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Pete DeBoer, Assistant coaches Hulton and Pringle Fired ... Murphy, Tallas and Slaunwhite Here for Now

IMG_1321 The Panthers officially fired coach Pete DeBoer on Sunday morning, hours after his team ended the 2010-11 season with a 1-0 win over Washington.

DeBoer and GM Dale Tallon won't be speaking about the matter until Monday's season-ending meetings at the team's training facility in Coral Springs.

Briefly spoke to Pete this morning and he seems relieved it's all over. He'll be fine. As much as he wanted to stay, the thought here is he isn't upset to be leaving the NHL's 'Land of Broken Promises brought to you by Steve's Pizza Kitchen and Bagel Shoppe of Tamarac.'

''I've never been fired before,'' Pete said with a laugh. ''Strange feeling.''

-- The Panthers later announced that Jim Hulton and video coach Jamie Pringle were also let go. Unlike DeBoer, Hulton and Pringle didn't have contracts for next season. They were told their deals would not be renewed.

Forsale3 Goalie coach Robb Tallas also doesn't have a contract, but he'll be allowed to stick around and interview with the new head coach.

Gord Murphy does have a year left on his contract and the same goes for him. Strength coach Craig Slaunwhite is also still around awaiting word from the new coach.

-- Who may the new coach be? A few names bandied about, but I would guess Dale Tallon is going to go with a coach who has some experience.

Could we be looking at a guy like Ken Hitchcock, a proven winner who is a good teacher? How about former Penguins coach Michel Therrien? He has a place in Hollywood and has been around the Panthers -- watching from the press box -- for much of the year.

Mike Keenan is also available.

033 OK, well, that's a stretch. Would be fun though.

Anyway, this list is probably a few pages long. Who is close to Dale Tallon? Just about everyone. And then there's the Mike Santos factor. Who is he going to try and get in here?

This should be very interesting.

Again, more as we go through the day.



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He will be much more successful, and happier, as Ottawa's new Head Coach. Franchise failed Pete in Florida not Pete failing in Florida.

'Land of Broken Promises brought to you by Steve's Pizza Kitchen.'

Lol. Perfect.

GP, I'm with you. Happy that Pete won't have to endure another hopeless year with an expiring contract. Perhaps that was Dale's intent. I'd like to think he is wise enough to do something like that.

Can't wait to see him do well somewhere and witness all the whiners here eating crow ( that happened when JM moved on and had success, right? ;)

Pete, all the success for you in your new endeavors. The team record doesn't speak to what you were able to accomplish with AHL talent. New GM, new ownership, sub par scouting office and misdirection all occuring under your tenure. The franchise itself never gave the effort you asked and recieved from your players. Everyone asked last summer when the big offensive talent was coming in and look what happened, league lead in one goal games. Good luck next year.

Had to be done. DeBoer had a good team his first year and missed the playoffs.

Remember when he let his team get physically beaten while he kept Belak in the pressbox.

There was a reason Booth got taken out by Richards, Flyers and every team knew you could manhandle the Panthers because DeBoer was soft and so was his team.

He got into a shouting match with Boynton and sent him home from a roadtrip even though the Panthers lacked grit.

He had zero emotion, he let goals be ignored without even calling over the refs. McCabe scored a goal that never even went to review and DeBoer was clueless. Too many coaching penalties for too many men on the ice.

Sorry if I don't weep for Pete DeBoer. Yes this team lacked scoring but it also lacked coaching.

By the way George I had some of that sponsor's pizza at the game last night and it was tasty but that asian garlic aroma made me wish I had some of that asian stuff they were cooking up.

the panthers need a more emotional coach.

"Mike Keenan is also available."

The return of "THE HOCKEY GOD" !!!

This is not unexpected outcome. Tallon wants to bring in his own people. I have a feeling that Tallon already knows who the new coach will be.

good luck to Coach DeBoer when he said he was numb he had to know it was time to move on.

He will be a successful coach when he has NHL players and not this rag tag group of players.

A lot of who is next will be based on the budget that Yormark gives, if it is on the cheap then it won't be a big name coach, if Tallon has the budget he expects then we can get a big named coach,

also need a new AHL team, or are we going to save money and loan our players to other organizations like we did when we left San Antonio.

good luck DeBoer he was a good coach . I wish him the best

why does this zeroG guy bother commenting on every single article.. clueless

Wish Pete could have seen this thing through - he managed to get the most out of each of his 3 teams over the course of 3 years. We overachieved 3 years ago and every year since thanks to DB. I bet he's relieved to be out of hockey purgatory. Good luck to him in Ottawa (most likely) or wherever he lands.

It's time for the Panthers to put their $ where their mouths are - new coach, new AHL affiliate, and a new team next year.

Loved the jab, George. Freaking hilarious!!!

Pete, GOODBYE, GOOD RIDDANCE, take that emotionless coaching style elsewhere, other teams had injuries too, tired of hearing that excuse.

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