlier stlouis. what did tallon inherit. do your reserch bud.

i love how this guy changes his name and puts me in it for eevrything i say. do you just come on here to see what i say? means alot man thanks! seriously though you got to get a life man

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