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The Road Comes to a Close

TAMPA -- At the final morning skate before the final road game of the 2010-11 season.

Spoke at length with coach Pete DeBoer this morning regarding his thoughts on this season. Got great stuff. More on that later.

First off, it looks like we've seen the last of Stephen Weiss this season. Weiss is not going to skate or play tonight against the Bolts with Pete saying that means he's out tomorrow against the Caps as well.

Bill Thomas and Patrick Rissmiller have been recalled from Rochester -- likely making them the final callups from the Amerks as that relationship comes to an end this weekend as well.

Scott Clemmensen will start tonight against Tampa; Tomas Vokoun tomorrow against the Capitals.

No local TV tonight but the game is on Centre Ice.

The Panthers are having a watch party at the Plantation Duffys. Might be fun (plus the Marlins and Heat are playing so if/when this game gets ugly, you have something else to watch.)

The Road Comes to a Close


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Any news on if Weiss has been asked to play at the World Championships?

any word on what the Cats will do for an ahl affiliate next season? The options are get their own, share with another NHL team or scatter their best prospects through out the AHL which is really dumb IMO.

The ahl affiliation decision will tell us if they are really commited to fielding a winning team or that the blueprint is really in pencil and the joke is on the fans

Thats definatly one thing I really want to see a resolution to and fast. I think the AHL situation is a very big step and to set up a good, strong and long term working relationship with an AHL team will go a long ways for the team.

Would love a return of the Orlando Solar Bears, but that would likely be just a pipe dream. But hope that there is some way we can avoid the dreadful split affilation.

In teh Pipe Dream world I think it would work out perfectly if by some chance the AHL says here is a temporary team for Orlando (ala Texas a few years ago) and you have 1 year to secure an actual team to move to Orlando. Then (No offence to you respectful Amerk fans) Rochester can get their wish for an independant team and live with their ECHL signings and see how that goes.

But in the real world, I have heard Norfolk, Syracuse and Connecticut as having a chance of being open for affilation.

And last point I gotta make on this is that I don't think the failed affilation is all the Panthers fault like some fans there and especially their beat writer make it them out to be. I get the feeling the some of the guys, especially Nolan, are hard to work for and VERY demanding. A fresh start will be good for both teams....

F**k Rochester. It would be great if the Panthers could have their farm team in Orlando but would anyone go to the games? Tampa probably wouldn't be big on there being an AHL team that close either.

Orlando would be perfect, close for recall but that well may be a Pipe Dream.

From what I read the Amerks called a news conference just after Tallon was hired and said they won't likely resign with Florida, not telling Tallon and going to the media didn't sit well with Tallon nor should it so he wants a new affiliate just as much as Amerks do. Nolan has a bad reputation so whether it was him or his boss that called the new comference, they should have called up Tallon first not gone public without talking to the new GM. That said I am tired of Rochester and would like a new affiliate too. Then I can enjoy watching the Amerks flounder and their fans who hate the Panthers so much complain about their next affiliate. Rochester is a Sabre town, they will never draw much for Amerks no matter who is their affiliate. However if they won some games that would help just like if the Panthers won some games they would draw more.

Tonights game on Center Ice, great news I won't have to listen to Billy Lindsey for the rest of the year. I am going to Saturday's game so I won't hear him again, yeah!

Totally agree. I am tired of them ALWAYS complaining about the Panthers. Can't wait to see them struggle with whoever they get and I will take a personal interest everytime our affiliate meets them and hopefully kicks their butts. From what I have read in both our media and theirs Nolan has acted inappropriatly the whole time. Truth is that many fans (Not all) there will not support that team unless there is a Sabres logo on the goalies mask... so good riddence to Rochester and looking forward to whoever replaces them...

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